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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Boston Food Guide: How To Eat Your Way Through Boston In 12 Hours

By Gracie Carroll

best places to eat in boston - best lobster rolls boston

While some may travel to discover historical sights, tourist attractions and the unique adventures that a city or place has to offer, my idea of a great trip only ever consists of one thing: eating great food. I always get nervous when I travel with a friend for the first time; I wonder if they’ll want to do things like activities outside of dedicating days to eating and drinking delicious things. Thankfully when my friend Catherine Sugrue of Do The Daniel and I went on a trip together for the first time, she was totally game to spend every waking hour eating everything we possibly could as a way to discover Boston for the first time.

Since neither of us had ever been to the city, I immediately got in touch with my fellow food-loving cousin (who had gone to university in “Beantown”) for her recommendations for where to eat. Obviously as two Toronto gals who don’t get to enjoy access to fresh-caught seafood everyday, our main concern was: WHERE DO WE GET THE BEST LOBSTER ROLLS!?

Thankfully, my cousin came through with a great list of recommendations and we tried to cram in trying (nearly) every place she told us about even though we only had 12 hours to spend in the city before we hopped on a plane to Maine.

Watch the video below and keep reading for our Boston Food Guide AKA How to Eat Your Way Through Boston in 12 Hours.

Since we were too busy eating to talk about each place we went to in the video, here’s a little more information on each spot featured below!

Flour Bakery

flour bakery boston

Flour Bakery was one of the first places my cousin recommended to us, and thankfully they have multiple locations so there was no way we could miss out. I’m not into chains or franchises so sometimes I can be wary of businesses with multiple locations, but as soon as you step into Flour Bakery, it’s obvious why they’ve got so many spots around town: it’s damn good, and damn popular too. We were told that the breakfast sandwich was not to be missed and we definitely risked nearly missing our flight just so we could squeeze one in (once again) the morning we were taking off.

Luke’s Lobster

luke's lobster boston

The two of us were on a MISSION to find the best lobster rolls in the city (and eat as many as we could while there), and while waiting for my cousin to respond to our inquiry regarding where to go for the best lobster rolls in town, we obviously turned to our trusty Google machine. Luke’s Lobster was one of the first spots to come up as a high-rated spot that was close to our location, so we decided to check it out. Yes it was delicious, but it was also a bit pricey. Would we go back? Probably.

Yankee Lobster


Once my cousin did finally respond to us (she’s a doctor, she’s busy, we forgave her for the delay), she told us to head straight to Yankee Lobster for the best lobster roll, and a seriously “New England experience”. She wasn’t joking, this place felt like being in a seafood mafia joint, and we loved it! The food was (obviously) good too.

Myers + Chang

Myers + Chang Boston - Best places to eat boston

Not only was Myers + Chang recommended to us by my cousin, but it came up on almost every must-eat food list we could find for Boston. Even though we’d probably had about 3 lunches and 4 snack breaks in the span of 6 hours, we made it our mission to get to Myers + Chang for a late night dinner. This turned out to be one of the best decisions of our trip, because this asian-fusion restaurant is INCREDIBLE.

Pizzeria Regina

pizzeria regina boston

I honestly can’t remember if Pizzeria Regina was a recommendation from my cousin or the internet, but either way, it soon became clear to us that we needed to visit this Beantown staple before we said goodbye. In fact, we were so dedicated to eating this pizza before we left that we got up extra early to eat a breakfast sandwich at Flour (for the second morning in a row) before booking it to the North End to shove some of this delicious and oh-so-worth-it pizza into our mouths before we (actually) almost missed our flight to Maine.

If you’re heading to Boston sometime soon, we definitely recommend trying any and all of these places!



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)


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