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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Ways To Become A Highly Effective Homebody This Winter

By Kait Fowlie

edit seven homebody january 2019

If January didn’t fully zap you of all your vital energy, you my friend are a strong soul. Between the ridiculously cold weather and the two powerful eclipses that may have set your emotions OFF, the last month has been trying, for a lot of us. Embracing homebody life is truly necessary right now.

I consider myself really good at this. Like, a highly effective homebody. That means, I pride myself in my ability to make the most of my time at home. Sometimes, this looks like, yes – taking self-care seriously and doing yoga or meditating or cooking healthy food. Other times, it looks like getting creative with no distractions and concocting tarot spreads, journaling, writing, or planning monthly / weekly intentions. When I homebody, I do it like I really mean it. Then, I rarely wish I was home when I’m not. V. effective.

Here are my 7 suggestions for doing that homebody life right!

First of all: Make Your Home Feel Enjoyable To Be In

edit seven cozy living room january 2019

(Photo by @mk.boho)

Creating an enjoyable space to hang in is not so much about having an ‘Amazing Apartment,’ as it is about paying attention to the quality of comfort in it. This is about the air quality, the scents, the cozy-feeling furniture, etc. The VIBE.

Consider Hygge, which translates to, acc. to Wikipedia “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” This word pretty much encapsulates the cozy-factor in Nordic cultures (the happiest places on earth), which make a point to savour life’s simple pleasures, like coffee, treats, warmth, friends. Set up your home to help you savour those small, sensory pleasures you love.

Get On The Hobby Train

edit seven cross stitch january 2019

(Photo by @loustiches)

Hobbies are the BEST. I am a lover of journalling and doing tarot spreads for myself, and I consider these hobbies because it’s hard for me to not be present and I feel good when I’m doing them. Hobbies are definitely good for our health, and they make us interesting. Get back into cross stitching, start knitting, write a book. Master something. When you have things you want to do at home, you’re less likely to go out and do things you don’t really want to do (ie – spending too much money at bars. Shout-out to my 20s).

Make Homebody Goals

edit seven book shelf goals january 2019

(Photos from Architectural Digest)

A must-read book list or a must-watch movie list is a fantastic goal for horrible weather. Maybe you make a point to watch everything made by one director you love (I did this with Hitchcock in University, and I didn’t watch everything but I did come close enough to call myself a super fan and I’m proud of this status!) Or maybe you challenge yourself to unplug more and come up with a book goal, or start a book club.

Become A Planner

edit seven planner goals january 2019

(Photo by @beeaadunn)

For me, (a Virgo moon who has audibly SWOONED in the stationary section of Chapters), a good planner is life-giving. Not just because it helps me keep my shit together but because it lets me feel more engaged with the world. When I first moved to Toronto at 18, I took time to go through the events section of NOW magazine and mark down events or places I wanted to go to. I made a point to discover the city and I scheduled it all (this was pre-smartphone, lol).

Now, I still have sit-down sessions with my planner, but they look more like me carving out specific times in my week / month to do things I want to do like take workshops or day trips or do things in accordance with the moon cycles. I believe we create time, in our lives, and planner sessions help me make things happen.

Have People Over

edit seven homebody entertaining champagne cheers

Because those Pinterest-esque dinner parties won’t prepare themselves! Honestly: If there is any month that calls for celebration (for celebration’s sake), it is February. We just made it through a record-breaking cold month, and we’re not out of the winter yet. Warm up your friends SOULS and invite them over for some well-needed repose, and actually make that cassoulet / cake / cocktail you’ve had Pinned / bookmarked / archived forever. We need no reason to do this (this, a highly effective homebody KNOWS), but now is a perfect time to start.

Take Self-Care Seriously

best winter spa treatments in toronto

THIS is something to be fully enjoyed. Make the most of your self-care at home by treating yourself to really luxurious baths or a meditation practice and allow yourself the time to get clear and focused again. CHILL with abandon, because you’re a boss literally everywhere else.

Forgive Your FOMO

take it easy self care homebody edit seven

OWN the time you spend at home. Be there, fully, 100% present with yourself and whoever else you choose to be. If FOMO strikes, interrogate it. Ask yourself if there’s any truth to it (ie – ‘is it really true that I want to be skiing up north right now?’ Or, ‘at so and so’s housewarming party?’ – ‘Is it true that I am, in fact, a total loser?’ No. The answer is no!) Then shift your attention to something that feels better.

Social media exposes us to anything and everything far, far away from us, and little of it is genuinely helpful or good for us.The reality is, we are HERE, wherever we are, because we’ve chosen to be! We can choose differently at any time. Honestly: When FOMO creeps in, take a breath and remember who you are.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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