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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 of The Best Subscription Boxes To Help You Live Like a Goddess

By Kait Fowlie

careof vitamins box

Want to elevate your standard of living in one single purchase? Get you a subscription box. From doctor-approved daily vitamins to fresh, green skincare products to wines that go with everything, these box offerings have all earned cult-favourite status.

To give yourself a gift that really ups the efficiency of your life, eliminate shopping lists, standing in lines, and researching wtf items to get and hand it all over to an expert. With a sub box, you buy yourself the freedom to worry about what matters most (actually being the goddess you are, hello). Throw down some money on a sub box that will make your life easier and you invest in yourself! When did anyone ever regret that?

Here are 7 of the best subscription boxes that are worth the splurge!

the detox box subscription

The Detox Box

($194.97 per 3 month subscription)

Confession time: it wasn’t until embarrassingly recently that I learned what that little jar icon and the months number on the side of skincare products and cosmetics was referring to. The product’s expiry date. How could a product I spent a small fortune on go bad within months!? Additionally, without said expiry date, you’d need a product with a ton of preservatives and chemicals. Cleansing your skin should be about … cleansing, imo. I don’t want to worry about my skincare routines being totally counterintuitive. The Detox Box is a solution, offering freshness and variety and money-savings.

Each monthly box comes with a mix of universal, tried-and-true products from a featured brand, and if you’ve ever taken a peruse around their flagship store on King West in Toronto, you know everything they stock is clean, pure and legit. Everything gets hand-selected by green make-up artists, nutritionists and naturopathic doctors, so you can count on no parabens, synthetic fragrances, fromaldehydes, or animal testing. If you want to go green this summer, let this box be a guiding light.


Care-of-Vitamins subscription box

Care / of Vitamins

(Price varies depending on your choice of vitamins)

If you’re ready to GLOW UP but walking into a health food store and staring at a wall of vitamins makes you anxious, care / of is here for you. Each month, they’ll ship a custom box you can design yourself with any selection of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Just go on their site and build your box based on what results you want – brain optimization? Stress-reduction? Complexion? Fertility? Care / of will put together your box and send you thirty daily vitamins packs of whatever you choose.

All stock is backed by a scientific advisory board of doctors, scientists, and nutrition experts, so you can count on your Rhodiola coming from the Altai Mountains in East Asia, or your calcium from Icelandic algae, for example. In other words it’s all killer, no filler.


kelsey patel magic box subscription

Kelsey Patel’s Magik Vibes Box

($101.00 per month)

If you like the idea of living a little more aligned with nature, this box, curated by LA-based reiki master Kelsey Patel offers a self-care ritual-in-a-box of sorts for each new season.

You get fun mystical treats like crystals, incense, oracle cards, body mists or essential oils, journals, candles to burn on the full moon (and a reminder of when that is, and what it means!)

Kelsey has made monthly ritual cards for each Full Moon and New Moon through the month, which you can follow step-by-step to embrace the power of the Moon Cycles. It’s all about giving you the tools and the context to use these spiritual items to step into the role of your own guide. Whether you want to set intentions for the month head with some unique trinkets, or just chill in the bath and burn some incense, this Magik Vibes box will invite a little more magic into your life.

first look organics box

First Look Organics

($31.99 per month)

Your bod is your temple and if you want to snack like the queen you are (and stay out of a grocery store more than totally necessary) this monthly box from First Look Organics will deliver. You get an assortment of 8 – 12 organic snacks hand-selected by a holistic nutritionist, so there’s no corn syrup, chemical preservatives, artificial flavours or other ingredients you don’t want in your body in here. Brand included range from established trusted companies to new startups – Giddy YoYo chocolate, Veggie Gos, Root Alive, Made Good.

Since snacking is basically inevitable (right? Just me?), stock your kitchen with items that make your body feel better than it would if you a) denied yourself all the time, and b) tried to trick yourself into thinking sugar-free pudding is satisfying. There’s no health-washing here, only pure goodness. Make one decision, one time, and you’ll be set to snack like you mean it for the month.


wine collective wine packages

Wine Collective Wine Packages

(starts at $57.24 per month)

In my humble opinion, having a full bottle of wine in the fridge at all times is good for the abundance mentality. When I don’t have wine in the fridge, my place just does not feel like my kingdom. I’m not above a box of wine on sale but having wine that impresses me and everyone I welcome in for a glass makes me feel like a true adult. That’s what this box is amazing for. The Wine Collective is an Alberta-based company made up of a small team of wine enthusiasts who sample hundreds of wines per month and picks the top 1% to make it into their monthly box. You get 2 or 4 or 6 bottles in your box, each with tasting cards that describe each wine with tasting notes, history and food pairings.


greenhouse juice co subscription

Greenhouse Juice Co. Subscription

(Price varies depending on your choice of juices)

To simplify ‘juice,’ hand the task over to the pros at Greenhouse Juice Co. and you get chilled juices automatically every week or every other week, depending on how often you want it. Choose between their small-batch-made nutmilks, probiotic tonics, hydrators and boosters or get one their cleanse kits and get everything you need delivered. There’s a reason Greenhouse juices are one of the Toronto’s best loved juice brands – ingredients are all organic, and sourced from local farms during Ontario growing season. When you subscribe, you commit to your juicing habit without having to think about it more than once.


easy period natural tampons subscription box

Easy Period

(Price varies depending on product)

Let this Toronto-based company make your period an actually enjoyable time of the month. Imagine! Easy Period ships 100% organic cotton pads, tampons and pantyliners to your doorstep (with chocolate!) so subscribers never have to run to the drug store again. What followers of Easy. are loving about this brand are their strong community values – so aside from making periods easier, they also host wellness workshops and panel discussions in the city. So much good is coming out of Easy Period. It is a great time to be a goddess.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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