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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 of The Best 90s Fashion Brands That Are Having a Moment Right Now

By Alexandra Donaldson

Gap Guess Throwback Collection Edit Seven

Ever since Club Monaco reissued its classic heritage crest back in June 2017 (just in time for Canada’s 150th birthday), I’ve kept my eye on brands that are throwing it back—#tbt-ing to styles that were most popular a decade or two ago. It’s a decision that’s worked well for Club Monaco—on the second re-launch (in November) I visited a store on the second day of the release and only managed to find a pocket logo t-shirt in my size (though, I admit some regret at not grabbing the classic grey sweater even though it was three sizes too big). It’s a tactic that’s also working for other brands as well. Vans, J. Crew, Guess and The Gap have all been seeing a resurgence of styles that we either wore or wanted to wear when we were kids and teens.

It’s not hard to see why we’re into these re-issues—fashion in general has been throwing it back to decades past for years, and with our current collective obsession with the 90s it makes sense that brands that made up our millennial childhood wardrobes are proving to be popular with us as adults. While it’s definitely partly nostalgia, it also has something to do with our desire for authentic, vintage and exclusive experiences and items—the trifecta. And since the trifecta can be pretty hard to come by, we rely on brands to recreate their biggest hits so we can re-experience them as adults. To paraphrase another VIP from my 90s childhood—isn’t it ironic?

Click play on the video above and keep reading for 7 of our favourite 90s fashion brands that are having a moment right now:

Club Monaco

Club Monaco Throwback Collection Edit Seven

This successful Club Monaco throwback has a lot going for it. It’s a simple design (just the classic brand crest) that’s immediately recognizable, both for the brand and for the time it was at its height (the 80s and 90s). But it also manages to incorporate seamlessly into our current wardrobes. Or at least it does in mine. I’ll be picking up the sweatshirt the next time this Heritage Crest collection is re-released—according to the brand we should stay tuned because it is coming.

J. Crew

j crew Throwback Collection Edit Seven

J. Crew hasn’t kept their releases to just one style. Instead, they’ve opted to bring back several of the brand’s biggest hits including the 1984 unisex rugby shirt, the 1988 rollneck sweater (which has been on my to-buy list forever) and the 1989 scoopback one-piece swimsuit (which I picked up last year).


 Throwback Collection Edit Seven

Early in 2018 Vans released their Anaheim collection which paid tribute to four classic styles from the brand’s past. These 80s and 90s styles, 4 in total, have been updated with the new liners for added comfort. They’re referred to as the Anaheim Factory pack because they’re inspired by the original footwear products in the Anaheim, California factory.


Guess 90s Fashion Crop

The throwback trends from Guess feature a retro logo and pieces that range for simple tees and hoodies to more easily-recognizable Guess options like body-con dresses and logo purses. The brand even tapped your favourite early oughts songstress, J. Lo to model the latest collection.


Gap Guess Throwback Collection Edit Seven

You can always count on the Gap to have a steady supply of items that display the iconic logo—did anyone else beg for a Gap hoodie in middle school? Anyways, you can shop logo items from the brand whenever you want thanks to The Logo Shop.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger

You know a nostalgic nineties brand is experiencing a true revival when an entire reissued collection shows up on the racks of your nearest Urban Outfitters. Particularly popular right now among baby millennials and Gen Z, we’re not opposed to revisiting our tween wardrobe with things like a classic Tommy denim mini skirt and rugby shirt, although we might leave wearing oversized overalls to the younger gen.


Reebok Aztrek

Remember when you wore chunky white athletic kicks and they weren’t considered retro or called Dad shoes or normcore? Yeah, that was the 90s. Since the wave of throwback footwear is stronger than ever, Reebok is making sure you’re covered. But instead of adding to the new “retro-inspired” designs, they’re actually resurrecting an old classic. The Aztrek. This 1993 classic marries your love of vintage with your love of comfy which, in our opinion, makes it kind of timeless. The re-release of the The Aztrek is set to drop on July 19th, 2018.

Happy Shopping!



(Story by Contributing Editor, Alexandra Donaldson)

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