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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Practices To Hone Your Intuition And Tap Into Your 6th Sense

By Kait Fowlie

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Here’s the thing: We’re all psychic. You know this, right? Not in like, a Miss Cleo way, I mean, but in a – we’re smarter than we think way. Case in point: You know, within a few minutes of a first date, if there’s potential. Just like you know if a friend is pissed off about something. Or if a prospective employer is kind of shady. You don’t have to have any facts, oftentimes, to know if something is off or if it’s right. This is the power of our intuition!

I love how Bill Bennet, who studied the phenomenon of intuition and made a film about it, put it: ‘Intuition is as legit as any of our other bodily systems, such as our circulatory system and immune system—it’s just that it lies within the energetic realm, connecting through to our physiological selves.’ Whether or not you believe that, you know what your body-knowing or gut-feeling feels like. Intuition isn’t judgemental or punishing, or ‘in your head.’ It just feels like, neutral knowing. It always supports us in being creative and taking educated leaps. It’s the fastest way to see which next step we can take toward our best life.

Here are some ways to cultivate your intuition and honour it!

Unplug And Spend Time Alone. Ideally, In Nature. Ideally, Every Day

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Intuitive nudges are subtle! In our lives today, hearing them can be like, trying to hear a grandmother whisper something on a school bus full of yelling kids. You won’t be able to glean much from yours if you’re overstimulated by fear, worry, or stress (or, bombarded by notifications). The solution: practice getting calm and centered every day.

Train your mind to chill by first detaching from external stimuli and getting grounded, ideally in nature. If you have a backyard or can just find a quiet part of a park, plant yourself on some grass and allow yourself to attune to the speed of the natural world. And just breath. Scan your body from head to toe and just feel what parts of you might be calling to you in some way. Listening to your body is like a muscle. It’ll get stronger if you work on it regularly.

Look To The Past For The Red Flags You Missed Or Dismissed

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Mine your past for instances where ‘everything fell to shit’ or even didn’t end up feeling the way you thought it would. As hindsight is always 20/20, looking back on those situations will likely lead you to clearly identify a red flag (or 2, 3, or 7), that you may have noticed or dismissed because you didn’t have proof.

Where did you justify someone’s behaviour but just knew they were up to some bullshit? Where did you try and take ‘the easy route,’ rather than one that felt scarier, and the easy route sucked? Clarifying these red flags from your past could point you to similar feelings you might have now. If you’re a journaller, use this prompt to study a moment from your past where your intuition was trying to get your attention: I knew I shouldn’t have ___________  the moment that  ____________.

You don’t have to repeat the same mistakes. Bring your awareness to those moments and you’ll see what your heart was really trying to tell you, and how you can support yourself in moving forward now.

Write Down Your Dreams

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Some dreams are totally random brain babble, but others can have you waking up in tears, or feeling post-amazing-date levels of happy, or, with a distinct niggling feeling you can’t shake all day. I tend to think the ones that really trigger deep feels – or, recurring feels, definitely have important messages for us. When you wake up, write down whatever you can remember from your dream. Even if it’s like, a note in your phone at 4 AM that’s like, ‘sailing around an island, blue fish, wanted to fly.’ The more you write down your dreams, the better you’ll be able to remember them – and the more clearly they’ll speak to you.

Nurture Your Child-Like Mind

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I think the reason so many of us fall out of touch with our intuition is because when we become adults, it gets so easy to ‘should’ ourselves into doing things just because we’re told it’s the right thing. This obviously can lead us to feel stuck and bored. The answer can be found in a child-like mind, I think. Do whatever you liked doing as a kid, now. Colouring, scrapbooking, literally making mix tapes and pretending to be a DJ. Just do it and see how it feels. The more you can adopt a child-like or innocent mindset, the more you can align with a sense of joy. Then the easier you can find your way to it in your day to day life.

Practice Reading People

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You can tell a lot about a person before you even speak to them. See what kind of information you can get from observing people – the way they hold themselves, how they look at things, how they stand around other people. Their posture. The more you pay attention to these impressions, the more you’ll realize you already know things you couldn’t possibly know with the cognitive mind.

Escape Your Routine

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Get off autopilot for a bit and take a different route home, take a walk around your neighborhood and leave your phone at home, or plan a staycation and be a tourist in the city one weekend this summer and take a day to just do random things you wouldn’t normally. Just be open to pure discovery for a set amount of time and allow your intuition to be your guide.

Take Action On Your Intuitive Hunches

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Take it from Jack Canfield, the Chicken Soup for the Soul manifesting pro: “The Universe rewards those who take action – and so does your intuition. When you act on the information you receive from your inner source of wisdom, you open the channel between your subconscious and conscious mind even wider and will receive more intuitive messages that are stronger and easier for you to hear and act on.”

So, yeah. Honour bad self and don’t disregard what you know, even if you can’t explain it. Trust yourself, and actually follow through with your commitment to listen to your intuition. You’ll be rewarded with more of those magical hits.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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