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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

4 Sharing Economy Companies That’ll Help Save Money On Your Wedding

By Christina Gonzales

kim and kanye wedding vogue

With wedding season in full swing, brides are hurriedly working to get all of details just right. From venue sourcing to finding a killer dress to renting the livery vehicle of your dreams, even if you’re not working with a Kim and Kanye wedding budget, there are still ways to have the most Insta-worthy wedding without absorbing all the costs.

Looking for some tips that’ll help you save money on your wedding? Enter the sharing economy: we’re sharing car rides, we’re sharing workspaces, hell, we’re even sharing garden appliances like lawnmowers, so why shouldn’t we share all the things that come with having a wedding? Here, four sharing economy companies that’ll make your wedding day everything you’ve ever wished for, at a fraction of the price. Thank us later.


turo car rental lambo gif

Ever wonder what people with Aston Martins, Lamborghinis and Rolls-Royce do with their cars when they’re not driving them? They put them on Turo, a peer-to-peer car-sharing service. Do you envision yourself driving away with your sweets in a bright-blue convertible Porsche? Well, we can guarantee you’ll find it on Turo. We’d suggest paying a premium to get the car’s owner to deliver it to you directly (unless you have a badass wedding planner who can go pick it up for you, of course). Regardless, you can find a pretty fine ride for $150 to $450 a day.

Love Collective

wedding crashers gif love collective

The average cost of a wedding in Canada is $27,000. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to throw all of that money into one day. Thankfully, there’s a wedding planner that’s tapped into the sharing economy trend before anyone else. Toronto-based Love Collective lets you share the cost of the food, drink, venue and photographer (often the biggest costs, by the way), with another couple by divvying up the time each couple has in the space. There’s pre-determined dates set for venue sharing, so if you’re interested, holla at them now, rather than later. Word on the street is that you could cut your costs by at least half, so you’d be saving $13,500 without compromising guest count (Love Collective’s venue partners hold up to 100-ish people).

Still White 

friends wedding dress scene

On Still White, you’ll find the most stunning wedding dress from designers like Pronovias, Pallas Couture and Grace Loves Lace. When you’re wearing a dress for just one day, why spend thousands of dollars on it, when you can pay half the price. Gowns come as cheap as $200 on the site, but go up depending on the designer and condition of the dress. We’re not joking when we say that most of these gowns are in better shape than anything you’d get at a sample sale, which have been tried on by hundreds of other women. Besides, a good seamstress can make any dress fit you like a glove. So invest in finding a respectable seamstress, and pocket the rest.


mariah carey cribs gif airbnb

Forget paying $500 a night for a hotel room when you have Airbnb. Book something cozy the night before your wedding—a place where you can wake up, have a coffee and put on your silk robe before the madness of the day ahead. Airbnb apartments have tons of character, so we’re sure that you can find a spectacular space that matches your tastes. (Pro tip: Some of the best getting-ready photos are shot in well-lit Airbnb apartments, so don’t even think twice about choosing another person’s home versus a hotel room.)

Happy Planning!



(Story by Contributing Editor, Christina Gonzales)

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