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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

12 of The Best Beauty Brands That You’d Never Know Are Vegan

By Blair Stutz

edit seven vegan beauty

Eating clean has been all the rage for years and it’s still as important as ever to be mindful about what you put in your body because “you are what you eat”, right? But what about skin care? I know it sounds a bit dramatic but the products that we slather on our faces and bodies eventually do work their way into our bloodstreams and who wants harsh chemicals floating around their insides? Not me. Now, please don’t get me wrong. I’m not writing this post to scare you into tossing out your non-clean skin care faves. Not everything on my #shelfie is certified “clean” but I definitely make the effort to use cleaner products whenever I’m able to, and, frankly, when I can afford it. I feel like whenever we hear the words “clean beauty” or “vegan”, we tend to think that they won’t work as well as products that are filled with those not-so-glam chemicals but rest assured, gorgeous, these brands seriously know what they’re talking about.

Another thing I should note is that there seems to be a common misconception that all vegan and clean products will leave you broke, but (thankfully) it ain’t true. Yes, some are pricey and others out there can be downright offensively expensive but as you’ll see from this varied list, there are brands out there with vegan products that just might cost you less than their non-vegan counterpart.

Keep reading for 12 beauty brands that you’d never know are vegan!

Summer Fridays

summer fridays edit seven vegan beauty

If face masks are your jam then you need to know about Summer Fridays. Launched by mega influencers Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores, this certified clean and vegan skincare brand has built their following on just one product: face masks. Their first baby, Jet Lag Mask, is a truly amazing hydrating leave on mask, then they introduced Overtime Mask which is a pumpkin scented mask that exfoliates and now their third is R+R Mask. This latest addition not only exfoliates and brightens but goes an extra step further by infusing the skin with a blend of oils for even more moisture and a plumped up look. With each mask being unique and packaged beautifully, it’s no doubt why Summer Fridays is one of the most popular skincare brands around!


arbonne edit seven vegan beauty

You may of heard of this brand from some of your long lost friends who are sliding into your DMs about becoming your own boss with the help of Arbonne but before you knock it, do yourself a favour and try it. I did and I’m so pleasantly surprised at how much healthier my skin looks after trying out their new Brightening Collection that’s 100% vegan. With a blend of ingredients like cherry blossom extract that works to promote radiance and birch leaf extract that helps give your skin all the luminosity, the future is def looking brighter thanks to Arbonne!

Schaf Skincare

schaf skincare edit seven vegan beauty

One of the newest brands on my radar is Schaf Skincare and they’re from the Niagara region in Ontario. With a focus on practicing safe skincare, they use only plant-based ingredients that are toxin free, fragrance free, gluten free and cruelty free. Founded by award winning photographer Peter Schafrick after major frustrations with the lack of results seen by other all-natural beauty brands, Schaf is proving that it’s got what it takes to get the job done!

Tata Harper

tata harper edit seven vegan beauty

One of #TeamE7‘s luxe clean skincare go-to’s is Tata Harper and if you’ve tried any one of her products then you’ll know why. From her amazing cleansers and masks to her moisturizers, we’re totally hooked and now you will be too. These non toxic and 100% natural products are not only effective (duh!) but they do exactly what they’re made to do without a single drop of synthetic chemicals. Tata’s products are handcrafted in small batches in Vermont and they’re the perfect blend of the finest ingredients and the latest technologies in skincare!

ELF Cosmetics

elf cosmetics edit seven vegan beauty

A drugstore fave, ELF Cosmetics is known for their affordable yet top quality makeup that’s 100% vegan and cruelty free. With prices rarely exceeding $6 USD, this is the brand to check out if you’re testing the waters with a trend and aren’t down to  shell out major bucks. Don’t let their always low prices fool you, ELF’s brushes, palettes, primers and makeup work just as well (if not better!) than their pricy, non-vegan counterparts.

May Lindstrom

may lindstrom edit seven vegan beauty

May Lindstrom is highly revered among the skincare elite and for good reason. Her clean beauty line is not only effective but uses only the best natural ingredients. I know her line isn’t 100% vegan as The Honey Mud obv includes wildflower honey but except for that one product, the rest of her lineup is a vegan’s dream. Even though May’s products are steeper in price, it’s important to note that a little goes a long way and they really get the job done too. My fave is The Problem Solver (which was personally recommended to me by Goop’s Beauty Editor) and it’s a miracle worker if you’ve been stuck dealing with problem skin!

Pai Skincare

pai skincare rosehip oil edit seven vegan beauty

Vegan and cruelty free skincare brand Pai doesn’t mess around when it comes to their beliefs or their formulas. Created by Sarah Brown with a focus on sensitive skin, Pai has become renowned around the world for their products that produce amazing results. Sarah’s goal was to create quality skincare products that she and other people could trust so she created just that. One of my fave products is their best selling Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil that works hard to regenerate skin but it’s still gentle enough for folks with sensitive and even eczema prone skin.

Uma Oils

edit seven uma oils vegan beauty

As the supplier of botanical oils to brands like Tom Ford and Estee Lauder, Uma Oils is pretty highly revered in the skin care world so it’s no surprise why their oils are top notch. Now with vegan products of their own that are handcrafted in small batches, get ready to shop their luxe face oils and body oils. I know they’re a little pricey but if I’ve learnt anything from dabbling with oils, it’s that you get what you pay for. Plus a little seriously goes a long way because, after all, you use just a few drops at a time.

Clove + Hallow

clove and hallow edit seven vegan beauty

Atlanta based Clove + Hallow is a vegan beauty lovers dream come true with their bright colours and amazing pigments. Founded by former makeup artist Sarah Biggers, it was important to have products that could perform the same way as other non-vegan products. I love that they’ve worked especially hard to craft clean beauty faves like red lipstick which can be extremely difficult to make without synthetic products. Sarah clearly lives and breathes beauty and her passion comes through and with quality products too, you won’t be disappointed!


osea edit seven vegan beauty

Any fave of Victoria Beckham is a fave of mine so when I heard VB can’t get enough of OSEA, I knew I had to check them out for myself. This vegan and non-toxic brand is based around all things seaweed because it’s a superfood to the skin with its vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help restore depleted skin. With their prices being pretty reasonable for clean skincare, I’ve got my eye on their Ocean Cleanser and their Hyaluronic Sea Serum!


Omorovicza edit seven vegan beauty

Omorovicza is legendary in the skincare game for their use of Budapest’s thermal waters that have a whole load of benefits. These springs contain a gorgeous combination of minerals that work to majorly revitalize the skin. Using only the purest ingredients that are naturally sourced, this is a luxe brand that delivers serious results!

Yes To

yes to edit seven vegan beauty

One of my personal drugstore faves is Yes To and besides their wallet friendly prices, their products work serious wonders. Though nearly all of their products are vegan, only a small amount contain honey, beeswax and silk amino acids but they’re all derived naturally and there’s loads of vegan goodies to choose from. Make sure to get your hands on their cheap and cheerful sheet masks that will have you glowing in no time!



(Story by Contributing Editor, Blair Stutz)

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