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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

6 Innovative Canadian Products To Know If You Love Fitness!

By Gracie Carroll

Innovative Canadian Fitness Products Summer

The future of fitness is here my friends, and we’ve got some hella smart Canadian companies to thank for the innovative products that have recently hit the market. Half of these products here are designed for women, by women, and I’m personally so excited to see everything from revolutionary sports bras that actually enhance our ability to perform, to sport shorts that protect us from accidental leaks that are oh so common among women of all ages.

Whether you’re in search of the latest in fitness products, or simply some help to get motivated again, these innovative Canadian products are ones you should know about if you love fitness:


5 Innovative Products Canadian Fitness

This smart bra designed by Montreal-based brand, Lolë, is streamlined and designed to be connected to the Mi Pulse Cardiac Frequency Monitor that makes achieving your fitness goals easier than ever! The monitor simply clicks onto the specially made Sports Bra* and voila – no more uncomfortable heart rate monitoring straps getting in your way. The Mi Pulse Monitor retails for $95, the Smart Bra is sold separately for $90.


Innovative Canadian Fitness Products Summer

One quick look through #GirlsWhoLift pics and you’ll see why lifting weights is nothing to be afraid of. The only downside to resistance training can be the uncomfortable friction that’s felt between bare skin and heavy weights. Thankfully, Toronto’s very own Props Athletics has the solution in their Props Staple Gloves. These babies are made with innovative materials like Coolmax® yarn that work to absorb sweat and work to improve tactility, safety and security while weightlifting, interval training and doing CrossFit. The Props Staple Gloves retail for $36, click HERE to shop!


Innovative Canadian Fitness Products Summer

Québec based Newex have created exercise shorts that are suitable for light urinary leaks, intimate sweating and discharge. We love that these shorts give wearers peace of mind while focusing on an intense workout because any leaks or little accidents are totally invisible on the outside. The Newex Shorts retail for $74, click HERE to shop!


Innovative Canadian Fitness Products Summer

This revolutionary sports bra by Vancouver-based Lululemon is specially made to manage movement, enhance comfort, and provide a natural, feminine shape. With added support for larger cup sizes, this bra is perfect for high performance and new Ultralu™ fabric helps to keep you dry, feeling fresh and the streamlined edges reduce chafing for a comfortable and effective workout. The Lululemon Enlite Bra retails for $98, click HERE to shop!


Innovative Canadian Fitness Products Summer

Feel like you need a reward after you make a healthy choice? There’s an app for that! The Toronto based Carrot Rewards app available on iPhone and Android literally sends you SCENE points, Aeroplan Miles, Petro-Points and more by completing surveys, quizzes and learning about how to lead a healthier life. The app is currently only available in Ontario, BC and Newfoundland but stay tuned for their national rollout. Find Carrot in the iTunes App Store or Google Play!


Innovative Canadian Fitness Products Summer

Did you know that iron deficiency is commonly seen in athletes, women, vegans and vegetarians? If you’ve been taking iron pills to keep up, take note of the new, simple and effective health innovation that is Lucky Iron Fish from Guelph, OntarioDeveloped after a trip to Cambodia, Canadian PhD student Chris Charles saw in person the crippling effects of anemia and knew he had to find a solution. To use, simply place the solid fish in water or broth and boil for 10 mins before removing and add ingredients as normal. The Lucky Iron Fish retails for $29, click HERE to shop!



(Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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