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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Luxe and Local Brands To Know About For The Best Sleep Of Your Life

By Gracie Carroll

breakfast at tiffany's sleeping image

While, yes, I may currently be in my eighth month of pregnancy, and, yes, sleep is pretty much always on my mind (along with the impending fear of serious lack of sleep once baby arrives), I know I’m not the only one who appreciates a good night’s sleep, pregnant or not. Although I haven’t exactly mastered a nighttime routine that I can seem to stick to on a regular basis, I’m all for investing in great products that can help you fall into a glorious deep sleep that much more easily–or at least while feeling glam AF. And no, I’m not talking about the best sleeping pills money can buy, sorry, instead I’m highlight 7 luxe and local brands that focus on sleepwear or sleep-related items that you can pick up to help compliment getting the luxurious night’s rest that you deserve.

Keep reading for 7 local brands to know about for the best sleep of your life:


kip sleepwear - kip pajamas

There’s nothing that gets me more excited to jump into bed than a snazzy new pair of pajamas, but I happen to be very particular about the types of pyjamas I’ll wear. Mostly, it comes down to the quality of the fabric, and I do happen to be particularly fond of a classic stripe. If you’re on the same page, let me introduce you to KIP: a Toronto-based line that specializes in both women’s and kids pajamas made from 100% Egyptian cotton that can all be monogrammed. Chic, non?


NiteCap Co

nite cap co

A newly-launched company hailing from Toronto, that’s already GOOP-approved, NiteCap Co has hit the market with their updated take on the old-school night cap. But if you’re picturing what you might have seen in an old timey movie, think again. NiteCap Co caps are made from beautiful silk and have been designed to help keep your fresh blowout in tact for longer. 


White Terry Home

white terry home organic sheets

Great sheets make all the difference when it comes to loving your bed and getting a great sleep. You need sheets that are calming (sorry, crazy prints and colours are not advised here), hella soft and super breathable. My current favourites are the 100% organic cotton luxury sheet sets by White Terry Home that not only come in the standard size range for adult beds, but now make crib sheets for your little bub too!


cilque eye mask

Truth be told, falling asleep (and staying asleep) has never been something I’ve been very good at, but a few years ago I discovered the magic of an eye mask and how much it can help with getting a better night’s sleep! Now that I basically own 10,000 different versions, I can honestly say that my favourite masks to wear are pillow-y soft and made of silk. The best one I’ve tried from a Canadian company is by Cilque who not only makes them in a range of colours, but makes great silk pillowcases to go along with them.


In Soft Focus

in soft focus robes

Whether you prefer to wear PJs to bed or sleep in the buff, I think one thing that we can all agree on is that having a fabulous robe on hand to cover you up (when necessary) is a pretty great thing to invest in. While I do enjoy a good terry robe for the cooler months, I’m obsessed with the gorgeous 100% Tencil twill robes by In Soft Focus that are all designed and made right here in Canada. If you really feel like treating yourself, be sure to add one of their stunning lounge sets to your shopping cart before checking out.


Gold Apothecary

gold apothecary lavender bath salts

Despite my enthusiasm for a great outfit to sleep in, I will admit that it can often take more than a killer bedtime lewk to help you get to sleep. If a bath is one of your favourite ways to unwind before bed, then do yourself a favour a grab a bottle of Gold Apothecary‘s Lavender Fields Bath Salts that feature French lavender and infused chamomile flowers for a truly relaxing soak.


Kinda Sleepwear

kinda sleepwear cotton nightie

Because options are just as important when it comes to sleepwear, I (obviously) had to include a nightie option here too. I recently discovered Vancouver-based Kinda Sleepwear and love their Instagram feed as much as their brand. I’m particularly smitten with their 100% cotton Lawn Stripe Billy Slip that’s both designed and made in Canada.


Night Night!



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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