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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Tips For Entrepreneurs We Picked Up At The Being Boss Podcast Panel

By Blair Stutz

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Recently in Toronto, #TeamE7 was invited to conquer our #GirlBoss goals and listen to a live recording of the Being Boss podcast that’s hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. As ‘Business Besties’, they delve into everything it takes to build a business (from resources, tips, coaching and community) for entrepreneurs and freelancers to do the work and be BOSS.

Centring around the new Diadora Luxe collection available exclusively at Sport Chek, we heard from not only Emily and Kathleen but also local Toronto boss babes including Alexis Honce, lead wardrobe stylist at The Marilyn Denis Show (who discussed how important style is while hustling); fitness pro and Barry’s Bootcamp trainer Karina Vottchal (who chatted about self-care and how to find time for working out and prioritizing ourselves); as well as Toronto DJ KillaKels who talked about how music can pump us up and get us in the right mindset for business.

With so many powerhouse babes on one panel, it’s no surprise that we picked up more than a few great tips for entrepreneurs that we couldn’t wait to share. Keep reading for 7 tiny (but mighty!) tips you can implement into your life today.


Drink Water With Himalayan Salt

water with himalayan salt benefits

When asked about her morning routine, Karina let us in on a little secret: drink room temp water with a few grinds of Himalayan salt. As the first thing to hit your stomach in the AM, it alkalizes body and improves hydration which is exactly what us busy babes need, right?


The Pursuit IS Happiness

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There is no such thing as an overnight success. You don’t wake up one morning with thousands of followers and likes – it’s a journey and one you should enjoy every process of. Of course there are failures and moments of stress but it’s all part of the journey of success and success is all about taking small steps. As Kathleen shared, she likes to regularly remind herself that it’s not about the pursuit of happiness, the pursuit IS happiness.


Be Nice In The Hallway

How people treat other people really is a telltale sign of good character, isn’t it? Alexis shared that Marilyn Denis is one of her biggest inspirations in life and always says “be nice in the hallway.” Being friendly or just smiling to anyone, whether you know them well or not (or you think they’re important or not) sets you apart and people will remember you for it.


Prioritize Yourself

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As folks with full time jobs and busy lives outside of work, we need to remember that no matter how cray our schedules are that self-care comes first and should always be considered a top priority. Karina makes room for herself by waking up an hour earlier to get in some meditation and filling out her 5 Minute Journal (before drinking her Himalayan Salt Water of course!) Karina also shared that she prioritizes her own workouts before any of her clients of commitments. Now that’s BOSS.

WWBS (What Would Beyonce Say)

When the going gets tough (it happens to all of us), how do these boss ladies stay motivated? Kathleen imagines some of her favourite women surrounding her at a dinner party and thinks about what they’d say to help motivate her. For example, if she was complaining about a problem to Beyonce, what would she say? Bey would tell her to get the eff up off the floor and keep trying!


Treat Black Workout Leggings As A Black Trouser

(And Don’t Feel Bad About Wearing Leggings As Pants)

Gigi Hadid black leggings outfit

Not into changing your #ootd multiple times a day? Yeah, neither are we. When you have multiple meetings, events and a workout scheduled into one day, Alexis suggests wearing a black workout legging and styling it as you would a black trouser. Here Emily chimed in that she’d love to see more entrepreneurs feel less guilty about wearing casual clothing (okay, we mean PJs) when they’re mostly working at home all day and we couldn’t agree more!


Work Life And Personal Life Cannot Be Separated

No matter what, one will always influence the other. When work’s got you down there’s no doubt that your personal life will take a hit and vice versa. Kathleen says that we “transition from one to the other multiple times throughout the day” and it’s important to keep a balance and not try to compensate one for the other.


Keep Hustling!



(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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