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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Things I Learned About Fitness and Nutrition from Harley Pasternak

By Gracie Carroll

Harley Pasternak fitness and nutrition - fitbit versa review

Holy shit, I’m basically on Revenge Body right now. These were the words that raced through my head while I grinned from ear to ear when I found myself in a room with Harley Pasternak last week in Toronto. In case you’re unfamiliar with this L.A.-based Torontonian, he’s a personal trainer, motivational speaker and T.V. host with a celebrity client list that includes non-other than Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and many, many more. Even though this was the second time I’ve had the opportunity to work out with Harley within the past two years thanks to Fitbit Canada, I couldn’t help but fan girl (real hard) thanks to his regular appearances on Khloe Kardashian‘s new hit fitness show, Revenge Body.

Harley Pasternak fitness and nutrition - fitbit versa review

This year we were brought together once again for the launch of the new Fitbit Versa–Fitbit’s newest addition to its smartwatch lineup–that’s by far their sleekest and most impressive model to date. Not only is the design super modern (and a total Apple Watch doppelganger) but it’s the lightest metal smartwatch on the market right now. After having mine for just over a week now, I’ve only taken mine off once in order to charge it thanks to its lightness, comfort and the 4-day battery which is a total game-changer for me.

Harley Pasternak fitness and nutrition - fitbit versa review

As a spokesperson for Fitbit, Harley encourages all of his clients to hit at least 12,000 steps a day (that’s 2,000 more than Fitbit’s recommended daily target), and increases that amount to 14,000 when his clients are in beast mode for a role or job. Although that number sounded totally unreasonable for a normal person at first, after a few days of wear (and walking) I realised that I could regularly hit over 15,000 steps a day when I made a conscious effort to walk instead of Uber or take my dog out for just a little longer than usual.

Harley Pasternak fitness and nutrition - fitbit versa review

Harley is all about focusing on 5 daily habits to change your health and fitness forever. The common problems that Harley says most of us share include: doing too much, over exercising, exercising too hard, getting hurt, getting hungry and not sleeping.

The solution to these problems? Harley recommends saying yes 5 times to: your daily steps, getting sleep, focusing on a diet of protein and fibre 5x a day, resistance training, and unplugging from all devices.

Here’s a handy Daily Report Card from Harley that you can use to make sure you’re hitting your targets for change:

  1. Take at least 10,000 steps a day
  2. Get at least 7 hours of sleep
  3. Eat 5 meals a day with protein and fibre
  4. Unplug for an hour a day
  5. Do 5 minutes of resistance exercise

Harley Pasternak fitness and nutrition - fitbit versa review

What I love about Harley’s approach is that it’s simple, straight-forward and effective. After listening to his presentation that morning and reading some of his book, The 5-Factor Diet, that night, I started to take a hard look at my own fitness and ‘health’ routine. As an entrepreneur, sleep is often the last thing on my list, and even though I consider my diet to be fairly healthy (as healthy as it can be with the amount of events I go to) I realised that there are few days when I would actually hit his 5 meal requirement of a protein and fibre packed breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.

Harley Pasternak fitness and nutrition - fitbit versa review

As a rather competitive person, I’ve admittedly become a little obsessed with my Fitbit Versa (I’m 100% serious and no, they have not paid me for this post), and have made it a personal challenge to SLAY my daily step count. Seeing my steps, calories and BPM climb throughout the day right on my watch face has seriously helped make me make better decisions when it comes to my everyday movements, especially when it comes to getting from point A. to B.

Most of all, my favourite feature by far is the automatic sleep tracker. At first I thought I wouldn’t be comfortable sleeping with the Versa on my wrist, but because it’s so light I hardly notice it at all. Since I’ve started putting more of an effort into shutting down and getting into bed early, it’s become a bit of a game with myself to try and receive a daily star in the Fitbit app when I’ve slept for at least 8 hours. It may sound silly, but it works.

By the way ladies, Female Health Tracking is hitting the entire Fitbit platform starting this May!

Harley Pasternak fitness and nutrition - fitbit versa review

As you can tell from these photos, Harley took us through one of his workouts after his presentation, and I made sure to take note of every move (aka take the print-out he left behind) to share the entire thing with all of you. Best of all? You can easily do this workout at home, especially if you’ve got some dumbbells on hand!

Harley Pasternak’s At-Home Workout

Cardio warm-up (5 mins)

Main Set (2 min each)

  1. Alt rev lunge
  2. DB curl press
  3. Skater lunge
  4. Lying DB triceps extensions with hip thrust
  5. Side Lunge
  6. DB curl press
  7. Walk lunge
  8. Lying DB triceps extensions with hip thrust
  9. Squat
  10. DB curl press
  11. Forward and back lunges
  12. Lying DB triceps extensions with hip thrust

Cool down (3-5 mins)

Harley Pasternak fitness and nutrition - fitbit versa review

For more information on the new Fitbit Versa please click HERE.



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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