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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

Do You Need a Vajacial? A Brutally Honest Review of WTF It Really Is

By Sarah Dziedzic

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Image via Jules Monson 

I’ve masked, scrubbed, lathered, steamed and moisturized my face to the nth degree but down there has been a wax-and-go mentality for much of my adult life. Then, upon trying a new wax spot, the word V-FACIAL jumped off of Fuzz Wax Bar’s services signboard and hit me harder than a change to the McDonald’s value picks menu. Like, what in the what is a vajacial? Why haven’t I heard of this before? What has my vagina been missing? Do I need one? Does Gwyneth get them? (she doesn’t and it’s caused a schism in the church of Goop). It likely goes without saying that I was intrigued.

Though I like to think that I’m bit of a beauty guru who is down to try anything in the pursuit of flawless skin, I felt I needed to do a little research before experimenting with such a sensitive area. Plus, tender from a fresh wax, I was mentally unprepared to consider any more prodding anytime soon, if ever again. Eventually, some time passed, my hair grew back and the pain was a distant enough memory to make me want to do it all over again. In hindsight, I think waxing is a lot like my relationship to Kanye: Though I generally enjoy the final product, getting there can be a painful, complicated and questionable experience. Lucky for me the V-Facial is an in-between-wax treatment not a hair-removal service, so this was hopefully going to be pampering, not painful.



Put simply, the V-Facial (formerly known as the vajacial at Fuzz Wax Bar) is exactly what you think it is—a facial for your vagina. Anatomically speaking, it’s actually performed on the vulva but the word vagina simply carries more cachet when it comes to neologisms (see: vajayjay, vajazzling, vajeuvenation etc). Though some spas offer similar services, Fuzz Wax Bar really perfected the V-Facial, and, in Canada at least, they are the premier place to try one. Having an obsessive focus on waxing and nothing else, if anyone knows how to handle down-there-care it’s Fuzz. “At Fuzz we pride ourselves on doing one thing, which is waxing, so the V-Facial was very unique since we never wanted to offer any other spa treatments. But given that a lot of our aestheticians noticed our clients had acne, irritation and ingrown hairs we knew we needed to develop something that would complement their experience and help them to maintain and upkeep the area,” explains Fuzz Wax Bar cofounder Jessie Frampton.

The V-Facial starts out like any other facial—except instead of whispering to your facialist over a babbling brook soundscape in a dark room you’re gabbing about your vagina while laying lotus position on a massage table under bright lights. One of the hallmarks of any of Fuzz’s services is being totally unabashed when it comes to hair removal. Definitely more Samantha Jones than Charlotte York. Their patented six-step process is tailored to treat bumps and ingrown hairs, prevent new ones as well as brighten and smooth the skin in 20 minutes. Here’s how it went.


First the aesthetician (Fuzzologist to them) cleanses the skin with an antibacterial towelette before applying an all-natural sugar and salt body scrub to exfoliate the area. “There’s two different types of grains so you’re getting a deep exfoliation and a lighter one at the same time, plus the high glycerin content leaves your skin supremely moisturized,” says Jessie. After a vigorous scrub, a hot towel is applied and the residue removed. If you have any ingrown hairs, now is when the Fuzzologist can extract them. Next up, a high-frequency wand that emits neon or argon gas passes over the entire area multiple times to treat the deep-rooted in-grown hairs and sanitize the skin. Though the humming glass electrode looks like something straight out of Elon Musk’s glove-box, it’s totally safe and the same device used in electrotherapy facials to generate oxygen, kill bacteria and calm irritation. I couldn’t help but chuckle here, partly because it tingled, and, call me immature, but, there’s objective humour in having a buzzing rod-like object so close to your, well, you get it. A clay mask is the final treatment to calm and soothe the skin before another hot towel is applied and finished with moisturizing lotion and soothing spray. Whew. 20 minutes is up already. Immediately afterwards I was super smooth albeit a little sore, and over the next couple days I felt fresh AF. Maybe vaginal confidence is their inadvertent seventh step.


You’re likely thinking “Great, another beauty expectation to uphold,” your skepticism and audible groans are heard and acknowledged. We know that the vagina is a bad-ass B who can take care of herself (aka self-cleaning and best not to be disturbed with potentially irritating products), but considering the attention we give to the rest of our body it seems a little cruel to leave her to her own devices all the time. If you’re prone to ingrown hairs, acne or other irritation a V-Facial could really reduce those skin concerns between waxes. “For problematic skin I would suggest the service once a month, but it you have nothing going on and just want to pamper yourself feel free to do so seasonally or just as you would any other type of facial,” advises Jessie. At the very least the V-Facial is a reminder that your V deserves a little TLC, too. “If you’re not doing anything in-between waxes and just want to make one small change to your routine then I’d suggest a gentle exfoliation with a moisturizer,” she says. But if there’s one thing to remember it’s this: Do not use just any old scrub or body lotion. When it comes to at-home V care, it’s super important to ensure the products you are using are natural and non-irritating. So no, you don’t need a V-Facial. But I also don’t need to buy another eye cream/lip balm/fourteenth pair of jeans/new shoes. I just genuinely enjoyed the treatment and noticed a measurable enough difference to consider getting one a couple of times a year.


What I like about the V-Facial is that it’s very much made by women for women. Though it has some noticeable aesthetic effects it’s really meant to treat and heal the area rather than enhance it for the sake of some beauty standard. It’s also a great way to not only bring vaginal care into the limelight but also normalize conversations about hair removal. “Waxing and hair removal has this taboo notion around it but it’s important to be open and honest about it as well as the upkeep and maintenance in between. We’re not going to whisper, we’re going to talk about your Brazillian, we’re going to talk about things that people generally don’t talk about and that’s a good thing,” adds Jessie. A year ago I would’ve snuck off to my wax appointment and been suspiciously flustered if anyone were to ask where I’ve been. Today, my name, bikini wax and vajacial share the same metadata and I’m all for it.



(Story by Contributing Editor, Sarah Dziedzic)

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