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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

14 of The Best Juice Bars (and Brands) in Toronto You Need To Know

By Blair Stutz

15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

What started out as a fad is now part of our everyday life; juicing is not only an easy way to get your fruits and veggies into your diet, but it’s also perfect for those of us who feel like we live our busy lives on the go.

With loads of juicing options in a huge city like Toronto (new juice bars and brands seem to be popping up almost daily) it can be difficult to navigate whose cold-pressed juice is truly top notch. Keep reading for our top 14 favourite juice bars and brands in our home city, Toronto!

ELXR Juice Lab

15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

Known for their delicious juices, plant-based milks and booster wellness shots is ELXR Juice Lab. One of our top faves is their After Party tonic which is an activated charcoal lemonade — so good and refreshing after a night out, or not!

Good Press

15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

Located right in the heart of Yorkville, Good Press is committed to using only local, high quality ingredients and it shows – their juices are the bomb dot com! We live for their selection of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, açai bowls and more. Keep your eyes peeled for this cute shop the next time you’re in the hood – you won’t want to miss it!

Village Juicery

15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

With locations all over the city, Village Juicery, maker of raw, organic cold-pressed juices, nut milks, and personalized cleanses, is a fave among many. They have loads of green juice variations for those who might prefer a sweeter alternative or beginners who are looking to ease their way into the Green Juice lifestyle!


15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

Fresh has been a YYZ institution since 1999 and a go-to source for healthy meals well before it was trendy to offer raw and vegan options. Not everyone knows this but Fresh actually started out as a juice bar before turning into a restaurant so they’re truly the OG juice brand in Toronto! With countless locations and retailers across the GTA and over 10 different juices to choose from, you’re bound to find a fave.

The Raw Chemist

15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

Found in the trendy Dundas West neighbourhood, The Raw Chemist is an all-natural shop, specializing in cold-pressed juices and delicious smoothies. PLUS they also have their own line of supplements and boosters available in store – def worth checking out!

Happy Juice Co.

15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

When Happy Juice Co. founder, David, became a father, he wanted his little one to not just get the nutrients his child needed but for them to taste good too. This sparked his desire to start making his own juices, and the rest is history! These juices are designed to taste good while still utilizing ingredients essential for our health. LOVE!

Greenhouse Juice Co.

15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

With locations across the GTA, Greenhouse Juice Co. has become a staple among wellness aficionados. We love their tonics, nut milks, their cold-pressed juices (obvi) and even their house made granola bites! Plus with the addition of their amazing cookbook, you can eat green all day, everyday, even at home.

Daily Press Juicery

15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

Offering innovative juice formulas that combine the most nutritious ingredients with the tastiest flavours is Daily Press Juicery and they strive to make your intake of fruit and vegetables enjoyable, convenient and a daily habit. With endless juices to choose from, being healthy never tasted so good!


15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

Helping you live a healthier life is Revitasize because being busy doesn’t mean you can’t be fit + healthy – right?! With not only a wide selection of cold-pressed, fresh, raw organic juices, they also offer a full menu of on-the-go organic food options like salads, bowls and soups – YUM!

Impact Kitchen

15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

One of the #EditSeven team’s faves is Corktown’s own Impact Kitchen where not only the juices are delicious, but the food is trainer-approved and the coffee is strong AF. Fun fact – we’ve spotted some of our fave hockey players here, just sayin’!

Anti Vice

15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

Get juiced at Anti Vice Juicery where everything is not only fresh but cleverly named as well. From the Gin & Juice made with GINger (lol!), apple and carrot to their tonics and smoothies, everything is worth a try!

The Grow Op

15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

Juice bar and eatery, The Grow Op is known for their array of juices, smoothies, salads and of course, their açai bowls! Everything they provide is local and always fresh – what’s not to love?!

Raw Juice Guru

15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

Raw Juice Guru knows that life can be hectic and they want to help you make a positive difference. Enter their #goals raw food and juice cleanses that will leave you feeling detoxified and fabulous! Using only top shelf, organic ingredients, you know you’re only getting the best of the best!

Live Organic

15 Best Toronto Juice Brands 2018

Born in 2002 in the Annex area of YYZ, Live Organic believes that nutrition is at the heart of any lifestyle and we couldn’t agree more! Using only the best quality ingredients, their entire menu is organic, gluten and wheat free with no refined sugars or additives. Seriously, try to stop us from drinking ALL the juice!




(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)


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    I am the owner of Buda Juice in Toronto. Was just wondering what it takes to get noticed by our friends in this great city. We have 25 outlets across GTA and a kitchen that is second to none in our commitment to quality. Ourselves and Village are the only certified* organic, glass bottled, unprocessed juices in GTA and we both operate in a best-in-class food-safe certified kitchen. We are just trying to do things right. There is so much mis-information out there (eg brands processing with irradiation like GH and calling it something pretty like light filtration). Sort of disappointing for us that we only care about getting the best, uncompromised juices to people and yet, we are skipped on your quality list that should be a very short list. Let me know what we should do to improve our odds with you. Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Travis & Karolina

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