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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Rituals to Celebrate Fall Equinox 2018 And Start Your Fall With Intention

By Kait Fowlie

Fall Equinox Traditions - fall equinox 2018 - edit seven

If the summer didn’t fly by fast enough, the first day of fall is September 22 AKA tomorrow. Don’t be bummed — there’s A LOT to love about this time of year (apart from PSLs). While fall equinox does mark the beginning of shorter, colder days, it also means we get to take advantage of a super powerful time to RELEASE what we don’t need and move forward into a brand new season with intention.

This is a time to truly exhale the bullshit.

As mother nature begins the cycle of shedding its old, dying leaves, we too get to release what’s ready to fall away. Traditionally in North America, this is a time when earth-loving peeps built altars with harvest fruits and veg, picked apples, feasted together, and counted their blessings! Rituals like this were all about energetically turning the page to start a new chapter witha new season.

You don’t need to be a new ager to honour this shift in the seasons and do it like you MEAN IT. That is, leave behind whatever it is you want to leave in the summer, and move on into your highest best self in 2018.

Here’s how you can take advantage of the energy of fall equinox to release the old and welcome in the new:

fall equinox rituals - fall equinox 2018

For Fall Equinox, Focus On:  

Looking at where you can bring more balance into your life. As light and dark show up equally around this time, we can start to see where we’ve been in imbalance. What exactly needs to be shed, and what needs to be increased? This is a fab time to take stock of your self-care practices. What parts of your life need some TLC? Maybe your sleep hygiene? Morning routine?

Reaping what you’ve sown from the spring! Think about what you’ve brought into your life since April (spring equinox). Just like picking ripe peaches and canning and preserving them to be enjoyed all winter, our crop of fruits is ready to be totally noticed and enjoyed now. What are the relationships or opportunities that felt juicy af this summer? What do you want to forth with you into fall and winter?

Embracing our darkness. Fall equinox is a reminder that the sun don’t shine all the time. There’s a dark part of all of us, just like there’s a light part we show to the world. It’s the same for seasons. As we start to move into the darker part of the year, what’s ready to be felt, or expressed from your depths? What been rumbling below the surface? Acknowledge your deep needs now, and consider how they may have changed over summer.


7 Rituals to Celebrate Fall Equinox: 

fall equinox rituals for fall 2018

Nourish Yourself and Your Loves with a Seasonal Feast

It’s harvest time! Picking potatoes, apples, corn, pears and making a seasonal feast is a sumptuous, earth-honouring fall ritual that nourishes the bod and the soul. Set the intention to nourish your bod all season. Especially if meal prep is on your radar right now, kicking it up a notch with local seasonal veg and fruit right now will change the game.

Get REAL About Healing Teas

OK so all PSL’s aside – if there was ever a time to be shamelessly extra about tea, it is NOW. After all, herbs from summer are, leading up to now, ready to be picked, hung and dried and made into tea! Though, if you don’t happen to have a garden full of chamomile and hibiscus just lying around ready to be harvested and dried, check out the fall collection at Lemon Lily, a local, organic company that makes handcrafted teas with no artificial additives. Make these gorgeous teas in a legit tea pot and feel your immune system toughening up for you.


Or, TREAT YOSELF To a Sensual Wine Experience

Like our own manifesting processes, the process of wine-making goes through many phases before it’s ready for drinking, so, it’s a v. sweet accompaniment for autumn intention-setting. Have a wine-tasting adventure this fall equinox to ease into the changes needed for your own progression.

Taste some local, organic flavours at Tawse Winery in the Niagara region (a couple hours from the city, but winemaker Paul Pender’s work makes it totally worth the trek and FALL COLOURS), or, just trek to Paris Paris on Dundas West, which has a killer wine list and v. wine-savvy servers.

Go on a DIY Wellness Ritual

Even if it’s just a day of personal care you gift yourself, there’s no better time to create your own DIY wellness ritual. Taking some to find some water (Lake Ontario works!) unplug, journal, and pull some tarot cards if you’re into it will help you start the new season off feeling fresh and clear af.

‘Burn Off The Remains’ of Summer with a Bonfire.

Bonfires are associated with fall equinox because in celebrations of old, after animals were slaughtered after farming season, their bones got tossed into a fire to burn overnight before prepping the meat for the year ahead. So, I mean, you may not slaughtering deer (I, um, sincerely hope), but you CAN imagine what is dead in your own life burning up in some flames before you move forward with ONLY what nourishes you. Head to the island for one last firey summer fete and light up the night.

Commit To Your Sensuality

By this I mean, yes – embrace your inner sex goddess. SRS. Fall is the most passionate, sensual time in Ontario. The trees are legit bursting with colour (soon they will be, at least), the smells and flavours we gravitate toward are warming and spicy, and the clothes we wear around now are all about texture and the power of suggestion. In the northern hemisphere, THIS is the time to make like mama earth and embrace our own sensuality.

Harness The Season’s Moon Energy

(And Manifest Like a Queen)

Lean into the cosmic support that’s available to us all the time – la luna! There’s a new moon and a full moon every month and these are powerful times to set intentions and bring our desires into reality. Mark your planner – there’s a full moon on September 24, new moon Oct. 8, and a full moon Oct. 24. Here’s our 101 on harnessing moon energy.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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