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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#EditorPicks: 7 Fab Products On Our August Musts List

By Edit Seven

Can you believe we’re already part-way through August? First, it seemed like March lasted a whole year and now it feels like summer has flown by. In no time flat we’ll be back to cozy sweaters and PSLs but until then, let’s savour the last of what the season has to offer and that includes a new round of Editor Picks from #TeamE7! This month has everything you could ever need from zit-zapping products and relaxing incense, to a new cannabis store and everything in between.

Keep reading to see our top 7 picks for August below!

Gracie Carroll, Editor In Chief

“There’s just something so soothing about burning incense in your home and it’s a ritual I’ve loved since I was a tween. Thankfully, I no longer have to venture to a health food store or, er, “hemp” focused shop to find incense like I did when I was twelve. These days, some of my favourite local apothecary brands make their own and are my new go-to. Recently, Gold Apothecary and Mima Ceramics teamed up to create a custom ceramic dish and cover that’s ‘the perfect catch-all’ for Gold Apothecary’s Incense Cones – but can also be used to hold your joints, your jewellery, or whatever your heart desires! Each holder comes with your choice of incense, including the latest scent: Floral Sage.” – @GracieCarroll

Blair Stutz, Contributing Editor

“If maskne has got you down, then make sure to get your hands on Starface’s Hydro-Stars which are star-shaped pimple patches that magically zap your zits overnight. These babies recently launched in Canada and I couldn’t be more thrilled because they’re reminiscent of the stickers I used to have on my notebooks as a kid but now they serve double duty by getting rid of pesky spots. Simply peel, stick on, and head to bed excited to wake up to clearer skin come morning.” – @BlairAlex

Anastasia Barbuzzi, Contributing Editor

“Is there anything sweeter than the scent of freshly roasted coffee beans arriving at your doorstep? Seriously – a Roaster’s Pack subscription has become a delicious and valuable gift to many friends and family members throughout the pandemic. (It’s also a fabulous treat to surprise yourself with every month!) They get to experience the taste of independent roasters from around Canada, learn about their stories, and discover a whole lot about coffee too. Couldn’t recommend it enough.” – @AnastasiaBarbuzzi

Kait Fowlie, Contributing Editor

“I’m currently in the throes of Alexandra Roxo’s F*ck Like A Goddess and this book is giving me so much life. It’s not just about sex (to Alexandra, f*cking like a goddess is about ’embracing all of you – all of your messy, wild, raw, sensual self – exactly as you are right now and still feeling good.’) Consider it a manual for reclaiming your relationship with your whole self. Such a liberating, juicy read. The true food for the soul I’ve been hungry for all quarantine. You can read a meaty excerpt here.” – @Kait_Fowlie

Caitlin Melvin, Contributing Editor

“If spending much more time at home has caused you to want to upgrade your home fragrance situation, then I can’t recommend the Jo Malone Lime Basil Mandarin candle enough. Even though it’s a bit on the pricier side, you’ll understand why it’s worth it once you get a whiff — plus, they last quite a while, too. Luckily I got mine as a gift but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to buy one myself when this one (eventually) burns down!” – @CaitlinAlison

Ama Scriver, Contributing Editor

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t counting down the days for when Ottawa-based cannabis retailer, Superette, officially opened the doors to their first Toronto flagship store. Located in Rosedale (at 1073 Yonge Street), the store mimics the diner-elements that people have come to know and love from their Ottawa retail shop with lots of pop art elements. One of the things that you’ll immediately notice in their new Toronto space is how the team has created a fully immersive retail experience. For example: as soon as you enter, you’re provided with a green shopping basket, and then immediately greeted by the bud wall where you can smell the terpenes of the flower being sold. Once you begin to explore, you’ll find touchscreens to pre-order what you need and while you wait, a counter complete with a telephone that connects to the Rosedale Diner (so you order your munchies for pick). CEO Mimi Lam and her team have certainly spared no expense and put a lot of thought and consideration into their customer’s retail experience, and it shows. Get your butt over to Superette, and check it out for yourself. You’ll feel like a kid in an adult candy store!” – @AmaScriver

Ainsley Smith, Contributing Editor

“Considering it looks like we’re going to be wearing face masks for the long haul, you might as well opt for something a little bit more fashionable than the flimsy disposable ones that everyone else is rocking these days. This is why I’ve stocked up on these cute patterned ones from Reformation. There are over 10 fun prints to choose from so you can find one to go with everything in your closet. Remember, just because we’re going to be wearing a face mask everywhere you go, you might as well wear one that’s fun.” – @AinsleySmithy



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