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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Essential Skin Care Products That Every Twenty-Something Needs

By Blair Stutz

essential skincare products - gold face mask (image Katrina Petrovic)

(image via Katarina Petrovic)

It’s no secret that our skin changes as we get older but as a twenty something, it feels like my skin is constantly changing with every coming day. Like many of you, I‚Äôve probably experienced every single skincare nightmare from blemish breakouts to dryness in the early days of puberty to even just this past week.

Skin care is something I definitely had to learn to love because when you’re piling on a full face of makeup at the glamorous age of 12, it‚Äôs imperative that you figure out how to take care of your skin. Since joining #TeamE7, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to get my hands on not only the newest skincare products but also some pretty high-end ones at that.

Some of the following skincare products might be considered beauty ‘investments’ but in my opinion (and Gracie’s too!) they’re truly worth it to splurge on. These holy grail items have seriously made a noticeable difference in my skin’s appearance, and, as a result, my confidence has been boosted. Since we all have different skin types and concerns, Gracie and I each opened up our personal beauty drawers to share (and compare) 7 essential skin care products we can’t live without. Here you’ll find a round-up of some of most treasured tried-and-true favourites that we can’t live without, along with some of our newer discoveries that we’re equally obsessed with!

Keep reading for the 7 essential skin care products that every twenty-something needs:


A Great Cleanser

7 skincare products you need beauty edit seven 2018 toronto

Cleanser is like the breakfast of skincare–the most important ritual of the day! Some argue that it’s not essential to cleanse in the morning (I do, but you decide) but regardless of your skincare beliefs, don’t skimp on a great cleanser for your skin type.

Blair’s Pick:¬†Kate Somerville EradiKate Daily Cleanser, $48¬†¬†

This¬†EradiKate Daily Cleanser¬†by Kate Somerville changed it all for me; it brightened my skin, made my acne basically non-existent and also didn’t dry me out. My redness has severely diminished and I even find myself having (rare) makeup free days where I’m not afraid to peek at my reflection. The magic ingredient of sulphur not only works to reduce blemishes but it also helps unclog pores.

Gracie’s Pick:Red Earth Hydrate Refreshing Cleanser, $24

Looking for a cleanser that nourishes and refreshes? Then you need to get your hands on GC’s newest fave, the Refreshing Cleanser by Red Earth. Gracie regularly gushes about how much she enjoys washing her face for that much longer thanks to its creamy texture, amazing scent and star ingredients like Tasmanian sea kelp. We also love that this product is new to Canada and super wallet-friendly!

#TeamE7 Fave: Fresh Soy Cleanser, $38

If you have uber sensitive skin, then this Soy Cleanser from Fresh will be perfect for you and your skin. This baby is suitable for all skin types and will remove your makeup (even mascara!) while still leaving your skin feeling soft and supple.


An Amazing Serum

7 skincare products you need beauty edit seven 2018 toronto

Blair’s Pick: Glossier Super Pure, $35

If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly serum that works wonders for blemish-prone skin, Glossier’s Super Pure is for you. Proof that good things come in small packages (this little guy weighs in at 0.5 oz.) don’t let the size fool you because a little goes a long way!

Gracie’s Pick: Consonant Skincare Power Couple, $122

Meet your ultimate skincare duo:¬†Consonant Skincare’s Power Couple.¬†This combo consists of their¬†HydrExtreme¬†and Maximum Glycolic Meta Serum that work even better when combined. Although the tingling sensation can get a little extreme, Gracie is totally obsessed with the fact that these natural (and Toronto) made products make you look like you just got an expensive facial peel. The final result is¬†brighter, plumper and more even looking skin which we’ll take any day.

PS. We are also obsessed with Consonant’s Come Clean 100% natural bamboo cleansing cloths¬†that are perfect¬†after a late night out, long day at work or before/after a workout!

#TeamE7 Fave: Tula Illuminating Serum, $134

Super light and great for all skin types, the Illuminating Serum by Tula is a smidge pricy but so worth it with the addition of probiotics that lock in moisture to help skin look and feel nourished. Want that #glowup? We suggest dabbing this baby on under makeup for a dewey look!


A Fab Face Oil

7 skincare products you need beauty edit seven 2018 toronto

Blair’s Pick:¬† Skin Owl Geranium Beauty Drops, $37.63

As someone who is learning not to be afraid of face oil, I was pleasantly surprised when I fell in love with the Geranium Beauty Drops¬†by Skin Owl that I got from The Detox Market¬†in their February Detox Box. This super floral yet not overpowering luxurious oil instantly boosts the skin’s radiance and leaves you with the most gorgeous glow. Bonus: it won’t clog your pores!

Gracie’s Pick: Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil, $90

Get visibly brighter skin ASAP with this luxe Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil by Biossance that not only feels weightless on the skin but also lifts and firms. A new addition to Sephora Canada, the entire Biossance line has quickly converted Gracie into a hardcore fan.

#TeamE7 Fave: Harlow Skin Co. Face Elixir, $44

Vancouver-based¬†Harlow Skin Co’s Face Elixir has been a fave of ours for years and for good reason: it balances hydration, controls oil and soothes the skin all in one fell swoop. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin, this gorgeous blend of botanicals is just what your skin has been needing!


