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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

How To Eat Your Way Through Toronto In One Night On A #Foodventure

By Gracie Carroll

Hilton Toronto - Foodventure - Gracie Carroll + Cory Lee 1

When it comes to exploring any city, my preferred way to ‘get to know’ a new destination really well is always by checking out their food scene. Dining out in a new city is such a fun way to immediately immerse yourself in its culture, and get a sense of what the city are all about whether it’s through their local coffee scene, traditional dishes or up-and-coming areas for the newest and coolest restaurants. Since hopping on a flight to discover a new city isn’t always realistic for a tight schedule or restricted budget, often playing ‘tourist’ in your own city can be just as fun. Earlier this fall Hilton Canada invited me to just that by hosting me and one of my BFFs, Cory Lee, to a luxe staycation at their location in Downtown Toronto, Hilton Toronto. As new guests, we were both stunned by the luxurious (and super spacious) rooms they put us up in on the top floor with suites that have been designed by renowned interior designer, Sarah Richardson. Once we settled in, they treated us to a surprise 4-course #Foodventure that took us to four incredible (and new-to-us) spots in the city.  Personally, I didn’t think it would be possible to surprise two food-and-drink-loving blogger with multiple hidden gems neither of us had visited, or heard of, but somehow the Hilton team made it happen and, needless to say, we were VERY impressed.

Hilton Toronto - Foodventure - Gracie Carroll + Cory Lee 1

The moment they told us we were going on a surprise #Foodventure

Click on the video below to watch the full episode of our #Foodventure in Toronto with Hilton and keep scrolling for more clips from each spot we discovered on our tour!

Interested in learning more about each spot we visited on our Foodventure in Toronto? Keep reading for the full list of bars and restaurants we visited, and what’s special about each one:

The Cocktails:

hilton toronto - foodventure - gracie carroll and corey lee

Our evening together was kicked off with yummy cocktails at the Mulberry Bar on Bloor West. As a resident of Corktown on the east side of the city, I haven’t spent much time in the Christie Pitts area since I was in High School (when I attended Harbord Collegiate for Grade Nine).

As an adult, I like to frequent Koreatown every once in a while, but don’t often venture further west than that. So was I surprised to discover a new-to-me-bar that felt like a slice of Paris in the heart of Toronto? You bet I was. With killer cocktails and an incredible Art Nouveau-themed decor, Mulberry is most definitely an under-the-radar spot to check out.

The Appetizers:

One of my only regrets is that I didn’t have the chance to discover Mad Crush Wine Bar sooner. Like Mulberry bar, this fabulous spot was totally new to me and I was completely blown away by the gorgeous decor and incredible food. Unfortunately as it so happens in the restaurant industry, Mad Crush has closed since the filming of our #Foodventure.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, the owner has converted the space into The Peacock Public House to join his roster of fabulous British Pubs in the city that includes The Oxley and Queen and Beaver.

The Entrees:

Hilton Toronto - Foodventure - Gracie Carroll + Cory Lee 1

Okay so to be fully transparent Baro, where we headed for our entrees, wasn’t new to me, but, getting the VIP experience (complete with a room to ourselves and having Executive Chef Steve Gonzalez serve us himself) was an absolute treat.

Here we indulged in their infamous OG Duck Chaufa that’s combines duck confit, rice, edamame, eggs, chillies and more mixed up together in a hot stone bowl. Trust me, it’s famous for a reason!

The Dessert:

Hilton Toronto - Foodventure - Gracie Carroll + Cory Lee 1

To top off our #Foodventure in the city, we ended the night with dessert at Tundra–Hilton’s in-house restaurant that served us an epic plate that would delight any chocolate lover.

Whether you’re a guest of the Hilton Toronto or not, this is one spot in the heart of the city you won’t want to miss out on, especially if you’re in search of an impressive sweet treat.

For more information on Hilton Toronto, please click HERE!



(Story by Editor-in-Chief, Gracie Carroll) 

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