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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Dope Female Owned Toronto Cannabis Brands To Know Right Now

By Blair Stutz

female cannabis brands toronto edit seven 2018

As someone who’s super excited about the legalization of recreational cannabis use on October 17, I admit I don’t quite know a whole lot on the subject and I want to change that. Like many, I’ve toked on a jay at parties (and I even crafted my own water bottle bong in high school) but my cannabis knowledge is seriously lacking. For SO many years, there was nowhere to buy grown-up looking cannabis accessories that didn’t look like a prop out of Half-Baked. I don’t smoke pot that often now but when I do, I’m definitely not looking for a pipe that looks like something Cheech & Chong would use. No tie-dye shirts for me, thanks!

If you, like me, are searching for not only gorgeous and modern cannabis accessories, but local brands to support–especially those owned by women in Toronto–you’ve come to the right place! There are dope (see what I did there?) cannabis and cannabis-related brands everywhere but the movement in Canada and in Toronto specifically, is seriously taking off and we’re loving that women are in the thick of it. From CBD oils and beauty products to grinders, these brands by badass babes have you covered. Bonus: it’s all super chic and going to look gorgeous on your vanity table.

Keep reading for 7 Female Owned TO-based Cannabis Brands!

WDBX (Weed Box)

weedbox female cannabis brands toronto edit seven 2018

Want to partake in all the fun but not at all sure where to start? WDBX (pronounced Weed Box) does all the work for you with their curated boxes filled with accessories, skincare, homeware, and (soon) cannabis. Co-founded by Lorilynn McCorrister, it’s all about what enhances the consumers life and what makes them feel good. With a retail store opening in Toronto coming soon and a California location in the works, it’s exciting times for this emerging brand.

Sackville & Co.

Sackville & Co. female cannabis brands toronto edit seven 2018

Operated right in the heart of downtown Toronto, Sackville & Co. was founded by two women wanting to change the narrative around cannabis. They believe that cannabis isn’t just about getting high, but it can also be a wellness tool–a mission statement inspired by Co-Founder Hayley Dineen’s own journey using cannabis for severe pain relief. These gals are super passionate about creating femme-friendly products to help women feel more comfortable in the cannabis world, with a focus on educating us too!


milkweed toronto female cannabis brands toronto edit seven 2018

While working at a medical marijuana clinic, Milkweed founder Emma Baron saw 70-80 year old women looking for marijuana for pain relief and the only accoutrements they could find were covered in pot leaves and looked like they belonged in a college dorm. It was those ladies who inspired Emma to create beautiful, contemporary accessories that one would be proud to not only use but have on display.

High Noon

high noon female cannabis brands toronto edit seven 2018

Looking for a fab handmade pipe? Look no further than High Noon with their selection of chic and minimal ceramic pipes. These super cute, pocket friendly pieces are all made right here in Toronto and the modern design brings an heir of sophistication to your cannabis experience. I love that no two pieces are alike so your piece is uniquely yours.

Calyx Wellness

calyx wellness female cannabis brands toronto edit seven 2018

Specializing in cannabidiol (aka CBD), Calyx Wellness prides itself on educating its customers on how to use holistic and natural healing practises. With a variety of different CBD sprays and oil tinctures like Calm, Focus and Heal to name just a few, this is a whole other side of the cannabis world that is definitely worth checking out if you’re more interested in the health benefits than the high. Learn more about Calyx founder Danielle Blair in our #FounderFiles feature here.



dirt toronto female cannabis brands toronto edit seven 2018

Ever heard of a cannabis dinner series? You have now, thanks to dirt. This brand is all about creating environments for safe cannabis use that’s also fun and playful at the same time. Founded by Sarah Best, dirt is the “alternative to a boozy night out where you feel miserable the next day.” Although the official dirt website is launching soon, a lucky few have been invited to their exclusive dinners in the lead up to legalization.

Hemlock Rose

hemlock rose female cannabis brands toronto edit seven 2018

All about providing contemporary smokewear to compliment an elevated lifestyle is Hemlock Rose. Their offerings from numerous brands are legit showpieces and will look chic AF on display in your living room that even your most conservative relative might not know they’re for cannabis use!



(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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