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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Types Of Earrings To Buy That Won’t Get Caught In Your Mask

By Blair Stutz

Seeing as we’re getting into the second wave of COVID, wearing a mask is an absolute non-negotiable. But I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced the frustration of having to untangle our earrings from the loops of a mask at least at some point. If this is a (daily) struggle for you, don’t go without, just switch up the style of you wear because we all know there are lots of different earrings out there other than huge hoops. 

Here are 7 different types of earrings that won’t get caught up in your mask. 


If you’re sick of your earrings getting caught up in your mask, or even your hair or your sweater, a pair of tiny studs are your best option. Since these earrings don’t hang below the earlobe, these types of earrings won’t get in the way at all. However just because they’re small, that doesn’t mean studs have to be basic. These spiked ones by Lucia Rose are super cute and still pack a punch!


Huggie earrings are all the rage these days because they’re stylish and extremely easy to wear. For anyone who is unfamiliar, huggies are small hoops but also have a dangly charm-like addition. You can find them with all sorts of cute charms, from large spheres to tiny shapes like stars, moons, and even your initials if you choose. These Nova Hoops by Mejuri are a great option and come in both gold vermeil and sterling silver. 

Drop Earrings

Hoops clearly don’t work with masks but drop earrings definitely do. Regardless of if you’re into a large pair or small, you can still make a splash because there are literally endless types of drop earrings to choose from. One pair that should for sure be on your radar are these Pearl Drop Earrings that are new from Club Monaco — they’re on the smaller side so they’re understated but the vintage-inspired flair is captivating.

Ear Cuffs

Don’t have pierced ears or want to add even more to your lobes? Enter a super cool ear cuff. All you have to do is simply secure it above your earlobe and you’re good to go. These days you can find ear cuffs in gold, silver, even black onyx like this one by Saskia Diez. Whether you decide to rock this cuff on its own or pair it with other earrings, you’re going to look FAB!

Ear Climbers

If you’re wondering what an ear climber is, then keep on reading. It’s basically a stud but it almost looks like you’ve got two ear piercings because it “climbs” up the earlobe. Long story short it’s actually pretty cool! These cutie climbers from Swarovski are simple yet so elegant and will add instant polish to any outfit.

Ear Jackets

Ear jackets first came onto the scene a few years back but they’re still hot. Again they’re like a stud but the back of it is where all the action is. You can find ear jackets that are all stud or have a longer back like these ones from Jenny Bird. They’re fun yet won’t get tangled up in anything — win, win!

Mini Hoops

Photo via @violette_fr

Hoop earrings are the worst ones to wear if you’re masking up but if you just can’t go without them, opt for a pair that fully close at the back. These Midi Hoops by Mejuri are not only timeless, but they also won’t get in the way of your mask as well. 


Masking up for a night out? Why not throw on a pair of duster earrings that will look fab with your outfit but also won’t get all wrapped up in the straps of your mask? These babies from Biko are stunning and will hang gorgeously alongside your oh-so-necessary mask. 

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