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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

You’re Doing It Wrong: Makeup Tips From Rose Marie Swift of RMS Beauty

By Alexandra Donaldson

rose marie swift rms beauty makeup tips

Makeup artist Rose Marie Swift of RMS Beauty has a bit of a reputation for saying it like it is and being unapologetically frank when it comes to the beauty industry, makeup and her own journey. It’s awesome. She also happens to be an accomplished makeup artist who has worked with everybody from Victoria’s Secret supermodels (that’s where her hero product Living Luminizer became popular) to Zoe Saldana to Sophia Coppola. So it’s no surprise than when she came to Toronto recently to chat with both The Detox Market and Hudson’s Bay (her products are sold at both locations) we made sure to attend, and we listened carefully. Unsurprisingly, she had some great makeup tips. Here’s what we learned.

You’re Applying Your Blush Wrong

“With blush, don’t go past the nostrils,” says Swift. The reason why is that placing blush lower will pull your face down and emphasize if you have any puffiness or wrinkles around the eyes. Placing your blush higher gives you the illusion of lift. When you apply it too low, you get what Swift calls “that puppy dog look.”

You’re Also Applying Your Contour Wrong

You don’t want your contour to be a line that connects your lips to your ear. “Contour should be right between the corner of the nose and the corner of the lips—right in the middle,” says Swift. And it should be subtle.

And You’re Definitely Applying Your Highlighter Wrong

rose marie swift rms beauty makeup tips

“If you do the “c” shape around your eye in real life it’s going to look like you’re all oily and sweaty,” says Swift. And you’re probably applying it too close to your eye as well. Leave a finger’s worth of space between your eye and where you apply your highlight.

Wet Looking Eyes = Sex

“When a woman has wet-looking eyes, that equates to sexuality, you know that, right? So if you want to do makeup that will enhance the wetness of your eye to catch the light, do a dot in the centre of the lid [with a light-reflecting shade like her eye polish shade Embrace] and you’ll make you eyes twinkle ten times more.”

Don’t Do The “Half-Moon Shit” With Your Eyeshadow

Only applying eyeshadow on your lid in a half moon shape makes it looks too bulbous according to Swift. “You want eyeshadow to shape the eye, so take the shadow right up—not to the brow—but to the brow bone, for a nicer look.” When you bring it up and blend it out, you get a little contouring for the eye.

Happy Glamming!



(Story by Contributing Editor, Alexandra Donaldson)

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