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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Fun Ways To Make Your New Years Eve Not Suck This Year

By Shaeleigh Afton

how to make your new years not suck edit seven

As an avid party goer I have much experience in good parties and bad ones. But like anything in life I have learnt valuable lessons along the way. Such as, how to get in when you’re not “technically” on the list and the key to making the most of any party situation. The night that possibly gets the worst rap of all? New Year’s Eve! With its high expectations, few cabs, and long lines all clumped into one evening of glittery chaos it can easy be easy for your night to take a turn for the worse, but it won’t happen if you follow my lead!

Here are 7 Ways To Make Your New Year’s Eve 2019 Not Suck!

Set An Intention For Your Night

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Intention setting ain’t just for meditation class! A few internal prompts before you start your night can ensure you get to know what you want out of the evening. These intentions range from making a fun memory with the friends you came with, making new friends, getting your cardio in on the dance floor, making a networking connection, or not going home *WINK*.  This way you’re not just chasing the party you’re on a tipsy mission!

The Night Snack Attack

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Avoid hanger at all costs by stocking up on post party snacks. Running to McDonalds after last call? Pass! The last thing anyone wants to do is stand in line after busting it in stilettos for four hours. UberEats? Pass! Ever fell asleep before you delivery got there, me either… But! A girl’s gotta eat, so, before you head out for the night, stock up on dips, pizza pops, and other snacks (that don’t involve drunk cooking) for when you get home. You can even pre-order your ZA to arrive before you go out because cold pizza rules! Drunk you will be v appreciative.

After The Show It’s The After Party

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If you’re planning on R Kelly(ing) your way into 2019. Keep some bottles of your favourite bevies at home just in case the party doesn’t want to end at the strike of 2am. Yes, Dial-a-Bottle is an option but their prices are 3X and it takes forever! Keep some champagne & OG for Mimosas and Netflix in the morning.

Pack A Joint!

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One of my favourite ways to make new friends at a party is over a joint. Add to the holiday fete by wrapping yours in festive 24K gold rolling papers or pre-rolled cones (no rolling experience required). You will be the most popular person at the party guaranteed. Pick your strains thoughtfully! I would suggest a hybrid or sativa strain to keep your energy levels up.  

Grid Lock Travel

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Accept that this is going to be the worst part of your night. Budget for the time allowances, bring a to-go drink, take a deep breath and don’t stress. If you can walk, walk. Get some fast flats and bring a joint for the walk home. The TTC is usually always free on New Years Eve and pretty easy to catch if you’re on King or Queen Street. If you’ve got an especially tardy BFF fib to them about when you need to be there. 30 minutes is usually enough.

Take ReCoup Hangover Pills

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As much as I love an excuse to lay in bed and watch Netflix I’d really rather not feel like trash after a night out. A new addition to my big nights out is taking these  Recoup pills before I start drinking. I have tried other hangover pills, and remedies and these are seriously the only ones that work. I don’t take them all the time but always do when I can’t afford to lose a day. We also love that this brand is Canadian owned and vegan with natural ingredients.

Buy Tickets To An Open Bar Theme Party

new year's eve 2019 toronto open bar

If you want something done right do it yourself, right? Tired of seeing boring parties with little effort put in on New Years Eve I decided to put together my own New Year’s Eve party! Elton VS. The Disco is an open bar, 1970’s theme party. It will feature an Elton John themed main floor and an underground Studio 54 Disco party. There will be two DJs playing music spanning from classic Elton John tracks, Hip Hop, Funk, and Disco House. With most events starting at $40 just to get the door in your wallet will thank you for choosing Elton VS. The Disco! There will be Redbull Custom Cocktails, photo opp installations for all your #selfie needs and of course, snacks! Sweet potato fries & truffle aioli, beef sliders, Belgian style poutine, and mini grilled cheese with smoked bacon. YUM!

elton john vs the disco nye toronto

So, sure. You could avoid it all and stay home! but what fun would that be? Going into a new year calls for celebration especially after the sh*t show that was 2018. I saved a limited amount of tickets for our Edit Seven readers. Use code edit7 for 10% off tickets when you purchase them here: Elton VS. The Disco

See you there!



(Story by Contributing Editor, Shaeleigh Afton)


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