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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Amazing Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers (That Are More Than Just Wine)

By Gracie Carroll


During this festive time of year, social schedules are jam packed and get togetahers with family and friend are at an all time high. Personally, one of my favourite ways to spend time with my those I cherish most in life (or anyone, really) is catching up over a great bottle of wine with some nice food and a lot of laughs. Most often, I prefer to do this in my own home or someone else’s, since it means we can stay for hours and drink many bottles of wine without feeling guilty about the bill at the end of the night.


As someone who really loves wine, I do think the best gift you can give me is a bottle (or bottles) of wine, and I’m sure many other wine lovers out there will agree. However! There are times when you want to shop beyond the bottle, or find something to compliment the bottles you’re bringing over, so, here I’ve put together a fun little gift guide for the wine lovers in your life.

Keep reading for 7 amazing gift ideas for wine lovers that are more than just wine!


Wine. All The Time.

wine all the time

Despite being a wine lover, I know just how intimidating it can be to truly understand the world of wine. Even describing wine you like and why can be be stressful af when all you want to do is sit back and relax with a fresh pour. Man Repeller’s “go-to wine expert” and Bon Appetit columnist, Marissa A. Ross, has created an unpretentious guide to wine that any amateur wine snob will appreciate.

Wine. All The Time. The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking, $19 at Indigo (online)


Wine Cooling Pour Spout

wine pourer

You definitely don’t need to be a wine expert to understand the importance of drinking wines at the the right temperature. I’m not talking about down to the degree, but, let’s just save hot wines for when they’re mulled, amiright? For keeping white wines cool for up to an hour, and cooling reds in just 15 minutes, this reusable Wine Cooling Pour Spout is sure to be your favourite wine-lovers new go-to kitchen gadget.

Wine Cooling Pour Spout, $22 at Cocktail Emporium


Bourbon Barrel Aged Wine

wine bottle

I know from the title of this gift guide you probably weren’t expecting to find actual bottles of wine included as gift ideas, but, this one really is more than just wine, because it’s bourbon barrel aged wine. If you’re stressing over what bottle of wine to choose to please the wine lover in your life (without breaking the bank) then let me assist you with your choice by strongly recommending the Robert Mondavi Private Selection Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon that retails for just $20.95 at the LCBO in Ontario. This is a great pick for those who enjoy a big, bold and flavourful wine thanks to the use of new and use bourbon barrels that give the wine deep undertones of toasted oak. Trust me, they won’t be disappointed.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon, $20.95 at LCBO



Faceted Crystal Wine Glasses

wine glass

Since drinking wine using a straw straight out of the bottle is generally frowned upon (although often considered, at least in my case), any wine lover out there is sure to appreciate a set of beautiful new glasses for consuming their favourite drink. These stemless crystal glasses by Viski both practical and visual stunning thanks to its star-shaped base and trigonal sides.

Faceted Crystal Wine Glasses, $45 at Cocktail Emporium

Alessi Bottle Stopper

wine stopper

For those days (or nights) when a good bottle of wine is savoured, not devoured, give the gift that will keep on giving by helping a great bottle stay fresh for longer. The Anna Stop 2 wine bottle stopper by Italian designer house, Alessi, takes its design cue from the iconic Anna G corkscrew, which happens to be another great gift idea.

Anna Stop 2 Wine Bottle Stopper, $30 at William Ashley


Wine-Opoly Monopoly


The ultimate gift idea for the wine lover who also happens to love boardgames! While many wine board games out there (at least the ones I could find) tend to focus on testing your wine snobbery, Wine-Opoly is just a straight up wine-themed version of the classic Monopoly board game. Bonus: You will actually get to learn some facts about wine while playing the game.

Wine-Opoly Monopoly Board Game, $15.99 on Amazon


Stainless Steel Corkscrew


If the wine lover in your life has a kitchen drawer full of cheap, branded corkscrews (I am guilty of this too), then help them upgrade with this sleek and professional Waiter Stainless Steel Corkscrew Wine Opener Tool by All Clad that’s sure to impress, and last forever. You could, of course, take things to the next level by having it engraved as well.

All-Clad Stainless Steel Corkscrew, $75 at Hudson’s Bay



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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