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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Can You Feel that Spring Fever? Love Horoscope for March 2020

By Kait Fowlie


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This month, we wrap up deep, emotional Pisces season and the month-long Mercury retrograde that cast a fog over it. Ready for new beginnings and more energy? It’s coming. When the sun moves into fiery Aries on the 19th (also the first day of spring), we get a boost of passion along with the longer, brighter days. So, if you’re single and ready to mingle this month could prompt your spring debut–even if your dating adventures take place virtually, while you’re in self-isolation. And if you’re partnered, the coming weeks might help you breathe some new life into your relationship, especially while you spend a lot of time indoors together.


 Here’s what your sign can expect in the love department this month:


When the sun moves into your sign on the 19th, the spotlight is on you, Aries. You are magnetic this month. Make your birthday season a celebration of your damn self, and all the ways you grew over winter. The Aries new moon on March 24 is a powerful day to welcome in the new. What is it your heart really wants, in love, now? Set intentions for your most ideal conditions to be manifested in 6 months time, when the corresponding full moon in Aries comes on October 1st, 2020. Envision yourself as the partner you were born to be, and ask the universe to guide you into becoming them.


Time to come out of winter hibernation for good, Taurus. From March 4th to April 3, your ruling planet Venus, the planet of love and beauty is in your sign. This is the perfect opportunity to make it your mission to awaken your senses. If you’re single or partnered, make March about exploring the arts, new exciting places or cultural events, or just buy yourself something nice, OK? As Venus is inspiring your dreams and ideals, passionate Mars is in Capricorn, adding some heat to your ninth house of travel until the end of the month. Travel could get spicy. Plan out your summer vacay while you’re inspired to do it.


Your powers of perception are restored at last this month, Gemini. Your ruler, Mercury was retrograde for the last 3+ weeks, dispersing your energy and attention every which way. If things have felt heavy, you get to extract the gifts from that time now. As you reflect on the winter, clear out the old – remnants of your ex, anything that reminds you of a version of yourself you’re not anymore. Make the first day of spring / Aries season on the 19th your launch into social mode again. If you’re single, ready your thumbs for swiping. If you’re partnered, maybe it’s time to introduce your boo to your squad?


Mid-March, when the sun shifts from emotional Pisces into focused Aries, you may feel a kick of motivation to shake off any winter broodiness. Passionate Mars is in Capricorn and your seventh house of partnerships until March 30 – this is a great time to inject some heat into your long-term love with a new variation on date night. If you’re single, channel this energy into putting yourself out there in whatever way you might feel curious about now. The energy you put in now could really maximize your ROI.


With the sun and Mercury in Pisces and your intense eighth house until March 19, you may have been feeling a little more introspective than usual this month. What themes around intimacy or authenticity in love have been on your mind or showing up around you over the past weeks? You’re evolving from the inside out, Leo. Now that Mercury is direct, you can let your mind catch up with the changes that have been going on inside you. Don’t leave loved ones in the dark. Speak your truth! When the sun moves into fellow fire-sign Aries, and your ninth house of travel, it’s time to plot your spring adventures. Where’s your heart calling you?


This could be a busy month for developments in love, Virgo. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn and Pluto are all clustering in your fifth house of romance, meaning – a whole lot of action in this department of your life. You might feel restless, anxious, both excited and worried about the future, dreamy and judgemental of your dreams – or a mix of all the above. Whatever you’re feeling about love this month, it won’t be stagnant. Don’t get overwhelmed with any changes or developments here. Instead, channel this energy into what you can totally control – like spring cleaning, which can be super generative for you. Maybe you revamp your style or redecorate your space to make things feel more authentic for the new Virgo you’re blossoming into at this time.


Relationships are in the spotlight this month for you Libra. When the sun moves into Aries and your seventh house of partnerships on March 19th, that’s your cue to consider your ties to the people close to you. Helpful people are a key part of your life, Libra. So ask yourself: Could you be asking for support in ways you haven’t allowed yourself to, yet? (If you’re not entirely satisfied with how things are going, maybe talking to your BFFs who know you better than you know yourself could help?) Make the Aries new moon on the 24th about setting intentions in the romance department – do it from your heart, not your head! Your ruling planet, sensual Venus is moving through your intimate 8th house until April 3rd – this is not a time to entertain superficiality. You’re in the mood to go deep and get real with partners and prospects.


Over the past few weeks, Mercury has been retrograde in your 5th house of self-expression and creativity, which may explain why you’ve been a magnet for blasts from the past. Did any former flames make an impressive comeback? Or, did you nail any coffins shut for good? Trust what feels right right now, Scorpio. After moving through this past few weeks you have a perspective you haven’t had before. With Venus moving through Taurus and your partnership house until April 3, your sights are on making things in love real. You might find yourself dreaming of the perfect relationship. Dream away, and don’t judge yourself. Your heart’s dreams are a map. Take action accordingly. 


Come March 19 when the sun moves into fellow fire sign Aries, and your dynamic 5th house, it’ll whisk you right on into ‘single and ready to mingle’ mode – or, help you bring some playful energy into your partnership. Celebrate the first day of spring by shaking off the cobwebs of winter and doing something that activates your gifts of creativity and self-expression. You’re magnetic this month. Beauty-loving Venus is moving through your health-focused 6th house, so focus on falling in love with taking care of yourself this month, and watch how that changes your existing relationships.


On the 21st, your ruling planet Saturn leaves your sign, where it’s been since December 2017. You may feel like a weight has been lifted, or the lessons you’ve been busy learning about your identity may become clear. You get to feel a little freer now, so mark the season by doing what feels good. You’re allowed, Capricorn. Now, Saturn will be Aquarius and your second house of values and self-worth, where it’ll be for a few years, offering you lessons around what you value in life. Knowing this is key for making love relationships work, Capricorn. What security do you need in a relationship? What freedom? How can you set yourself up for success in love? Learn by doing, and start by doing what feels good.


March invites you to get serious about your relationship to commitment, Aquarius. Timelord Saturn moves into your sign on March 21st, starting a new 30-year cycle in your life. Ultimately, Saturn wants to help us get real about who we are, what we want and need, and set ourselves up for sustainable success. This month is a powerful one to start seeing how to start stabilizing areas of your life that feel like they need it. The key here is to be authentic – if you’re not being totally honest with yourself about what you want, Saturn will test whatever you build for its integrity. So be honest with yourself and others. It’s time to think long-term.


This month, the world welcomes you back from what may have felt like a major fog. With Mercury retrograde in your sign since February 16th (it turned direct on March 9th), you may feel like glimmers of clarity are returning. The key insights that came to you over the course of February, and prepare to put them into action this month. When Saturn moves into your 12th house of healing and closure on the 21st, where it’ll stay until March 7, 2023 it’s time to commit to walking your talk around what you no longer want, what you’ll no longer accept, who you no longer are. What might that look like for you in the love department, Pisces?



(Story by Contributing Editor, Kait Fowlie)

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