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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Ways To Easy Eat Right From Morning To Night (With A Little Help)

By Gracie Carroll

After a long, busy workday—whether away or from home—it’s safe to say that preparing food or snacks can be the last thing we want to be doing. Not to mention, eating right is probably at the back of our minds.

Well, thanks to technology and the innovative people behind these businesses below, eating right from morning to night is made easier!

Dispatch Coffee 

dispatch coffee

When it comes to working, especially from home, coffee is an essential part of the routine. How else will you get things done if not for the caffeine buzz? It would also be terrible to run out of coffee in the most crucial moment of work! Dispatch Coffee helps make sure you won’t run into that terrible tragedy, though. With its monthly subscription service, you’ll be sure to have your pantry stocked with two to five bags of coffee per month. You can also select whether you want your coffee beans whole or ground.

The brand offers a variety of coffee flavors, ranging from notes of floral to chocolatey. They purchase from smallholder coffee farmers, and each bag is named after them, their farm, or the region where they produce the coffee.

Blended For You  

Blended For You smoothie

Blended For You is a smoothie subscription and delivery service, offering a healthy balance of nutrients packed in one bag. You can have their individual collections or combo packs delivered right at your doorstep. Alternatively, you can also sign up for their subscription service, wherein you can pick the smoothie blends you want and how often you want them delivered. 

What’s also good about this product is that you get to have a healthy breakfast smoothie bowl without having to think about what ingredients to use! All you have to do is add the smoothie to the blender, include additional fruits you want to mix, and serve it into your bowl! Now that’s one less thing you have to think about during workdays.


photo of Lark bottles 

Lark is a closed loop drink service that delivers eco-alternatives to beverages. The brand’s core is all about sustainability and recycling, with their drinks packaged in refillable glass bottles. They only source water from a tested and government-regulated Ontario spring to lessen their carbon footprint.

If you’re someone who likes consuming drinks—whether it’s iced tea, milk, soda, still or sparkling water—throughout your workdays, you’ll definitely benefit from buying from Lark. You can even sign up for their weekly or monthly subscription, hassle-free!

Wholly Veggie!

photo of a Wholly Veggie meal

Even though we’re working from home doesn’t mean our tasks get any lighter. But, even when you can’t be bothered to cook dinner, you don’t have to resort to eating unhealthy microwavables!

What we love about Wholly Veggie is it offers a sustainable food system, delivering healthy, frozen plant-based meals. They pack each meal with a combination of protein and fiber, and you can either heat it up on the stove, the microwave, or an air fryer. So, even though I’m tired after a long, busy workday, I don’t have to stress about what to eat for dinner. Right now the brand only offers three frozen meals, but they also have veggie patties, pizzas, and snacks available.

GA Pizza Subscription

photo of person packaging a box of pizzas

photo via @ga_pizza

Have you ever imagined having stacks of pizza in your freezer, ready for you to eat whenever the mood strikes? Well, General Assembly Pizza made that possible! All you have to do is select how many pizzas you want delivered per month, and choose the toppings you want. Now, you don’t have to worry about lunch or dinner, especially since you have ready-made pizzas just waiting to be heated up! 

Toronto Market Co. 

photo of pretzels from Toronto Market Co.

Toronto Market Co. is a great online curated artisanal market, perfect for the busy badass woman. The site has everything—from pantry needs to market fresh meats from local vendors. Everything’s sorted according to theme and category, so you don’t have to waste hours on browsing, plus you have the option for your items to be delivered to your door weekly.

Eight Kilos 

bottles of Eight Kilos wine in a box

photo via @eightkilos

Eight Kilos is a wine subscription service, providing you with classic wines from multi-generational farmers. Every month, the brand sends a box containing six bottles of hard-to-find wines, depending on the region they’re featuring or the theme of the month. 

Whether you’re a beginner, a connoisseur, or you just like drinking wine, giving this a try would definitely be worth it, especially after a long, stressful work week. 



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

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