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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#EditorPicks: 7 New Products On Our October Must List

By Edit Seven


After a short break, our editors are back with their top picks to kick off the new fall season. From mattresses made for full figured babes to a new subscription service that sends the trendiest new accessories to your doorstep, take note of the 7 new products, places and things that have made it on to our October must list.

Keep reading to see our top 7 picks below!


Gracie Carroll, Editor-in-Chief

Cardea AuSet - Rosa Facial Mist - Edit Seven

“Toronto may be best known for its killer food scene, but, in my personal opinion, great natural skincare is the city’s next best offering thanks to the amazing local brands that stem from the six. My current favourite is Cardea AuSet that recently released a new, revamped collection of their best sellers called v.2. Their ROSA Facial Mist is my new favourite way to start and end every day and, as a new mom, it’s often the only thing I can manage to get on my skin super fast and with one hand. Made with rose water and aloe juice, it not only smells divine but it’s hydrating and anti-inflammatory for the skin too.”



“Since Edit Seven has been on “vacation” while I took some time off to have a baby, I feel like I’m bubbling over with exciting new launches to talk about, which is why I couldn’t choose just one top pick for October–I needed to highlight *at least* two. My other top pick for the month is the opening of Majesty’s Pleasure in Yorkville, the second location of the King West pampering staple that’s since dropped the “Her” in their name to make sure everyone feels welcome. Located on the second floor of a new building built next to the Chanel flagship on Yorkville Avenue, this location has a completely different look and vibe from King West while still being as Instagrammable as ever.” @GracieCarroll 


Corrina Allen, Contributing Editor

Know My Name - Chanel Miller

“Not once but twice has Chanel Miller stepped into the public arena to do something so brave it literally takes your breath away. Miller, under the name Emily Doe, became known to millions when she sent her victim impact statement to the media after the man who sexually assaulted her was sentenced to a pathetic six months in jail. You know his name — Brock Turner was the Stanford swim team jock who basically got away with rape because the judge in the case worried about the “severe impact” a longer prison sentence would have on his life. Insert the world’s hardest eyeroll here. Miller, whose original statement resulted in changes in her state’s sexual assault laws, steps back into the public eye with a new memoir, Know My Name, that reflects on the trauma of her attack and the resilience she discovered in herself afterwards. Miller may not have found justice through the court system, but she definitely does in the pages of this incredible book.” –  @corrinaallen


Blair Stutz, Contributing Editor

everybae collective editors picks

“Don’t have time to wash your face, let alone go jewellery shopping? Everybäe Collective has you covered. With hand-picked boxes filled with the trendiest and cutest jewels dropping every other month, this service is the answer to my prayers as a jewellery lover and connoisseur. If you’re sick of wearing the same pair of earrings every day, or are looking to spice up your lewk with a few fun barrettes, it might be time to leave the jewellery shopping to someone else! Bonus points for this company being Toronto-based and female founded by the ever stylish blogger, Monika Kohler!” @BlairAlex


Ama Scriver, Contributing Editor

big fig mattress review

Image via Modachrome Style

“Listen up plus-size babes: there is a new mattress in town made for our bodies. You may have seen it online before, but the Big Fig Mattress is officially shipping to Canada, and it is everything. The mattress has quality construction that can help improve the comfort and sleep for plus-size folks 300 lbs or more. As someone who has been having back issues recently related to their mattress, can I just say, I’m so pumped for this!” @AmaScriver


Catherine Sugrue, Contributing Editor

Smart Sweets (fit.food.finds)

“The kids are back in school and the weather is changing fast! Halloween is just around the corner and it’s almost that time of year where way too much candy enters into our lives. But why not enjoy all of the fun and taste that it has to offer, without all of the sugar and processed crapola? That’s why I’m a huge fan of Smart Sweets. They’re free from GMOs, sugar alcohols, gluten-free, and with no artificial flavours or colours. Great for kids and adults of all ages, they’re sweetened with plant-based, non-gmo stevia, and also use ingredients like vegetables for colour. But the best part is that they’re genuinely so darn tasty! Now this is something I can get behind (shoves handfuls into my mouth).” @CatherinesCabinet


Caitlin Melvin, Contributing Editor

knix maternity collection

“One of my most annoying discomforts during (and after) pregnancy was honestly underwear. My body changed so quickly–particularly in the stomach and breast region (LOL) and regular underwear and bras were majorly uncomfortable for me. I was pumped when Knix launched their Maternity Collection because even though it was a bit late for me, I still found both the underwear and leak-proof nursing bra not only comfortable but super helpful! As a c-section mama, I especially appreciated the super stretchy, soft and high-waisted underwear as I know they would have been great over my c-section incision was it was sore and healing. Definitely on my list of recommendations for mom-to-be and postpartum moms!” @CaitlinAlison





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