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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Products You Need To Help Repair Your Hair After This Cold AF Winter

By Ainsley Smith


Olivia Culpo image via The Coveteur

Now that March is underway, it’s safe to say that spring will thankfully be here soon. This means the days of freezing temperatures and the simultaneous blasting of indoor heat, which ultimately leaves us with dry, frizzy and staticky hair *cringe*, will soon be coming to an end.

And while winter isn’t technically what damages our hair, the dry heat from your radiator–and not to mention blowdrying your hair–can suck moisture from your locks, resulting in split ends and breakage. In other words, winter is wrecking your perfect hair game.

To repair the damage come spring, you need to treat both your hair and scalp, which is why we’re sharing how you can put a stop to your hair woes by adding a few new products to your beauty arsenal.

Keep reading for 7 products you need to to help repair your hair after winter:

Argan Oil Shampoo

Argan Oil ShampooArgan oil, which is found in OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, makes dry, coarse hair feel softer and silkier because it’s rich in fatty acids which help to penetrate the hair shaft. If that wasn’t enough to make us obsess over this shampoo, it’s unbeatable price point (it’s under $10!) definitely helps.

Fortifying Hair Oil

loreal paris everstrong

If you’re the kind of person who likes to leave your place in a hurry, an oil serum will quickly become your go-to product this winter. Oils are ultra-nourishing formulas that instantly add shine, condition and repair without weighing the hair down. One of our favourites comes courtesy of L’Oreal because it strengthens hair and mends split ends, all while reversing the effects of the environmental aggressors, like harsh indoor heating, and styling.


Moisturizing Conditioner

Mosturizing Conditioner

This lightweight conditioner from Shu Uemura shields strands from urban aggressors and will leave your hair with a much-needed healthy shine this winter. Thanks to its infusion of red algae extract and moringa oil, this deep conditioner also helps protect brittle strands from root to tip.


Deep Conditioning Mask

briogeo deep conditioning mask

If you find that as soon as the cold weather arrives, your hair feels coarse and dry, try adding a deep conditioning mask at least once a week to your routine. Treat yourself to Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair! Mask, as it works by restoring essential hydration and natural vibrancy to dry, brittle, over-processed, and otherwise lacklustre locks.


Hair Elixir

Rose Hair Elixir

If you want instant results, we recommend giving the holy grail of products a try: The Innate Life’s Rose Hair Elixir. This multi-purpose elixir is made with over 15 organic oils and can be used to nourish split ends, tame frizzy hair, repair damaged hair and adds shine. Plus, it works as a leave-in hair treatment, too. What more could you want?


Intensive Oil-Free Treatment

Straightening Hair MasqueWhether winter has left your straight hair feeling coarse or your curly hair feeling like a tumbleweed, this lightweight, oil-free treatment will leave your hair feeling bouncy and silky-soft. Designed to work on all hair types struggling with dullness, Philip B.’s Straightening Hair Masque works by transforming brittle ends into shiny, bouncy strands with a single use.


Instant De-Frizzer

Instant De-Frizzer

As soon as the temperatures drop, chances are, you rarely leave your house without a toque on. While this is great for keeping your head warm (and looks extra cute), wearing a toque in the winter can leave you with frizzy and staticky hair, which definitely isn’t a cute look. This is why we can’t get enough of Living Proof’s Instant De-Frizzer dry conditioning spray because it instantly tames frizzy, dry locks by replenishing your hair’s natural oils for softer, smoother and healthier looking hair.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Ainsley Smith)


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