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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

5 Ways To Give The Gift of Girl Power In 2018

By Gracie Carroll

It’s no secret that living the ‘Girlboss’ lifestyle is not only something I have chosen to do, but is something I truly believe I was fostered to do thanks to the incredible female role models I’ve had throughout my life. First and foremost, my mother has always been my biggest inspiration in life and business. Not only has she always been an incredible mom, but seeing her run her own business sparked my interest in working for myself at a very young age. Perhaps that’s why my favourite game to play when I was young was literally called “Business”.

My mother has always been incredibly supportive of my career, and always encouraged me to pursue working for myself when I expressed that it was what I knew in my heart that I needed to do. Beyond inspiring my work ethic and business acumen, she also showed me the importance of having strong female friendships. To this day, I consider many of her best friends to be my “other” mothers, and their supportive relationships taught me a lot about the type of women you should choose to surround yourself with.

Now at 30 years old, I try to do everything in my power to support incredible women in my life in any way I can. To me, this is especially important when it comes to helping younger generations and helping to create confidence in who they are as girls and young women.

Since a thoughtful gift goes well-beyond the world of materialistic goods, today I’m sharing 5 ways to give the gift of Girl Power in 2018.

Become a Mentor

The mentors in my life have truly been some of the most invaluable gifts I’ve ever been fortunate enough to receive. Of course, they’ve never shown up under a holiday tree (normally they’ve been found through different jobs), but if you believe you’re in a place to add value to someone’s life or career, I think one of the best gifts you could give someone this year is the offer to become their mentor.

Give Girl Power through Gifts of Hope

I’m fortunate enough to say that there are few people I know in my immediate circle of friends and loved ones who genuinely need more stuff. As often as possible, I like to encourage donating to those who need more than we do, which is why I’m a big fan of Plan International Canada’s Gifts of Hope – real gifts that go to real projects in developing countries.

You can purchase the gift of Girl Power and help girls realize they have the power within them to achieve their dreams. This gift is all about unleashing girls’ inherent power by supporting their nourishment, education and protection.  It’s also about ensuring boys and men are engaged to help achieve gender equality.

And the gift of Girl Power has already impacted one million girls around the world through Plan International Canada’s work, giving them better access to their fundamental rights like health services and quality education in countries such as Bolivia and South Sudan. Through this gift, let’s help create a world where every girl has the chance to harness her unique power to make change and shape her own future.

Plan International - Gifts of Hope - Girl Power

Connect IRL

If you’re not in a place to commit to someone as a mentor, don’t sweat it. Spending time with someone — especially someone younger than you — can be just as powerful. Be the role model you had, or wished you had, for a young girl you care about. Even if your hang outs aren’t all about advice, they’ll be soaking in everything you do and say, so lead by example.

Support Business by Women

We are able to make conscious decisions about how and where we spend our money, and we’re very lucky to live in a time when it’s easier than ever to support businesses by women. Whether it’s a product or service you’re after, look into who is behind the business so you can help support those you believe in and continue to pass on the good vibes to fellow female entrepreneurs.

Share Words of Wisdom

Sure, we all love a good quote or mantra, especially when printed on a pillow or even a cute t-shirt. But instead of purchasing something with a generic saying, consider the importance of sharing true words of wisdom and how powerful they can be whether you share them in person, write them in a card or get them printed on a shirt. My personal choice? Write down your words of wisdom in a personalized greeting card that describes the Gifts of Hope you’ve purchased on their behalf, and why.

For more information about Plan International Canada’s Gifts of Hope and the gift of Girl Power, please click HERE.

Parts of this post were developed in partnership with Plan International Canada



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