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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#EditorPicks: 7 Chic New Products On Our January Must List

By Blair Stutz

Editors Picks January Edit Seven

Happy 2019, loves! January is one of our fave months because of the breath of fresh air that it brings. It’s all about letting go of the old and in with the excitement of a new beginning. Speaking of all things new, with another month comes our #EditorsPicks round-up and this month is filled with all sorts of newness from wellness books to even tools (yes, you heard us!) and everything in between. With that said, get ready to tuck into these picks from our amazing team!

Keep reading for the 7 new products and places that are on our January Musts List! 

Gracie Carroll, Editor-In-Chief

misfitstudio x fortnight rosegold collection editors picks edit seven january

In need of some motivation to get your booty back into the gym this month? Although I do love working out on the regular, there’s nothing that makes me more excited to get my sweat on than sporting a cute new lewk at my favourite fitness studio. After the success of their first collab, Toronto-based brands Fortnight Lingerie and MISFITSTUDIO have teamed up once again to launch their sweat-friendly capsule collection in a delicious Rose Gold velvet. What I love most about these pieces is that they’ll look just as good on you whether you’re at the barre or the bar.” – @GracieCarroll

Blair Stutz, Assistant Editor

do what feels good hannah bronfman edit seven editors picks january

“If you’re like me, you’re looking to kick off 2019 on the best foot possible and what better way to do that than with some wellness inspo from a pro? Hannah Bronfman is a mega heavy-hitter in the fitness/wellness world and has just released her first book Do What Feels Good which encompasses her journey on finding a healthy lifestyle plus delicious recipes and of course all things skincare and self-care. HB is all about authenticity and doing what’s right for your body and what’s not to love about that?” – @BlairAlex

Shaeleigh Afton, Head of Design

biossance squalane vitamin c rose oil edit seven editors picks january

Aside from my foundation I have never really been a cult beauty product person. That is, until I met the Biossance Squalane & Vitamin C Rose Oil.  I picked up a sample from Sephora over a year ago, before the big hype over face oils started.  I used it everyday for a week and was blown away at the immediate difference in my skin. It evened out texture, brightened the dull, and made my face feel smoother. Then people started asking me why my skin looked so great and I knew I had to have it.

It isn’t cheap– at $90 + tax for 30ml. But I haven’t found anything that works the same. So, like an addict I decided I would just have to ante up the funds for this shit because I needed the glow! If you’re calculating cost per use it isn’t so bad, you don’t need a lot. I like to swap between 100% squalane oil and this one every few days to make it last longer. A bottle will last me about a 2-3 months depending if I use it twice or once a day.  

Within a few days you will notice a subtle glow in your face. Like, #nofilter find your light selfies glow. 

Plus this is a clean product. Meaning Nontoxic. Sustainable. Clinically proven. It is dermatologist-tested, ophthalmologist-tested, noncomedogenic, nontoxic, EWG verified, vegan, and cruelty-free made from plant derived squalane so no fishies were harmed in the making of this product.” – @ShaeleighAfton

Kait Fowlie, Contributing Editor

saje wellness AROMA OM® WHITE editors picks edit seven

Getting Saje’s Aroma Om essential oil diffuser for Christmas has changed EVERYTHING. I generally can’t work from home without a candle lit or incense burning, and this is just a way better option. The air in my apartment feels fresher and smells dreamy!” – @Kait_Fowlie

Catherine Sugrue, Contributing Editor

Leatherman Signal edit seven tools editors picks

(Photo by Wendy Webb)

Hey, listen, I get it. A multi-tool might not seem like the sexiest thing in the world to you. But this thing has freakin’ changed my life, for real. I spent all summer hiking, fishing and exploring the outdoors and used it every single time. But to be honest, I use my Leatherman Signal for way more than just my nature-y adventure stuff. This specific one has 19 tools all wrapped up in something super compact that can be thrown right into your purse or bag. Amongst my favourites of the tools are the fire-starting ferro rod, the needle-nose pliers, the serrated blade that can act as a saw, and the emergency whistle. I’m a huge proponent for more representation of women in the outdoors, so why not add a new tool to your arsenal that lightens your load and can also get the job done? I don’t know about you, but I always like being ready for that next expected or unexpected adventure!” – @CatherinesCabinet

Ainsley Smith, Contributing Editor

mlouye pastel chequer tote lilac editors picks edit seven

When I think of winter fashion, I typically imagine a head-to-toe black uniform. But this year, I’m trying to embrace more change and I want to start incorporating more colourful items into my repertoire. That’s why I can’t get enough of this Chequer Tote from Mylouye. I love its minimalist lines and sharp silhouette, not to mention I love that the pop of colour will leave me feeling bright even on the gloomiest of winter days. Plus, this can easily be transitioned into the warmer months. #bless.” – @AinsleySmithy

Alexandra Donaldson, Contributing Editor

circe madeline miller edit seven january editors picks

Although Circe was published last year I finally got my hands on it in late 2018. And it seems like so many book lovers I know did too. My book club chose it as its January pick, my co-workers couldn’t stop raving about it recently—basically, it’s a best-seller for a reason. And after making my way through it myself, I’m definitely keen to keep recommending it. It’s an easy read to get through, but I love how Miller turns Greek mythology on its head by telling a story from the perspective or Circe, a woman who makes glancing appearances in the stories of Hermes, Daedalus and Odysseus in more traditional tellings. In this re-telling you’ll discover how Circe found herself banished on an island, her hand in the birth of the Minotaur and what strength it takes to be a woman in any world— even if you are a god.” – @AlxDonaldson

Happy January!



(Story by Assistant Editor, Blair Stutz)

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