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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

A Cool Canadian Look In The World’s Best Tuque by Frontier Design

By Gracie Carroll


Considering Canadians wear tuques almost all year round, it’s hard to believe it has taken this long for the world’s best toque to be created. Enter Frontier Design Studio from Toronto – a creative exploration company made up of a design studio and magazine – that has just launched their first product, the Frontier Tuque, to bring us Canucks the perfect winter hat.

So what makes their new hat the perfect winter hat? After all, the simple black knit tuque I’m wearing in these photos looks pretty standard, doesn’t it? According to Frontier, their tuque boasts super functionality while remaining stylish and sustainable. Always interested in learning more about innovative companies and design from Toronto, I asked to test drive (aka wear) the Frontier Tuque for a day to discover firsthand what it’s all about.


The first thing I noticed about this hat is it’s superior quality. In person, it was immediately obvious why the ‘Frontier Tuque’ was different from the rest; its two-part construction features an exterior layer of Merino wool (known for warmth, softness, durability, and fine appearance) while the interior layer is made of a Qiviut blend wool that is a premium, natural wool, brushed from Canadian muskox.

Over the years, I have adjusted my shopping mentality to focus more on quality over quantity, which is why I love that the Frontier Tuque project is a rejection of disposable fashion, and the creation of a quality product that can potentially last the rest of your life.

“We considered every single element of the perfect tuque as a design challenge and opportunity – the exact right wool, shape, thickness that keep your head warm but not too hot. This hat is the physical manifestation of our philosophy of product design and manufacturing” says Paul Kawai, the Director of Frontier Design.


‘The World’s Best Tuque’ retails for $195 and will be available for purchase in limited number at a pop-up shop and gallery opening on Friday November 4th in Toronto as well as through the Frontier Website. To visit the Frontier pop-up, be sure to drop by 12 Ossington Avenue in Toronto from November 4-6 from 11am to 7pm on Friday and Saturday, and 11am to 5pm on Sunday.

What I Wore: Tuque by Frontier Design, sunglasses by Prada, jacket by Joe Fresh, vintage cashmere sweater, tank top by Adidas, bag by Chanel, leggings by Lululemon, shoes by Adidas




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