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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

A Guide To How To Live Your Best Beauty Blob Lifestyle

By Yael Friedman

You know you’re A Beauty Blob if…..

Hello, world! My parents named me Yael but I also call myself A Beauty Blob. Which is really just a state I’m in most of the time. If you feel most comfortable in a face mask and robe sitting on a sofa watching reruns of your favourite terrible TV shows (mine are Gilmore Girls, Roswell and Popular, and yes, I’m a 90’s baby) then you too, my friend, may be A Beauty Blob.

Other clues: Do you relate to face mask application videos? Have a tendency to not leave your house because you hate most people? Value honesty, humour, and skepticism? Do you have an obsession with skin care, hair care, and snacks? These are all symptoms of Beauty Blobbiness and should be embraced!

Achieving this level of Blobbihood took time and dedication and, most importantly, the right tools. Keep reading for a list of essential items, to help you get your ultimate Beauty Blob lifestyle on:


A Bathrobe

how to be a beauty blob blog

Comfort is the ultimate calling card of the Beauty Blob life. My customary at-home attire is a shabby-chic bathrobe with big pockets to hold food. Another at-home option is PJ’s, which I even choose to wear when we have guests. So what?


DIY Face Mask Ingredients

how to be a beauty blob blog

My nights do not begin until I put on a face mask. I usually use whatever clay I have and a bunch of random ingredients from my kitchen. My Go-To’s are turmeric and rosewater which are both amazing for your skin and delicious in Middle Eastern cuisine.


Wrinkle Serum illustration

So important for post-face mask skin care. I have used many toners, but prefer Beauty Water from Son & Park after washing off a clay mask. Beauty Water is made of rosewater to hydrate and soften skin–I love it!


Although the skin care industry is booming with innovative products, especially in the moisturizer department, I keep going back to an old-school favourite that’s never let me down: Nivea Soft. It’s amazing and cheap and leaves my skin feeling as soft as a Baby Blob’s butt.

Hair Towel

I got this amazing hair turban from Aquishair (Aquis Hair Review) and now it never leaves my head. Haha, just kidding, but it is amazing for drying my hair right out of the shower.

Pimple Patches

a beauty blob blog

I’m in my late twenties but apparently no one sent the memo to my face so I still tend break out like a teen. Pimple patches are freaking amazing for those big honkin’ zits that pop up from skin hell. I recently got ones from Rael that I really like.

A Cat

how to be a beauty blob blog

Why have friends when you can have a cute fluffy animal by your side? They make great cuddle buddies. Any pet will do–the point is to love something unconditionally who can’t talk back. Yes that is my real cat with a very wet nose.


Subscriptions To Every Streaming Site

how to be a beauty blob

This is a crucial one. You’re going to need many resources for a good marathon Blob Night. So make sure you’re equipped with subscriptions to all the best streaming sites at all times. 


wine illustration - a beauty blob

Need I say more…?


cookie illustration - a beauty blob

Sustenance to keep you watching all the amazing things on the internet. Chocolate chip is a favourite but I will settle for any kind of cookie, to be honest.

As an independent Beauty Blob, you can switch up any of these items to suit your own Blobby preference–above all else, do you! Whether you are a novice Beauty Blobber, or an old hand at Blobbing, check out my Insta and blog, where I interview all kinds of people and then turn them into food illustrations. Your input is always welcome, and if you like, I’ll interview you too….and then turn you into food as well! BlobsUnite!



(Story and Illustrations contributed by Yael Friedman)

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