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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 High-Vibe Hacks to Keep Your 9-5 Lifestyle Energized

By Kait Fowlie

7 High-Vibe Hacks to Keep Your 9-5 Lifestyle Energized

(image via Hannah Bronfman)

If you, like me, are a free spirit who thrives on newness and possibility, the 9-5 grind can get you down in a major way. Especially if you tend to have packed days that see you travelling during rush hour, running from job to next job to meeting to class, and the energy of the city can be draining af.

How can you keep your head and your mood up, and stave off the life-sucking feeling of literally living on the streetcar and the office? I ponder this question often, and throughout the course of my career and adult life in the city, I’ve consistently looked to the most unfuckwithable-high-vibe people I meet/discover for their pointers. Here are a few that have really stuck, which I like to think of as small acts of practical magic that I can do on the daily to keep myself feeling charged.


1. Add Some Light To Your Evening Routine

Ending my day with a ‘light bath’ is one tip I learned from Gabrielle Bernstein. This is basically a meditation where you visualize yourself being bathed in white light and your whole being recharged like a battery. You see your energy unhooking from everyone you encountered during your day and coming back to you where it gets washed in the white light. It’s a super restorative and accessible form of meditation and a relaxing way to end the day. Listen to a guided version here.

light bath meditation - gabrielle bernstein

2. Put Your Bare Feet On The Ground

The reinvigorating power of nature is real. Just like the sun gives us energy and vitamins, making contact with the ground, trees, and plants does too. If you haven’t heard of earthing, the concept is this: we as humans are positively charged with electrons, and the Earth is made up of negatively charged electrons which have the ability to move more freely and reduce positive charges (or, free radicals). When we make direct contact with the earth, we get balanced, and in a way, detoxify. If you’re feeling low mid-afternoon, go for a walk and take your does off and make contact with the ground.

3. Embrace The Magic of Crystals

The first time I walked into The Rock Store on Markham Street (back when it was on Markham St.) I could feel a distinctly different energy in the store, which is literally filled with crystals. I wanted some of that in my life immediately.

If there’s some funky energy in your office, or you have a long-ass commute that sees you bod-to-bod with hundreds of strangers daily before 9AM, pack a crystal for protection. Look for dark-coloured crystals like Goldstone, Labradorite or Obsidian, which can help you shield your energy. Put one in your bag, your bra, or on a necklace, and before you leave your place, hold it and thank it for protecting you. 

four sigmatic mushroom matcha drink

4. Get On The Adaptogens Train

I discovered adaptogens via Jordan Younger’s The Balanced Blonde podcast, (she’s an LA-based energy healer and also power-house wellness entrepreneur). She interviewed the founder of Foursigmatic, an adaptogenic/superfood mushroom company, and I immediately decided this was something I had to try. Adaptogens, in general, are a family of plants, herbs and roots that help the body adapt to stress. They don’t have specific actions they take, instead they work to create equilibrium by helping restore balance in the hormones and they make us more resilient to stress.

I started subbing Lion’s Mane (an adaptogenic mushroom) for coffee, and I felt the difference after the first day. It gave me such a clear, crisp focus and it actually made me feel distinctly happy, even into the evening. Much recommend. Other (cheaper!) adaptogens to consider adding to your grocery list are Ginseng, Rhodiola, Holy Basil, and Licorice Root.

5. Give Tapping a Try

Heard of tapping? This one might seem super woo-woo, but give it a try. It’s free! How it works is, by tapping certain parts of your body (your eyebrows, your palms, your temples) while speaking an affirmation, you connect with certain meridians of your body or pathways though which our energy flows, and you can then release blocks.

According to LA-based reiki master Kelsey J. Patel, “by allowing the physical and mental bodies to unite and move energy through tapping and speaking simultaneously, you are creating space for the energetic body to release and move through blockages and disruptions almost immediately.” I do this when I’m feeling overwhelmed or don’t even know where to start on my to-do list. Watch Kelsey do it here.

marie kondo room makeover

6. Eliminate Stagnancy In Your Life

Like having a massive pile of laundry sitting in the middle of a room, an untackled to-do list or full inbox can make us blocked in a literal, and energetic way! The longer we leave the stuff we have to do just lying around, the more it fragments our focus, sucks our energy AND the more daunting it grows. If Marie Kondo taught us anything, it’s that if we want to get shit done in this life, we need to take a tough-loving Spartan approach and clear the path for productivity. I can’t say I disagree, tbh.

7. Refuse Thoughts That Shut You Down

When it comes to your outlook and your overall energy levels, negative thoughts are the worst offenders. LA-based Shaman Durek put it really well: “Every time a negative thought comes into your head and you let it ride its course, you’re drinking poison…Every time you get into a negative conversation with someone and you sit there and just continue listening, you’re putting poison in. I don’t care how much green juice you drink or if you’re meditating twice a day. As long as you’re letting negative thoughts come into your mind, it’s all cancelled out.” 

If we want to have healthy, creative, abundant lives, our thoughts have to support us in being healthy, creativity, and abundant! Any thought that entertains our own helplessness or lack has got to go. Think for yourself, not against yourself, and you’ll always find an answer.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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