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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Ways to Beat the Belly Bloat from Holistic Nutritionist Joy McCarthy

By Gracie Carroll

Photo_Joy McCarthy nutritionist

With a new year often comes new resolutions and a drastic new diet change. Maybe it’s going dry for January, trying Keto for the first time, or even going full-on vegan after ending up in a meat-induced food coma over the holidays. For the past two years, I’ve actually decided against going on any type of crazy “detox” to kick off my year (why make a crappy time of year even more depressing?) but that doesn’t mean I don’t make a conscious effort to eat healthily, exercise and be more mindful of how I’m treating my body. Whether you’re on a cleanse or not, you might be wondering how you can reduce your belly bloat after all of your holiday fun, or just in general. For this, I turned to one of my favourite Certified Holistic Nutritionists and online personalities, Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health, for her top tips to help with beating that pesky belly bloat.

Keep reading for Joy’s top 7 tips!


1. Avoid Carbonated Beverages

Avoid carbonated beverages,especially those loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners. You’re basically drinking gas and artificial sweeteners may negatively impact your gut flora by reducing the number of beneficial microbes. 

2. Chew, Chew, Chew.

Chew, chew, chew. Your stomach does not have teeth. When you don’t chew your food until a paste, this makes it harder on your digestive system to break it down, and absorb the nutrients. It also makes it harder for your stomach enzymes to get into every nook and cranny. When you chew quickly, you swallow more air that leads to further bloating. 

3. Spit Out The Gum.

Spit out the gum. You’re swallowing air AND it promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes and HCl in the gut but the problem is you’re not actually eating any food. 


4. Avoid Sugar.

Avoid sugar. It feeds yeast and bad bacteria and promotes the fermentation of food in your gut which leads to bloating.

5. Feed The Good Bacteria.

Feed the good bacteria. Dysbiosis is a super common cause of bloating this is when the bad bacteria outnumbers the good. Eat fermented foods ie. sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, kombucha, tempeh, natto.

6.  Avoid Potential Food Sensitivities.

Avoid potential food sensitivities.The most common ones are dairy, gluten, sugar and soy.

7. Drink Your ACV

My top tip for reducing belly bloat is drinking 1 tbsp of raw and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar in a small glass of water. You can do this either when you’re bloated or as a preventative measure just before eating. I swear by this!



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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