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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#EditorPicks: 7 New Products On Our February Must List

By Edit Seven

Is it just us or did February kind of come out of nowhere? It’s crazy to think that we’re already two months into the new decade and speaking of new, the folks here at #TeamE7 have a slew of new and exciting #EditorPicks to share. From jewellery and cookbooks, to beauty and fitness, February is looking like one HAWT month!

Keep reading to see our top 7 picks below!

Gracie Carroll, Editor In Chief

“When I think of the ultimate ‘Girl Crush’ Diala Canelo of @DialasKitchen is someone who immediately comes to mind. To be honest, I think it would be hard to find a living, breathing person who has met or followed Diala who didn’t feel the same way. This super babe is not only hella gorgeous and nice, but she’s insanely talented in the kitchen and behind the lens. Oh, did I mention she’s the mother of two teen girls too? It feels like everyone on the internet is crazy excited about her new cookbook that just launched for pre-order (myself included) I’d definitely recommend pre-ordering stat to ensure you get a hard copy in your hands before it sells out when it hits stands on April 14th.” – @GracieCarroll

Caitlin Melvin, Contributing Editor

edit seven editor picks

“I’ve been using the Sweat app for a few months now. As someone who worked out A LOT before becoming a mom, I really struggled to find time to get to the gym or a class while being a mom having a partner who works excessive hours. I can complete an effective workout in just 40 minutes (while my son naps!) in my own home. It’s reasonably priced, has a great variety of workouts, and offers a lot of flexibility for any busy person.” – @CaitlinAlison

Jordana Colomby, Contributing Editor

edit seven editor picks

“I thought I was a die-hard Lululemon fan until I tried Noir é Blanc’s Valensole leggings. I’m obsessed with the ombré pattern, the super durable fabric, and the fact that they NEVER slide down. I’ve boxed, rowed, squatted and sprinted in these leggings and they’ve definitely passed the test!” – @JordanaColomby

Blair Stutz, Contributing Editor

edit seven editor picks

“Let’s be real: I have a thing for boots. Wear ’em with jeans, skirts, dresses, leggings, you name it and I have a pair of boots to go with it. When I stumbled upon these two-tone Zara boots, my jaw hit the floor and I ordered them literally right away. The fact that they’re half black means they’ll work with everything in my closet but on the other hand they’re half yellow which means that I get the benefit of an added pop of colour. It’s a win-win!” – @BlairAlex

Ainsley Smith, Contributing Editor

edit seven editor picks

“My fluffy brow prayers were answered thanks to Soap Brows. Designed to give groomed, fuller-looking, natural brows, this product is simple to use and leaves me with fierce, model-like brows that I don’t feel like I have to fill in. Simply spritz the mist onto the soap to create the styling paste that can then be applied for fluffy, brushed-up brows that gel alone can’t really achieve.” – @AinsleySmithy

Kait Fowlie Contributing Editor

edit seven editor picks

“Your – and my, favourite everyday luxury jewelry brand now has CANDLES. Now, I know a good candle when I use one – and let me tell you: Merjuri nailed it. There’s two scents to choose from – A.M. (with floral notes, for daytime) and P.M (with tuberose, moss and amber, for night) and they’re not too overpowering, come in the perfect pot. Buy both. You will not regret it.” – @Kait_Fowlie

Cory Lee, Contributing Editor

edit seven editor picks

“As someone who has oily and acne prone skin, this The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane is perfect for me. It’s lightweight, doesn’t clog my pores and I love that it’s very affordable. I am obsessed!” – @CoryLeeMusic

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