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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Baby Safe Facial Tips If You’re Knocked Up and Wanna GLOW UP

By Rachel Bies

safe facials during pregnancy

Knocked up and your skin’s back to looking like you’re a teenager again? Ha ha, SAME. I’ve always had a bit of rosacea and all the dry skin for most of my adult life BUT as soon as baby bean came into my life – BOOM acne like a kid. Although it’s strictly hormonal, it has made me very self-conscious alongside the rollercoaster of other bodily changes that occur during pregnancy.   

SO. Whats a gal to do about it? Even though I have dabbled in skincare and I am a professional wellness expert, I decided to reach out to my most trusted sources when it comes to skincare. They’ve helped steer me in the right direction and here I’m sharing the wealth of knowledge they shared with me when it comes to taking care of your skin during your pregnancy, especially if you’re interested in facials.


My homegirl (and rebel mama) Maria Cristina Bruno is the owner of Ritual in Toronto so I sat down with her in-house Skin Therapist, Patti Kamarinos, to walk me through affordable and much-needed steps for at-home skincare as well as if you’re headed to the spa!

Edit Seven: Okay Patti, tell us everything we need to know to keep feeling great about our skin while our bodies are being taken hostage by hormones! What is  baby safe for facials and what isn’t?

Patti Kamarinos: Keep it simple. Customized treatments like the Ritual Signature Facial are a mama to be’s best bet. Skin therapists are able to tailor every step of the facial to ensure a safe but thorough treatment. 

While microdermabrasion and chemical peels are a NO, mama’s aren’t banished from the exfoliation party. Something like Dermaplaning (the manual exfoliation using a scalpel) is completely safe to do while pregnant. The bonus to this method is that it also removes the vellus hair or peach fuzz as well!

E7: What are the steps in the Ritual Signature Facial?

PK: The components of the our Ritual Signature treatment include:

* A double cleansing 

* Exfoliation

* Extraction prep & steam

* Extractions (bye Felicia!)

* Post Extraction Balancing

* Treatment Masque

* Customized Touch Therapy

* Treat & Protect (the layering of serums, moisturizer and sun protection)


E7: How often should we all be getting facials?

PK: At the very least, every season change; but I have many clients that do a treatment once a month to treat and maintain their skin. Ritual offers a loyalty incentive where guests can save $20 on their facial if they book within four weeks. 

Remember, you don’t only have to come in for a treatment when your skin is in disaster mode. Think of regular treatments as a maintenance for your skin. Your car needs regular oil changes, and your skin needs a little care as well. Your pores will be tighter from proper extractions and you avoid temptation to pick which causes damage and scarring. But honestly, all healthy, science-y, anti-aging aside, they’re relaxing! OK, maybe not the extractions part but there’s a lot of massaging of all the wonderful things and mama’s (and non mamas) need that!

E7: What are some of your skincare tips for a mama-to-be or new mama?

PK: From a skin therapist angle, be patient with your skin. Hormones during pregnancy can make your skin glow like a Kardashian’s highlight or freak out like Britney Spears circa 2007. 

If you’re dealing with the former, get it girl! You lucked out! If it’s the unfortunate ladder, hang in there! You can’t be tempted to run for the salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide treatments lurking in your bathroom. Now that you are preggo, you have to approach nasty breakouts a bit gentler. Niacinamide is a safe option as it’s an anti inflammatory and controls oil production. 

If breakouts aren’t your issue but overly sensitive or dry/inflamed skin are your cards dealt, DIY-ing an at home masque is a lovely way to balance everything. Try mixing oatmeal, Manuka honey and Greek yogurt; you can wear it AND eat it!

Most importantly, remember to avoid any Retinoids, chemical peels, Hydroquinone and BHA’s until after you have stopped breast feeding. 

Moral of the story is: just because you’re growing your little bean inside of you doesn’t mean you need to neglect yourself. PLUS a little TLC before life changes indefinitely is a great #selflove call. You feel me girls?



(Story by Contributing Editor, Rachel Bies)

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