A Kick-Ass Exfoliator

7 skincare products you need beauty edit seven 2018 toronto

Blair’s Pick: Goop Exfoliating Instant Facial, $125¬†

For those who may not know, #TeamE7 is seriously Goop obsessed and once you try their Exfoliating Instant Facial, we guarantee you will be too. This 3-minute facial is a godsend for us gals-on-the-go and it works wonders after a long day when your skin needs to be refreshed and awakened. Not into the high price tag? Gracie swears by the Aveeno 60 Second In-Shower Facial as a great dupe for divas on a dime!

PS. Click HERE for our Goop Instant Facial review!

Gracie’s Pick: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, $80

Super gentle and suitable for all skin types, GC’s fave (that she’s used for years!) is¬†Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant¬†that’s made of a unique rice-based powder that activates when mixed with water. This beauty weapon helps make skin instantly brighter and smoother. Plus with calming ingredients like green tea and oatmeal, it’s gentle enough to use every day.

#TeamE7 Fave: Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser, $42

From one of our fave clean beauty brands, this¬†Regenerating Cleanser¬†by¬†Tata Harper¬†works double-time as both cleanser and exfoliator that buffs and polishes skin to give you a healthy, radiant glow. We recommend purchasing the travel size option (for budget reasons!) and, if you’re into easy DIY beauty projects, you need to try making Victoria Radford’s Hydrating Lemon Coconut Face Mask that doubles as a great exfoliator too.


A Heavy Duty Face Mask

7 skincare products you need beauty edit seven 2018 toronto

Blair’s Pick: May Lindstrom Problem Solver, $100

As someone who’s always struggled with breakouts even as a twenty-something, the day I tried the¬†Problem Solver mask by May Lindstrom, my life officially changed. This product was originally recommended to me by Goop Beauty Director, Jean Godfrey-June herself and since then I’ve never looked back. If you have problem skin and can overlook the steep price tag, this miracle product is what you need.

PS. Click HERE for more life-changing skincare tips from Jean!

Gracie’s Pick: GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment, $75

Another skin clearing solution from GC’s top #shelfie is¬†GlamGlow’s¬†Supermud Clearing Treatment¬†made with activated charcoal. Perfect for anyone with blemishes, scars, and redness, Gracie always reaches for this deep-cleaning mask before a photoshoot or TV appearance. An added bonus is that you can leave this mask on for between five to 20 minutes (depending on how much time you have) which is great for us busy ladies!

#TeamE7 Fave: Radford 24K Gold Hydrogel Face Mask, $16

When Victoria Radford talks skincare, we listen and we listen good. The Toronto-based skincare guru’s 24K Gold Hydrogel Face Mask is instantly hydrating and contains antioxidants that¬†help smooth and firm skin, reduce inflammation, and restore radiance.


A Miracle Moisturizer

7 skincare products you need beauty edit seven 2018 toronto

Blair’s Pick: Aesop Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream, $60

My long time brand fave, Aesop, is all the skincare goals and this product is no exception. Their Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream is so moisturizing and rich that when applied before bed, you wake up feeling like you just put it on. I also love that even though it contains SPF15, this baby won’t clog your pores!

Gracie’s Pick: Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer, $64

As mentioned above, Gracie has been fully converted to a serious Biossance fan, and she can’t get enough of their lightweight Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer. Not only does it¬†help restore skin‚Äôs healthy-looking beauty and radiance with probiotics that calm redness and reduce pore size, but we love how cooling this moisturizer feels too!

#TeamE7 Fave: Caudalie Premier Cru Rich Cream, $169

Looking to get into French skincare? Look no further than¬†Caudalie.¬†Their Premier Cru Rich Cream not only smells incredible but feels amazing on the skin too. With illuminating and nourishing properties plus the fact that it helps redefine facial contours, there’s a reason why this is a team favourite! Not ready to shell out the money for this luxe product? Gracie recommends trying the¬†Yves Rocher White Botanical Creme Exceptionelle Hydratante for similar results plus all the French-girl beauty points!

Skin-Saving Sunscreen

7 skincare products you need beauty edit seven 2018 toronto

Blair’s Pick:¬† Goddess Garden Facial Sunscreen, $20

Sunscreen is a must for everybody, not just us skincare lovers and organic clean sunscreen is the way to go for sure. Goddess Garden‘s sunscreen is not only super good for your skin but also the environment too. This formula is non-greasy and I promise it won’t turn your skin Casper-white. Pro tip: apply with on top of (or mixed with) your favourite moisturizer for a super smooth application.

Gracie’s Pick:¬†La Roche Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid, $33

Speaking of French-girl beauty, the Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid by La Roche Posay is a super light SPF 50 with a matte finish (yes!) that also comes in a tinted option that Gracie swears by. Suitable for sensitive skin, this great dermatologist-approved sunscreen is also oil and fragrance-free.

#TeamE7 Fave: Avène High Protection SPF 50 Ultra Light Mineral Lotion, $28

This High Protection SPF 50 is a 100% mineral sunscreen from Avène provides long-lasting hydration along with antioxidant protection. We also love that this sunblock is suitable for the whole family and all skin types!

Happy Shopping!



(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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