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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 New (ish) Cookbooks That’ll Help Your New Year Goals Live On

By Blair Stutz

edit seven clean healthy cookbooks january 2019

Whether or not you’re a resolutions person, we all have goals that we’d all like to achieve this year. January is nearly over (finally!) and it often seems that our new years resolutions or goals come to an end as well. For some it might be Dry January or hitting the gym three times a week or chugging that grassy green juice every morning but there’s something about the arrival of February that seems to kill our health goals and replaces them with chocolate (at least in my case!)

One thing that always helps sort me out and get my goals back on track is picking up a healthy cookbook. Not only are the photos and recipes in these books absolutely gorgeous but when spending sometimes between $30-$40 on a book, it holds you accountable to try your hardest to implement those healthier choices into your everyday life. There’s just something about seeing Gwyneth Paltrow hold a green salad that makes me want to get my sh*t together, so here I’m sharing 7 healthy cookbooks that top my list that might help you keep your 2019 goals alive as well!

Keep reading for the full list of cookbooks that’ll help keep your New Years Goals goin’!

Eat What You Love 

Eat What You Love Danielle Walker edit seven healthy cookbooks 2019 january

Living with an autoimmune disease is what fuelled the fire under Danielle Walker of Against All Grains to make dietary changes to end not only her suffering but the suffering of millions of folks worldwide. In her newest book, Eat What You Love, Danielle has done the hard work for those with all types of diseases or allergies or for anyone that wants to make healthier lifestyle choices. What I love about Danielle’s book is that she re-creates classic comfort food dishes with a healthier spin so if you thought your days of fried chicken, sloppy joes and chicken pot pie were over, then think again! 

Do What Feels Good

do what feels good hannah bronfman edit seven healthy cookbooks 2019 january

Need a little help figuring out what lifestyle changes to make? Let NYC based DJ and wellness pro, Hannah Bronfman of HBFIT take the wheel with her new book Do What Feels Good. Focusing on leading a life that works for her, HB is encouraging us to do the same by sharing her wealth of knowledge and allowing us to choose what we add in or take out of our diets based on the info she’s collected over the years. This book is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to learn and lead a healthier lifestyle!

The Clean Plate

A woman who needs no introduction, Gwyneth Paltrow is one of #TeamE7’s ultimate wellness icons and for good reason – I mean, who isn’t Goop obsessed, right? In her newest book, The Clean Plate, GP takes us through healthy recipes that are perf for anyone who wants to start off the new year with by reseting and rebalancing with recipes that are simple, delicious and easy to follow – what more could you want?

The Mindful Glow Cookbook

the mindful glow cookbook abbey sharp edit seven cookbooks january 2019

Looking for some local inspiration? Look no further – Abbey Sharp is a Toronto-based dietician and force behind Abbey’s Kitchen. In her first book The Mindful Glow Cookbook, you can find all sorts of delicious recipes, tips and tricks that’ll make you want to run into the kitchen and get cooking. Abbey’s food is all about celebrating nourishment yet also knowing that cravings can hit (sometimes hard!) and how to satisfy them!

Cook90: The 30-Day Plan 

epicurious david tamarkin edit seven cookbooks january 2019

If one of your New Years resolutions was to stop buying food and ordering in, then Cook90 needs to be on your shelf, or better yet – right in your hands! Created by David Tamarkin and the brilliant team of editors over at Epicurious (another #E7 fave!), this book is all about challenging yourself to cook 90 simple yet still delish recipes in a month with no repeats! With a few exceptions, you can truly create a new habit and stop spending when you could be saving!

Deliciously Ella: The Plant-Based Cookbook

deliciously ella plant based cookbook ella mills edit seven cookbooks january 2019

Proving that all things plant based are mega popular even across the pond is Ella Mills. Boss babe and founder of Deliciously Ella, a plant-based blog that’s filled with tons of innovative recipes that are so yummy, you wouldn’t even know they’re vegan. In her newest book, Deliciously Ella The Plant Based Cookbook, get ready to cook some insanely good eats like brownies, amazing curries (trust me, this gal knows her way around a curry!), and satisfying burgers too! Thanks to Ella, plant based food never looked so good!


Lindsay maitland hunt edit seven cookbooks january 2019

Life is all about balance, right? Well I think so and so does champion recipe developer Lindsay Hunt. In her book Healthyish, Lindsay shares doable healthy recipes that you’ll be excited to cook because all the ingredients are avail at pretty much any grocery store. Plus, she prides herself on using as few pots and pans as she can so clean up is quick and easy – Lindsay, you might just be our hero!

Happy Cooking!



(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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