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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

A Beginner’s Guide To Crystals: What To Buy and How To Keep Them Powerful AF

By Kait Fowlie

beginner's guide to crystals

If you’ve ever gone into a crystal shop and asked for something specific, you might have been instructed to simply go toward the one you’re most drawn to and buy it (this is what happened to me at least, the first time I went to a proper crystal shop). And, yeah, this guidance is wildly unhelpful, but the thing is: when it comes to metaphysical tools (like crystals or tarot decks), we will ideally allow ours to ‘choose us.’ Letting ourselves be drawn to the unique vibration of a certain crystal is, in this industry, the right way.

So, this is just to say: you have total permission to trust yourself when it comes to using and buying crystals! You can certainly research all you want about these mystical mineral tools–and GODDESS knows there’s so much to know–but at the end of the day, it’s your own connection to it that’s most important. To give you some context for your foray into the crystal world, here’s a crash course in buying crystals, using crystals, and keeping them powerful AF.

What Crystals Are and How They Work:

what you need to know about crystals

Crystals are a tool in our self-care or healing toolkit. That is, they’re not (unfortunately), ‘magic.’ As tools, we activate them, and their support can only go as far as we allow it to, or believe it can. On one hand, they’re just rocks. On the other hand, they’re tiny parts of the mineral kingdom carrying the same pure vibration as Mama Earth.

According to the experts at Crystal Muse (my all-time favourite source for all things crystals), ‘crystals work by harnessing the life giving elements of the Earth and the universe – the energy of the Sun, the Moon, and the oceans, semi-precious stones connect us to Earth as soon as we come into contact with them.’ Crystal energy can help support our spiritual journey by holding our intention and reminding us of our connection to the abundant earth.

In this subtle, natural way, crystals are magic AF. We just have to be have to be willing to see them that way if we want to really benefit from them. Because they can help us. Here are some ways how:

Setting and maintaining a certain intention. For example, if you want to cut ties with an ex, focus more on your health, or simply love yourself more – there’s a crystal for that. Clear Quartz is one multi-purpose gem that can help amplify any intention.

clear quartz meaning - edit seven

Absorbing or removing certain types of energy from our environment (ie: set a piece of Shungite near your laptop to soak up electromagnetic frequencies, or use Obsidian or Fluorite to absorb negative vibes from your own energy field if you’re stressed or down).

Protecting our own energy field when we go out (shout-out to the rush hour commuters) or have someone come into our space who brings a heavy vibes. Goldstone and Labradorite are protective stones.

Promoting certain states of being (like happiness, creativity, calm – think: Rose Quartz or Citrine).

citrine crystal - edit seven

Healing a certain a part of our energy body (like, a broken heart, a feeling of insecurity, a creative block – use Agate or Sunstone).

Like all self-care tools, our intention for the outcome will determine how we apply the crystal. This is where you can get creative and really own your crystal.


How To Use Them, When, and Where

how to use crystals - edit seven

First off, I’m tempted to say that there’s no wrong way to use a crystal, and yeah I mean no one is going to die (I don’t think...) if you like, leave one on your window sill or it falls under your bed and leave it to collect dust. However, I do think that if we want to program our sacred items with our highest intentions then we do need to treat them like they’re sacred.

So, rule #1 for how to use crystals, above all else: respect them as small pieces of the mineral kingdom, and also respect the intention for which we bought them! Beyond that, when it comes to incorporating crystals into your day to day life, there are so many ways you can do it. Some include:

crystal on chain necklace - edit seven

Wear one on a chain or bracelet. Or if you’re like me circa 2015 when I started working in an office full time and could barely keep my shit together, in your bra. Wearing crystals is ideal if you want to protect your energy field or keep an intention close to your heart, or your hand, for example.

Ingest and absorb their energy with DIY crystal water. To make crystal-infused water, put some crystals of your choice into filtered water in a bowl or mason jar and leave it out in the sun until sunset. Use it to wash your face or bathe with if you want to up your beauty routine around a new or full moon (rose quartz would be great for this!), to straight up drink, or clean your apartment with to start a new season.

bathing with crystal water - edit seven

Place one on your body while meditating. Holding a crystal in your hands or placing one on your heart or part of your bod that needs some love, can help focus our attention in meditation. Try feeling the weight of the crystal on your body and breathing into it for example.

Sleep with one under your pillow. To help ward off bad dreams, insomnia, or just lull you into a state of calm state before bed, sleeping with a crystal under your pillow can help keep your energy in the right place (Celestine or flourite would be ideal for this).

Keep one where you work. To neutralize those EMF vibes from your electronics and help keep your mind clear and focused, set a shungite or crystal near your laptop. If you deal with bad vibes in the office generally, keep an Apophyllite crystal around – this high vibe gem washes away unwanted energy.


Crystal Maintenance 101

how to care for crystals - edit seven

Crystals need some maintenance, as their energy can get dull over time. How often should you cleanse them? When you pick it up and it feels lifeless in your hand. Cleanse up your crystals in the following ways:

Return it to nature. Bury it in some soil outside, or even a potted plant, for around 24 hours. If you have a clean stream nearby, you can submerge the crystal in the running water.

Set it out in the sun or moon light. Another way to ‘return your gem to nature’ is to leave it out in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours.

Sage or palo santo smoke it. These two cleansing techniques are great for clearing your own energy field, your place, and your crystals. Just allow the smoke to surround the crystal in a small cloud.

If you can’t handle the idea of cleaning one more thing in your life, that is a-OK – just start with a quartz or selenite crystal, which are both so high-vibe they don’t ever lose their charge. In fact: they can help clean other crystals! Place one of these near other crystals to help revitalize the others.


5 Crystals For Beginners

crystals guide - edit seven

Clear Quartz: This crystal helps amplify any intention we might hold. So, sitting with it in meditation and envisioning ourselves thriving and happy, for example, can help us manifest in the right direction.

Amethyst: This purple beauty strengthens our intuition. While it’ll look fab sitting anywhere in your apartment, placing it in a specific room will help support the purpose of that room. So, in your home office, it’ll boost your business savvy, in your bathroom, it’ll maximize bath-time relaxation, etc.

Citrine: For all the honeys making money, this yellow gem promotes optimism and creativity especially in biz. Keep this one on your home office windowsill.

Tigers Eye: For getting grounded and thinking clearly and logically, keep a Tigers Eye nugget on a chain around your neck (ala Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic, remember?!)

Jade: As an all-purpose good luck stone, Jade supports growth and prosperity in all aspects of our life –money, love, family and career. Get you a jade roller and think about glowing up physically and spiritually as you roll those cheeks.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)


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