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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

10 Signs You Might Be Becoming a Crazy Dog Mom

By Megan Nager

crazy dog mom edit seven megan nager toronto 2018

Do you find yourself spending more time with your dog than anyone else? Prefer snuggling with him/her over a significant other? Bring him/her pretty much everywhere you go? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may in fact be a crazy dog mom – or dad.

I adopted my chihuahua, Mr. Peabody, from Best Friends Animal Society in 2014. From the moment him and I stepped out of the shelter together, we were immediately best friends. Fast forward four years, and Peabody and I are pretty much inseparable. If we’re not taking selfies or filming together, we’re most likely out walking the town or Netflix-ing and chilling at home.

Here’s a few more tell-tale signs that you may in fact be a crazy dog mom or dad:

If Someone Doesn’t Like Your Dog, Byeeee Felipe.

(Or Felicia/Whatever Their Name Is)

I know that if I start dating a guy and he doesn’t like Peabody, we’re not going to work out. In the words of The Spice Girlsif you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.

You Feed Your Dog Only The Best Food

I’ve tried probably every dog food under the sun and finally discovered Peabody’s favourite – Small Batch. It’s a raw food that comes in different flavors. His favorite is turkey. The only downside is that it’s a little more costly than other foods.

You Insist On Snuggling With Your Dog Every Night

Peabody is the best snuggle partner of all time. Except for the times he gets too hot and moves to the end of the bed. I can’t help but feel offended.

crazy dog mom edit seven megan nager toronto 2018

You Talk To Your Dog

Who doesn’t?!

You Take A Lot Of Pictures Of You And Your Dog

The majority of the pictures in my phone are of Peabody or Peabody and I together. If I take a selfie, it’s usually also with Peabody.

You Take Your Dog To The Vet For Any Little Thing

I’m a little paranoid so if I ever think something’s wrong (which most times isn’t the case), I can’t help but rush to the vet.

You Create An Entire Comedic Character Around Your Dog 

I spend a lot of my time creating comedic digital content, a lot of which features different characters I’ve created. One of the first characters I created was my “crazy dog mom”. Here’s a link to one of my videos.

You Put Your Dog In Pretty Much All Of The Videos You Make

Even if I’m not filming a crazy dog mom video, Peabody is usually always with me when I’m filming. He likes to be on camera 😉

The Idea Of Having Dogs Sounds Better Than Having Kids 

I’m not cutting the idea of having kids out completely, but I definitely know I’d be having a ton of dogs romping around me at all times.

You Wish You Could Skype Your Dog When You’re Not Home

What do they do when we’re gone? I need to know!



(Story by Contributing Editor, Megan Nager)

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