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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Weekend Musts: Christmas Edition – 90s holiday playlist, Holiday Cocktails + More

By Blair Stutz

Clueless Christmas Pic

With so many things to do on Christmas with your families, it can be hard to narrow it down so we’ve done the hard work for you. Throw it back to the ’90s and jam to your fave Christmas tunes from 90s royalty like N’SYNC and Hanson and get your drink on with 3 holiday cocktail recipes. No matter what you choose to do, it’ll be a very Merry Christmas!

What To Watch

Weekend Musts Christmas Toronto 2017

Just Friends (2005)

Christmas and Ryan Reynolds pre Blake Lively?! We’re so in. This holiday rom com is full of laughs and relatable family drama – of which we are no stranger to!

Weekend Musts Christmas Toronto 2017

The Holiday (2006)

The ultimate feel good holiday flick, The Holiday incorporates so many of our faves in one film — Jude Law, anything British and of course Christmas. This movie proves that branching out and trying new things really does pay off and you might just meet that special someone when you least expect it!

Weekend Musts Christmas Toronto 2017

Love Actually (2003)

Another Christmas classic, this film tells the stories of nine intertwined individuals and examines the complexities of the one emotion that connects us all: love! Quintessentially British with Hugh Grant (wait ’till you see his dance moves!) and Keira Knightly, this is a holiday film you’ll find yourself watching year round!

Weekend Musts Christmas Toronto 2017

Elf (2003)

A Christmas movie that’s perf for the whole family, Elf is not only laugh-0ut-loud funny, but is super cute and is bound to bring out the kid in all of us! Buddy the Elf teaches us to have fun in anyway you can and to always be spreading love and positivity everywhere you go!

Weekend Musts Christmas Toronto 2017

White Christmas (1954)

The ultimate Christmas classic, White Christmas tells a beautiful story of friendship and loyalty as two WWII buddies turned entertainers team up to help their old General and his inn stay out of financial trouble. With gorgeous costumes and witty banter, this iconic film will def be your Christmas go-to!

What To Listen To

One of the many things #TeamGC has in common is our love for all things ’90s and that includes ’90s pop, of course! We’re sharing our 90s Pop Christmas Playlist because Christmas obvi isn’t complete with some pop jams, right?

What To Drink

Weekend Musts Christmas Toronto 2017

In the event that you may need some emergency cocktails this holiday season, we’re sharing 3 Holiday Cocktail recipes that are all made with Canadian liquor! Click HERE for the recipes.

What To Make

Weekend Musts Christmas Toronto 2017

Looking for a show stopping Christmas dessert that Santa’s bound to love? Enter our Cardamom Milk Tart that’s made with Santa’s fave — milk! Click HERE for the recipe.


We’ll be back on Tuesday, December 27!



(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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