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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#EditorPicks: 7 New June Products On Our Must List

By Edit Seven

june editors picks

Happy June, y’all! If you’re like us and are feeling hella excited about this month, then let’s dive into a whole new round up of #EditorPicks with our selection of the most coveted new products for June. This month is all about the start of summer, especially now that temps have finally warmed up! The crew over here at #TeamE7 has once again scoured the streets for all things new and notable that you need to know about.

Gracie Carroll, Editor-In-Chief

edit seven june editors picks

“My brilliant friends at Dynasty Toronto (one of the city’s most stylish destinations for plant shopping) recently launched Dynasty Cannabis and their super chic Cannabis Grow Kit. Designed by their team of plant specialists and cannabis enthusiasts, this new kit provides you with everything you need get started with an easy and modern set up for your own home growing operation. Can you think of a better gift for your favourite canna-lover?” – @GracieCarroll

Kait Fowlie, Contributing Editor

edit seven june editors picks

“I’m really happy this book exists. It’s by Liz Worth, a local tarot reader, and it’s all about understanding how to think about tarot – what it can do, what it can’t, and really, how to be empowered when it comes to using this system. It’s a great perspective if you want to really lock down an understanding of your own personal tarot philosophy.” – @Kait_Fowlie

Alexandra Donaldson, Contributing Editor

edit seven june editors picks

“I’ve tried lots of tinted lip products and a sheer red shade is always my go-to. But even I was blown away when I tried the new-to-Canada line from Kari Gran and her only colour cosmetic, the Lip Whip. It feels so soft and smooth, more like a balm, which makes sense given it’s ingredient list which includes sunflower oil and olive oil. Plus that touch of peppermint helps with a bit of fresh tingle. I’ll be wearing Cora Gold, a juicy reddish shade all summer long. It’s available at The Detox Market in Canada.” – @AlxDonaldson

Blair Stutz, Contributing Editor

edit seven june editors picks

Let’s be real — spending time styling hair is a huge time suck and in the summer when it’s beautiful outside, I’d much rather spend my time doing pretty much anything else. When I heard about the new OGX Active Beauty Green Tea Fitness Dry Shampoo Foam, I knew I had to have it. Now this isn’t your regular old spray dry shampoo because the product dispenses an airy foam that once applied in your roots, completely disappears. There’s no gross powdery grey residue and your hair and scalp actually feel clean afterwards!” – @BlairAlex

Ama Scriver, Contributing Editor

edit seven june editors picks

“Are you as obsessed with Google products as I am? Well then, you’re going to love the latest addition to their lineup: the Google Nest Hub, formerly known as the Google Home Hub. As someone who loves to spend a lot of time in the kitchen with their partner, the Google Nest Hub comes complete with a 7-inch screen and is perfect for playing that YouTube videos of a recipe you’re trying to create together. But it does have other features! It’s integrated with Google’s ecosystem, so it plays music, acts as an assistant, has a digital photo album and also Google has installed an ambient EQ light sensor, which adjusts the screen’s brightness and warmth to match the light of whatever room it’s in. Currently, it retails for $169.” – @AmaScriver

Jordana Colomby, Contributing Editor

orey Moranis

“A lot of jewelry companies have been leaning into everyday dainty pieces that go with any outfit. But when summer rolls around, it always makes me want to go big and bold with my jewelry, that’s why I’m obsessed with Corey Moranis. Her lucite jewels are incredibly stunning. They’re chunky yet not overbearing and completely unique. The knot ring is definitely going to be the next addition to my jewelry collection! Corey’s collections aren’t going unnoticed. She won the Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent for Accessories at this year’s CAFAs!” – @JordanaColomby

Catherine Sugrue, Contributing Editor

edit seven june editors picks

“With summer teasing us around every corner, comes more time spent exploring! Whether you’re an avid festival-goer, camper, world-traveller or it’s going to be your first time adventuring, being prepared is always key. I’m all for roughing it, but I also like feeling clean and being able to pack much less – or at least having that option. That’s why I always take my Scrubba Wash Bag along with me. Listen, I know it might not sound super sexy to you, but you’ll feel so much better when you can use it to actually wash your clothes wherever and whenever you want. This ultra-portable washing machine is pocked-sized, weighing less than 5oz and helps your save money, time and water. It’s twice as effective as washing by hand and a whole heck of a lot more hygienic than a lot of other situations you might be put in when needing to freshen up – and it takes just 6 easy steps. Even if you’re not headed out into nature, you can use it in your hotel room, hostel or wherever you’re staying, allowing you to pack way less clothing. It’s even a great option for cleaning your gym clothes while on the go.” – @CatherinesCabinet



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