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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

7 Durable Underwear Brands To Make You Feel Sexy And Comfortable

By Carmela Valencia

woman wearing Cosabella bralette

via @shopcosabella

The saying, “Beauty is pain,” is, in my opinion, the worst sexist lie that men have uttered. Why must I sacrifice comfort to look sexy, confident, and beautiful? I’m sure most — if not all — women have experienced having to sacrifice comfort, whether it’s to wearing skinny bottoms to make your legs and butt look tight, or wearing 5-inch stiletto heels to look taller. Contrary to popular saying, beauty doesn’t equal pain. This doesn’t ring true with underwear or lingerie either.

I’m sure all women would agree that, at least twice, they’ve had to endure underwear wedgies, underwear chafing, or underwear pinching. Add that to the fact that we have to buy new ones at least every six months because they somehow always get holes or the seams rip apart because, apparently, sexy underwear means flimsy material.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this costly and unsustainable cycle. Thankfully, I’ve found durable underwear brands that don’t sacrifice comfort to give you a sexy, confident feeling.

La Senza

la senza underwear on colorful background

La Senza is the first lingerie store I’ve been to when I decided that I can’t take my current underwear collection chafing my skin and making my bikini line look dark anymore (I always wear shorts when I go swimming because I was too ashamed of it). Once I’ve purchased and worn my first three pairs, I was hooked. Goodbye, skin chafing and pinching. Hello, comfort! 

I personally like their ultrasoft modal and cotton bikinis and cheekies. They’re soft and light on the skin, and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything at all! 

Mary Young

Mary Young underwear set on colorful background

I love the minimalist, yet sophisticated and sexy styles Mary Young offers. The Canadian designer started her brand in 2014 to fill the gap in the intimates industry and include all body types. I also love that their bras don’t have underwires, making it comfortable to wear. These underwears are simple, yet sophisticated enough to feel sexy and confident throughout the day.

Fortnight Lingerie

Fornight Lingerie set on colorful background

This Toronto-based lingerie brand focuses on enduring, well-designed classics. What I love about Fortnight Lingerie is that it’s minimal, durable, and sustainable. Yes, they create sultry-designed intimates, but that doesn’t mean they use flimsy materials. They carefully source soft jersey, lace, and cotton to ensure that their products would last. 


cosabella brand underwear set on colorful background

I just love the intricate designs of this Italian lingerie brand. Cosabella has been around since 1983, and there’s a reason why it has good demand up until now. While they have a number of modern designs, their dainty and classic designs have the ability to make you feel luxuriously elegant and comfortable.


Aerie brand underwear set on colorful background

I love a good bralette, and Aerie delivers that. What I love about American Eagle’s sub-brand is that its underwear feels comfortable enough to wear for lounging around — like a sexy-but-make-it-lazy kind of feeling. They also get plus points for having matching underwear sets!

Organic Basics

Organic Basics brand underwear set

What I love about Organic Basics is that it values sustainability. Although simple and basic, this underwear brand makes you feel sexy and confident, knowing you’re wearing clean fashion. And, at a time like this, it’s something to feel sexy about, no? If that’s not something you want, at least take a look at their bra designs, and I’m sure you’ll fall for them, too!

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein brand sporty underwear set

If you want to talk durable underwear brands, you can’t leave out good, old Calvin Klein. Although the brand’s underwear designs are minimalistic and basic, just like the previous brand, I think we can all agree that its classic design and the brand itself can make you feel sexy. I feel like this durable underwear brand is perfect for working out to give you that extra confidence boost.

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(Story by Assistant Editor, Carmela Valencia)


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