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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

3 Ways To Support The Bartenders Benevolent Fund with Negroni Week

By Gracie Carroll

Negroni Week 2020 - Negroni Masterclass - Bartender Benevolent Fund

Celebrate Negroni Week from September 14-20

There are only a few select cocktails that truly tickle my fancy, and the Negroni happens to be one of them. Even after a wild night out in Florence oh so many years ago, when I first discovered this signature Italian drink (and proceeded to drink far too many of them) my love for the Negroni is still as strong as this (nearly) 100% liquor cocktail.

Naturally, one of my favourite weeks of the year is Negroni Week which is a week-long event when great bars and restaurants from around the world come together to celebrate this beautiful drink.

This year, #NegroniWeek 2020 is coming to us virtually and the entire week is dedicated to raising funds for the bar and restaurant community that has been devastated by COVID-19. Their fundraising partners span the globe and here in Canada they have partnered with the Bartenders Benevolent Fund.

From September 14-20, we all have the opportunity to take part in Negroni Week 2020 and the digital-only fundraising initiatives they have set up through exciting ‘pay what you can’ Negroni Masterclass sessions with some of the world’s top bartenders and chefs.

Keep reading for 3 amazing Negroni Week events with Canadian culinary stars you won’t want to miss!

Negroni Masterclass with:

Rob Gentile + Sandy De Almeida

Negroni Week 2020 - Rob Gentile - Sandy De Almeida

What: Negroni Masterclass with Rob Gentile + Sandy De Almeida

When: Wednesday, September 16th at 7pm EST

Why: Executive chef of Buca Restaurants, Rob Gentile will showcase how to make delicious yet straightforward aperitivos to pair with your Negroni while Drake bartender and six-time winner of NOW magazine’s reader’s poll ‘best bartender in Toronto,’ Sandy De Almeida will show you how to make the perfect, classic Negroni and one of her favourite Negroni riffs. Click HERE for tickets!

Negroni Masterclass with:

Mijune Pak + James Grant

Negroni Masterclass with Mujine Pak and James Grant

What: Negroni Masterclass with Mijune Pak + James Grant

When: Thursday, September 17th at 7pm (PST)

Why: Top Chef Judge & Creator of Follow Me Foodie Mijune Pak will show you how to craft delicious canapes while award-winning bartender James Grant will show you how to make a classic Negroni and one with a twist. Grant has competed in the world’s top mixology competitions and can be seen crafting cocktails at two of Canada’s Best Bars, Baijui and Little HK in Edmonton. Click HERE for tickets! 

Negroni Masterclass with:

Bar George

Negroni Week - Negroni Masterclass - Bar George

What: Negroni Masterclass with Bar George

When: Friday, Sept 18th at 6:30pm

Why: The critically acclaimed and locally beloved Bar George will host a masterclass during Negroni Week, hosted by Executive Chef Kevin Ramasawmy and Director Marco Gucciardi. The dynamic duo are known for their friendship and sharp jokes. Take advantage of a one-hour master class in French via Zoom. Click HERE for tickets!

See you at Negroni Week!


(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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