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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

6 Easy Ways To Kickstart Your Morning When You Work From Home

By Gracie Carroll

Since leaving my 9 to 5 job a year-and-a-half ago to pursue blogging full-time, I’ve quickly come to realise the pros and cons of working from home. While I do like to say that I have a ‘mobile office’ and can work from ‘anywhere’ (which is true!), the reality is that I do work mainly from my HQ which is #CasaGC based here in Toronto.

There are, of course, many pros to working from home; a couple of my favourites being that I can be ‘at work’ from the minute I wake up, and I get to enjoy the company of my little fur babies, Emmy (my cat) and Olive (my dog).

Some of the cons of working from home can include making it harder to get into ‘work mode’ on days when you’re overwhelmed by the household chores that surround you, and working in your pyjamas. Don’t get me wrong, on some days getting to stay in your PJs all day is the best thing ever, but on other days when you start working from the minute you wake up, it’s easy to get to 5pm and realize you haven’t showered, or changed.

If you are a fellow entrepreneur or someone who also works from home, you may be able to relate. If you’re struggling to kickstart your mornings, here are 6 easy things you can do to take you day from zero to 100 real quick.

1. Make a Strong Coffee

I’ve always been a bit of a night owl so getting up in the morning’s ain’t easy — I love my beauty sleep when I can get it! The only thing that does help me jump out of bed with a big ol’ smile on my face is the thought of enjoying a giant, strong coffee. On the best days, my boyfriend gets up before me and brings me a coffee in bed. On others, I make the coffee and bring one to him. If you’re into living your best tech life, there are now coffee makers you can get that connect to apps that will make you your coffee with the tap of a button, from your bed.

2. Brush Your Teeth and Wash Your Face

Getting out of cozy bed mode really is faster when you get it together and splash your face with cold water as soon as possible. I always feel ‘awake’ as soon as I wash and cleanse my face, along with brushing my teeth of course. Since I’m always short on time and don’t like spending a lot of time getting ready, I love using great products that deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time. Some of the products I rely on on a daily basis include dual action daily exfoliant face washes paired with safe brightening toothpastes like Arm & Hammer’s TrulyRadiant Bright & Strong, used with their new Sonic Pulse Spinbrush that gives electric toothbrush results minus the charging factor. If you happen to travel a lot like I do, this product is a total game changer!

3. Put On Real Clothes

As mentioned at the start of this post, it’s way too easy to get through an entire day in your pyjamas when you work from home, even when you don’t mean to. Almost every article I’ve ever read or piece of advice I’ve ever received about working from home has always highlighted the importance of changing into ‘work’ clothing to start your day. I’ll admit that changing into my ‘work’ clothing is often items as laid back as activewear, but, at least I changed out of my PJs, right? It makes a difference, I swear!

4. Drink A Green Smoothie

My day never really feels ‘complete’ without making a healthy green smoothie first thing in the morning.Yes, I’ve written about my love for the green smoothie about one million times, but, that’s because I really do love it and rely on it every day! Even my boyfriend begs me to save him some, and on nice days I make him his own. If you have yet to get on the green smoothie train to start your day, you gotta get on it, trust me!

5. Get Outside

I must give credit to my dog Olive here because since getting her I’ve been forced to leave the house (in ‘real clothes’) earlier than usual. Our morning walks together have made me realise just how nice it is to start the day with a walk outdoors rather than staying cooped up inside. Even if you don’t have an animal to take for a walk in the mornings, I would suggest incorporating a morning walk into your routine, even if it’s a short one that takes you to your local coffee shop and back.

6. Sweat It Out

Exercising is definitely one of my favourite ways to start the day, and always helps me get out of any funk I might be in, especially when I’m feeling tired or sluggish in the mornings. Recently I was super excited to be invited to try a spin class at Spokehaus here in Toronto with Arm & Hammer to launch the new Spinbrush. Taking part in group classes is my preferred way to workout as there’s just something about having someone tell you what to do for an hour that helps my brain zone and focus on nothing but getting the best workout I can. Once the hour is up, I always feel ready to take on the day, no matter what it’s got in store.

For more information on starting your day with the new Arm & Hammer Spinbrush, please click HERE.



*Please note that this post has been brought to you in partnership with Arm & Hammer*

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