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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Canada Is Facing A Potential Local Mushroom Shortage. Here’s Why:

By Gracie Carroll


Remember back in 2016 when cauliflower was the trendiest food you could consume (think the revelation of the cauliflower crust, cauliflower rice and the insta-worthy baked whole cauliflower) and how it spurred not only a shortage in Canada but for retail prices to sky rocket?

You can breathe easy knowing that we’re not on track for this to happen again, but Canada is facing a potential local shortage of mushrooms and it’s all thanks to Wendy’s.

But how, you might be wondering, could one business be the root of a problem like a mushroom shortage across the country?

I’ve got four words for you my friends: Bacon. Portabella. Mushroom. Melt.


Even as a dedicated fan of the Wendy’s JBC and Spicy Chicken Sandwich (they’re my go-to guilty pleasure indulgences) I will admit that discovering that Wendy’s Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt was back in action for a limited time only had me drop everything and run over to my nearest location.

This was actually my first time getting to try the infamous Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt and it DID NOT disappoint. I mean, with rich portabella mushrooms, melty cheese sauce and Applewood smoked bacon over fresh, never frozen Canadian beef, how could it? I can honestly say that I now understand why this burger has (finally) made its comeback due to serious popular demand.

The only sad news here is that the Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt is currently set to disappear once again on November 15th, unless we do something about it.


Right now, we the people hold the power in our hands to keep one of the Country’s most in-demand burgers around for longer by simply tweeting about getting your #MeltOn at @WendysCanada. Wendy’s will be listening, and extending how long the Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt sticks around based on how many Canadians share their love for getting their #MeltOn online.

So if you haven’t tried one yet, I’m telling you now: GO TRY IT. If you’ve had it before and have been counting down its return, well, what the heck are your waiting for? Find you nearest Wendy’s location give the Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt a whirl (trust me you won’t regret it) and if you soon can’t imagine life without this ooey gooey slice of heaven in a warm toasted bun (I know I can’t) then open up your Twitter account and get tweeting about your #MeltOn love!


Keep an eye on #MeltOn‘s momentum by checking out some of the current tweets HERE.




(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll)

*Please note that this post has been brought to you in partnership with Wendy’s Canada, all thoughts and opinions are our own*

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