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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

6 Tips For Saving Money When Planning Your Wedding from Wedding Planner Rebecca Wise

By Gracie Carroll


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In recent years, I’ve reached that point in my life when all of my friends have started to settle down: getting engaged, buying homes, getting married and having babies – we’ve all reached a new chapter in our lives that is as exciting as it is expensive.

Although I do not currently have any plans to have a wedding of my own (I guess, technically, I would need to get engaged first), I have enough close friends who have recently gotten married (or are in the midst of planning a wedding) to know just how expensive it can be, and how easily it is to go over budget.

A recent TD survey found that one third (31%) of Canadian Millennials spent more than they expected on their wedding receptions, and on average Millennials in general went over budget by 55%. “Till debt do us part” also rings true, as one in five Millennials (21 %) say they went into debt for their weddings and more than four in 10 (43 %) say the financial aspect of their nuptials caused stress between them and their partner.



In the Dominican last fall for Daniel & Julio’s surprise wedding


Having personally decided to invest in a home before a wedding with my partner, I can certainly relate to the stress that debt can bring to a relationship. It’s not easy to deal with, and if you are able to avoid going over budget and into debt for your big day, you’re certain to be less stressed and more focused on enjoying the celebration.

If you are currently planning a wedding this season, here are 6 tips from Shirley Malloy, Associate Vice President, Every day Banking, TD Canada Trust, and wedding planner Rebecca Wise to help you save.

“There are many ways to cut costs while still making your wedding day special,” says Wise. “Some of my tricks of the trade include renting a cake pedestal to increase the height of your cake without increasing the price, and selecting in-season flowers that don’t need to be imported.”

TD’s Malloy adds, “Weddings are one of life’s biggest milestones and can come with a big price tag, but through smart budgeting and savings strategies it’s possible to celebrate the big day and start a new life together putting the right financial foot forward.”


For more assistance with budgeting for your big day, visit www.TD.com or visit your local branch.




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