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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Gifts For Style Bloggers You’ll Be Surprised To Find at Staples Canada

By Gracie Carroll

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With the constant rise of style bloggers and influencers, there’s a good chance you’ve got one in your own inner circle by now. The only problem is, how do you impress a fashion and beauty blogger come Christmas time when they’ve often got (almost) everything one could want?

Trust me, I get it. After blogging professionally for over seven years, I’m all too used to hearing that I’m “SO difficult to shop for” from friends and family.

After visiting the Staples Canada Holiday Media Preview back in November, I was surprised to see just how many impressive (and stylish!) items there were available that were so much more than just packs of paper for your printer. I mean, am I the only one that mainly thinks of Staples Canada for printing? Probably not.

But all has changed! In fact, it was far too easy to spot multiple items that were quickly added to my own wish list this year. From fun little items for Secret Santa or stocking stuffers to big ticket items, here are the top 7 gifts that any style blogger would love that you might be surprised to find at Staples Canada.

The Sprocket

hp sproket edit seven staples gift guide

No matter if their personal style veers more towards minimalist or maximalist, it’s no secret that style bloggers have–and get–a lot of stuff. While the HP Sprocket can be amazing for printing out adorable little pictures that you can save forever, my personal favourite use for this portable printer is using it to organize over-packed closets and beauty drawers. For example, the Sprocket can be used to take photos of shoes before they’re packed into their boxes, using the photos to stick on the front of each box to make them easier to find when they’re neatly put away.

HP Sprocket, on sale for $99.99 at Staples Canada

The MacBook Pro

macbook pro edit seven staples gift guide

These days, so much time and energy is spent on Instagram, but even an Instagram star will still need put in major hours in front of the computer if they’re serious about their business. If you’re in the mood to splurge, why not surprise them with the ultimate gift you can give a style influencer? From photo and video editing to keeping up with their inbox, this is definitely the gift they’ll remember forever (and use every single day).

Apple MacBook Pro, $1649.99 at Staples Canada

The Google Home

google home edit seven staples gift guide

Even for a successful blogger or influencer, it can take years to get to the point where you can afford to hire an assistant to help you. Why not surprise them with the next best thing until then? With a Google Home by their side, they’ll be able to do everything from checking the weather to match their #ootds, make hand-free calls while they’re getting ready, and even receive daily reminders to workout.

Google Home, on sale for $99 at Staples Canada

The Customized Mug

personalized mug edit seven staples gift guide

With endless selfies in their phone (and on their feed), it’s no surprise that most bloggers and influencers are, well, a little self-obsessed. For a fun stocking-stuffer or gift, why not treat them to the best gift of all? A photo of themselves, printed on an everyday item like a coffee mug, throw blanket, pillow or set of magnets. Trust me, they’ll LOVE it (I would know).

Shop all customized holiday gift options at Staples Canada


The Keurig Machine

keurig edit seven staples gift guide

Although it may look easy from the outside, running a successful blog or social media account is a helluva lot of work that doesn’t often allow you to “shut off”. #ButFirstCoffee is all too real when you’re working around the clock, so why not make it a bit easier, and faster, to enjoy a fresh cuppa when they need it most? Plus, a pretty cup of of coffee always adds a touch of that je ne c’est quoi to a pretty flatlay snap.

Keurig Brewing System, $128.00 at Staples Canada

The Trendy Journal

marble agenda edit seven staples gift guide

Staying organised is extremely important when you’re in charge of everything from creating and producing content to managing every detail of your business. Not to mention keeping track of all of the events you’re supposed to attend! Staples has got so much more to offer than those Five Star Notebooks that we all remember from our school years. Their selection now includes trendy (and very instagrammable) options like this pretty white marble version.

Marble Chic Agenda, $29.99 at Staples Canada

The Neon Light

ampedandco cactus light edit seven staples

Whether you know it’ll be perfect for ‘The Gram’ or simply a way to inspire them on a daily basis, a fun neon light is an adorable addition to any desk or home decor. Staples now carries a variety of options from Toronto-based Amped & Co. with designs that include the Hustle, Cactus, Pineapple and more.

Cactus Neon Desk Light, $12.98 at Staples Canada

For more great gift ideas, check Staples Canada’s list of the 12 best gifts for the holidays HERE!

Happy Shopping!



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

*Please note that this post has been sponsored by Staples Canada, all thoughts and opinions are our own.*

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