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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#EditorPicks: 7 New Products On Our November Must List

By Edit Seven

How in the heck did November get here so fast? Even though we’re just partially through the month, it seems it went from July to November super quick. While we start to gear up for all things holiday, snow, and the new year, we still have to make time to keep up with the latest and greatest in beauty, lifestyle, food and drink, and everything in between. The crew over here at #TeamE7 has once again scoured the streets for all things new and notable that you need to know about.

Keep reading to see our top 7 picks below!

Gracie Carroll, Editor-in-Chief

editseven editors picks

“Never have I ever been one to shy away from a good cocktail, but, dayum, new motherhood has certainly taught what it means to need a strong cocktail and fast. The key words here being strong and fast, because that #NewMomLife also doesn’t allow time for carefully crafting a cocktail at home—nope! You need the quickest and easiest thing you can get into a glass. Since I do happen to be a whisky fan, I loved getting to try the JP Wiser’s ready-to-serve Manhattan Whisky Cocktail. I’m not normally into pre-mixed cocktails but this bottle tastes like the real deal and I love that all I have to do is pour it over ice to enjoy one of my favourite cocktails within seconds. This is, for obvious reasons, my new go-to.” – @GracieCarroll

Dana Dallal, Contributing Editor

editseven editors picks

“I never blow dry my hair these days and Drybar’s Mr. Incredible Leave In Conditioner works wonders. It’s light but moisturizing enough to make my hair look like I’ve actually put some effort in! I am incredibly busy these days juggling a home Reno, two kids and being back in University part time so I really needed a multi tasking product I could use to tame my bleach induced frizz and this little bottle does the trick.” – @Mondays_Child_

Clara Gold, Contributing Editor

editseven editors picks

“I have never been much of an over planner in terms of shopping for seasonal pieces. Even working in fashion for years I would never buy coveted seasonally pieces until I needed them. Since having my baby girl (now 13 months old) I’ve noticed something has changed in me — I’m planning my child’s wardrobe literally months in advance. This fall cold snap has me thinking about what my girl is going to wear on her feet in the winter months; how are we going to navigate the snowy sidewalks, not slip, and keep her feet from not freezing? It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the magical world of BOGS Footwear. They’re 100% waterproof and able to withstand -10C degrees. The kids boots are made with a Neo-Tech™ insulation with a plush cozy lining. They’re also machine washable which is amazing! I’ve never heard of any other winter boots that can do that and they’re definitely at the top of my shopping wish list this month.” – @GoldApothecary

Blair Stutz, Contributing Editor

editseven editors picks

“As a total cookbook addict and foodie, I’m all about having the newest cookbooks the second they come out. The same goes for anything by Tieghan Gerard – aka Half Baked Harvest. Tieghan’s latest book, Super Simple, is exactly that and each recipe is easy to follow, approachable, and most importantly, super delicious. Even though the book came out at the end of October, I’ve already dedicated countless weekends and even weekdays to making her recipes. From pizzas, pastas, and veggie dishes, to chicken, and breakfasts, it’s all here!” – @BlairAlex

Ainsley Smith, Contributing Editor

editseven editors picks

“Maybe it’s the change in season or my hormones are all out of wack, but I’ve been waking up to far too many breakouts recently. But luckily I stumbled upon Zitsticka on Instagram and my pesky breakout prayers were answered. This pimple patch is covered in dissolving microneedles filled with a blemish-fighting cocktail of salicylic acid, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid. Simply wipe the area you want to treat with the accompanying cleansing cloth, apply the patch, and let it work its magic for at least two hours or overnight. When you’re done, you’ll have noticeably reduced swelling, redness, and size.” – @AinsleySmithy

Kait Fowlie, Contributing Editor

editseven editors picks

“I am genuinely obsessed with The Latest Scoop (700 Queen St West). This is a big deal because I actually hate shopping, but this place makes it easy for me – by that I mean, they stock a lot of beautiful, actually warm, affordable sweaters, which is basically the only thing I’m interested in right now. But if you want other things, they get fresh stock in every week (!) so, there’s always a lot happening. Much recommend.” – @Kait_Fowlie

Alexandra Donaldson, Contributing Editor

editseven editors picks

“Recently, I was treated to a brow appointment with Haley Bogaert and I have to say I was seriously impressed. First of all, the shop is beautiful and the shelves are lined with house brand makeup and skin-care products. But once Haley got to work on my brows that was when I really got the reap the benefits of the service. She threaded my brows and then tinted them (the latter of which was accompanied by an under-eye mask and lip treatment while the tint took it’s time to work) before chatting with me about my brow goals. I was sent home with an appointment for upkeep in a few weeks and a serum to help me grow back some sparse areas that seem to get even sparser as I age. The result? I felt like I was in very good hands and I’m looking forward to my next appointment in this brow journey.” – @AlxDonaldson




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