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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

6 Essential Things I Pack To Stay Healthy When Travelling

By Gracie Carroll

8 Essentials I pack to stay healthy when travelling - gracie carroll

Lanzarote in my Chloe shades and The Chic Canuck tote bag

If you caught my post on the 7 simple diet changes I’m making to create a healthy routine in 2017, you’ll already be familiar with with the amount of vitamins, products and produce I rely on every day to feel my best. As a regular traveller, there’s no question that keeping up with my preferred routine becomes a challenge.

Although I like to remind myself (and others!) that all you really need when you travel is 1. Your passport, 2. Your credit card, 3. A working phone and data plan (I rely on and love the Roam Like Home plan I use as a Fido customer), 4. Your keys (to make sure you can get back into your home upon your return), and 5. A great pair of shades (I recently scooped these amazing Chloe sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses before my last trip), there are further essentials I like to include when my luggage is coming with me. So what are they? Here are 6 essential things I pack to stay healthy when travelling:

1. Probiotics & Vitamins


I know I’m not the only one out there who suffers from tummy trouble when they travel. Unfortunately none of the products I’m about to highlight will protect you from food poisoning or a sensitive stomach, however, I find that probiotics really help me stay regular when my body clock is thrown off by a new time zone. If you don’t have one already, I recommend purchasing a Pill Organizer to use when travelling for your daily dose of probiotics and vitamins. It always helps me remember take them and allows me to travel lighter, without full bottles of vitamins, or a messy zip lock bag full that mixes them all together and makes it hard to determine what’s what.

2. Greens+ by Genuine Health

vegan greens plus genuine health

Since I (sadly) can’t travel with my Vitamix, and don’t always have access to a juicer or high-power blender (not to mention fresh green produce), I have to rely on another source to get my daily greens when I can’t make my favourite Glowing Green Smoothie. When I’m on the go, I like to pack vegan Greens+ by Genuine Health to get the superfood my body craves, in a powder form that can easily be mixed with water or juice. If the original container is too big for your luggage or carryon, simply put some into a smaller container or a sturdy zip lock bag to make it more portable.

3. Day & Night Time Teas

david's tea sachets

One thing I love about tea is that all you need is access to hot water to make it. To ensure I’ve always got access to caffeine in the mornings, and a comforting cuppa at night, I always travel with a selection of my favourite quality teas. Although you can bring loose leaf teas with you pretty easily (so long as you remember to pack you own infuser), I prefer to bring sachets to make life easier. I normally swing by David’s Tea to stock up on packs of the North African Mint Green Tea for the mornings, and something relaxing like Mother’s Little Helper for before bed.


4. Healthy Emergency Snacks

best healthy snacks kind bars

I’ve been caught one too many times in a situation where I didn’t have access to anything to eat, or found myself in a place where they only accept cash when I didn’t have any left. For this reason, I always like to pack a few snacks in my luggage and handbag to ensure I’ve got something healthy to eat when I need it, such as in the middle of a long flight or car ride. Granola bars are a great option for their portability, and I often stock up on different flavours of KIND Bars to snack on when I need to.


5. Melatonin

jamieson melatonin

I don’t trust sleeping pills so I rely on a more natural option like Melatonin to help me get to sleep when I’m in a new time zone. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate sleep and can help you relax and fall asleep when it’s bed time but you’re wide awake. Look for it at your nearest pharmacy or Shopper’s Drug Mart!


6. Emergen-C

Emergen-C pink lemonade

Unfortunately travelling in planes, trains and buses with tons of people and little fresh air can result in catching an unwanted cold very quickly. Seriously, it happened to me on a recent trip to Vegas! Because I know there’s always a risk that I might catch something when I travel, I like to make sure my body’s got enough Vitamin C to battle any unwanted cold coming my way. Since traveling with fresh oranges and lemons isn’t always an option, I rely on packs of Emergen-C to mix into a bottle or glass of water when I’m on the go. In case you haven’t tried it before, I recommend my favourite flavour: Pink Lemonade!


I hope this list helps you when packing for your next trip! For more information on how I pack, read my post on 10 Tricks I Use To Pack Light for Stress-Free Travel.

Good Luck!




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