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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

How Amano Pasta Union Station Is Changing How You Eat On The Go

By Blair Stutz

Amano Pasta Toronto 2018 Union Station Restaurants

In a city like Toronto, it’s very well known that good food can be found pretty much anywhere from hole-in-the-wall roti joints to now even the train station. Yup, that’s right people, Union Station is (shockingly) YYZ’s newest food and shopping destination with the likes of Greenhouse Juice Co., Peace Collective, Detox Market and Amano Pasta taking over their new retail-focused concourse.

Coming to you from Chef Michael Angeloni, the talented Chef behind Union Chicken, the first ever location of Amano is his new baby and it’s exactly the restaurant he’s been longing to open since he was a kid. We absolutely love that in addition to all the pasta being made fresh in house, all ingredients are sourced locally — just as the Italians would do when in Italy. This combination of Italian food combined with local Ontario ingredients reflects Chef Michael’s Italian background and Canadian upbringing. The combination is reflected in the menu with dishes ingredients that range from Nonne-approved homemade pasta to some of the finest maple syrup you can get.

Keep reading for more on some of our favourite dishes to indulge in at Amano Pasta at Union Station:

Amano Pasta Toronto 2018 Union Station Restaurants

(Snapper Crudo)

With apps like Snapper Crudo with pickled mussels (yes, we said pickled!), Arancini with smoked cheese, pancetta, and burnt honey (it’s basically heaven on a plate!) and Meat & Melon with proscuitto, compressed cantaloupe, chili and mint, we had a hard time pacing ourselves before our entrees had a chance to get to the table.

Amano Pasta Toronto 2018 Union Station Restaurants

(Pillows Agnolotti)

Offering mouth-watering classic Italian eats like The Brick Lasagne with smoked provologne and Fat Tubes Rigatoni Bolognese with local Ontario beef, Chef Angeloni is also branching out with dishes that are breaking the mold like Black Trumpets Campanelle with Dungeness crab, pancetta and mustard seed and Pillows Agnolotti with roasted squash filling, amaretti crumbs and fried sage.

Amano Pasta Toronto 2018 Union Station Restaurants

(Black Trumpets Campanelle)

Still can’t decide what to eat? Let Chef cook you and your crew a 3-course feast and leave the decision making to the pros! This feature is perfect for large groups and really allows you to get a feel (and taste) for what Amano Pasta is really all about.

The next time you’re headed to the game or on a trip that takes you through Union Station (or just want to eat REALLY good food), Amano Pasta is where you need to be for fine food in a fast-paced environment.




(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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