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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Fall 2021 Hair Trends To Wrap Your Head Around

By Blair Stutz

fall hair trends - woman in a clamp

Beach waves and sun-kissed skin are sadly a thing of seasons past because fall has touched down here in TO. Temps have dropped and, while we’ll miss the balmy nights and sunshine-y days, there’s something endearing about the brisk fall breeze and sweater weather. However, your fall attire won’t be the only thing layering up this season because, surprise surprise, layers are back in addition to other major hair trends, like hair accessories, styles, and so much more. 

Keep reading to cop the latest hair trends this fall!

Soft Curtain Bangs

fall hair trends - soft curtain bangs

Photo: @matildadjerf

Curtain bangs are back for another season. But this fall, stylists are cutting them in a softer, more wispy shape that frames the face while giving an effortless, retro vibe. If getting bangs is giving you major anxiety, these curtain bangs are the perfect way to test the waters because, as they’re longer on the sides, growing them out will be a piece of cake if you end up not digging them. 

$33 at Sephora

To keep your curtain bangs voluminous and bouncy, a volumizing spray, like this one from Amika, is the way to go.

Hair Claws

fall hair trends - hair claw

Photo: Pinterest

We never thought we’d see the day, but those big ‘90s hair claws are back and cuter than ever. While we’ll always have a soft spot for the scrunchie, these claws have magnificent holding power and result in zero headaches, no matter how long it’s been in. Regardless of the style you’re after — the half-up-half-down bun, or even just clipping up your bangs while you wash your face — there’s a clip for that. The best part is there’s no wrong way to wear one. 

$41 at THIC

Clips can be found everywhere, but these ones from THIC are the way to go. There’s a bigger one that’ll make holding back your hair a piece of cake, and a medium-sized one for that half-up-half-down hairdo.

Mullet Cuts

fall hair trends - mullet

Photo: @mileycyrus

Another lewk we didn’t quite see on the horizon is the mullet. This choppy hair trend isn’t the Billy Ray Cyrus style you’re thinking; it’s edgier, shaggier, and cooler than ever. The cut has been seen on stars like Miley and Rihanna, and it’s being called the anti-fashion haircut. 

$17.95 at Lush

To make your mullet cut extra piecey and shaggy, rub a dime-sized amount of pomade in your hands and into the ends of your tresses. It’ll take the look to a whole new punk level!

Curly Bangs

fall hair trends - curly bangs

Photo: Refinery29

Another trend making a splash is curly bangs. What was once a hair faux pas is now a sizzling hot trend, thanks to stars like Sandra Oh and Natasha Lyonne. Wondering how this trend landed in the spotlight? It’s all part of the way the beauty industry has made celebrating your natural textures a trend on its own. 

$49 at Sephora

Keep your curls frizz-free, hydrated, and intact with the help of this curl-defining gel from Kerastase.

Voluminous Layers

fall hair trends - layers

Photo: @stephgeebeauty

If volume is what you’re looking for, this is your time. Layers are the key to achieving the ‘90s style blowout a la Cindy Crawford of your dreams. With a few face-framing pieces in front and layers throughout, you’ll be smitten with the volume, bounce, and oomph. 

$149 at Chatters

Can’t get that salon-worthy blowout at home? Honey, that’s what blowdry brushes are for. This baby helps you round brush and achieve sky-high volume with just a few flicks of the wrist.

Buttery Blonde

fall hair trends - buttery blonde like Billie Eilish

Hair colour trends are always coming and going, but one that’s making a major impact is buttery blonde hair. This almost-champagne hue of blonde is the shade that’s been made popular by Billie Eilish; some hair pros have even thought that it was made popular from lockdown dye jobs. It’s great for fall because of the warm glow the blonde gives, and warm undertones are credited for making it look effortless and natural.  

$28 at Moroccanoil

Having trouble getting your blonde to the perfect tone? If it’s looking too warm, amp up the vibe with some purple shampoo and conditioner, and you’ll be looking icy in no time.

The Half-Up Half-Down

While this style has been a mainstay, this fall we’re seeing the half-up-half-down all over the place. Even though it seems basic and, well, a bit boring, there are countless ways to update it with a 2021 kick. The most popular way to wear it these days is with a centre part and a few face-framing layers at the front. 

$38 at Sephora

No matter if you’re going for an effortless, undone vibe like Hailey or the Kardashian slicked back style, your front pieces need to have texture of they’ll just look limp. A dry texture spray will give them life!



(Story by Contributing Editor, Blair Stutz)

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