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24 Sep 2017


By Gracie Carroll

#EditorPicks: 7 Products On Our May Must List

By Edit Seven

Happy May! Even though we’re still facing chillier than normal temps, we have to believe that summer will show its face eventually. In addition to the not-so-seasonal weather, we also have self-isolation weighing on our minds. This month’s #EditorPicks will showcase some local goodies and products that’ll hopefully help you get through this challenging time. From ready-to-bake treats and great books to skincare products and even mommy essentials, our team has you covered!

Keep reading for 7 products our team is loving this month!

Gracie Carroll, Editor In Chief

“My love for wine is no secret and I’m pretty much always down to drink good wine out of pretty much anything – boxes and cans included. I was recently introduced to Stel + Mar and love that this “modern winery” based in California was started by two Canadians from Toronto. Their products just launched at the LCBO this week and at $4.95 each, three of their cans are equal to a full bottle of wine – so it’s like paying $15 for a bottle of premium California wine. It also means you don’t have to open a bottle if you happen to be spending more time drinking on your own right now. In my opinion, these make great options for outdoor fun (when that’s allowed again). Until then, cheers!” – @GracieCarroll

Ashley Kowalewski, Contributing Editor

“May is a special month for me. Not only is it my birthday month (#TeamTaurus) but it’s also my first Mother’s Day. To make it even more special, Suzanne Collins even decided to release her much-anticipated Hunger Games prequel as an early birthday gift and, yes, I have already preordered it. This book takes place 63 years before the first Hunger Games books and followed 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow as he prepares to mentor someone in the games. While it may seem a little bleak given the times we’re living in, I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat for the release of this prequel and can’t wait to dive in!” – @AshKowaPizzi

Blair Stutz, Contributing Editor

“If you’ve been to any Drake property in the morning, then odds are you’ve probably had their iconic blueberry scones. These little gems are to-die-for and I’ll admit I can finish off entire order on my own. These days with local restaurants offering take-out and delivery, I couldn’t describe my happiness when I saw that you can now get a frozen package of 12 to bake at home for just $12 from Drake Commissary. Now I get to support a Toronto business while satisfying my cravings for baked goods. Excuse me while I place a bulk order and stuff my face with scones until the end of quarantine!” – @BlairAlex

Caitlin Melvin, Contributing Editor

Photo via Hello Bello

Hello Bello diapers have become a must in our household! We love Hello Bello for our 13-month old, Huxley because they don’t contain chlorine, fragrance, latex, and all that other scary stuff. They also have adorable designs and they’re plant-based. With all this in mind, the two things we especially love about these diapers is 1. NO LEAKS and 2. It’s a bundled service which means you make your diaper bundle which includes wipes and it arrives at your doorstep every three, four, or five weeks. You can also extend your order date, cancel whenever you need to, and change up the designs/the number of nighttime diapers you need. Super convenient!” – @CaitlinAlison

Jordana Colomby, Contributing Editor

“This face oil by Evio Beauty is the only thing I’ve purchased since isolation started, and honestly, it’s the only thing I’ve needed! I was a little nervous to try a Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil on my face it’s left my skin feeling super hydrated and dewy. Bonus: it’s cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free and ethically made right here in Canada.” – @JordanaColomby

Anastasia Barbuzzi, Contributing Editor

“There are few things more comforting right now than hunkering down with a warm cup of tea and a good read. I celebrated my birthday at the beginning of May and felt the need to not only come down from the amount of coffee I drank, (I really love coffee and the ritual of sipping a few cups with my family on a sleepy weekend morning), but from the little treats I consumed as well. Living Apothecary’s ‘About Last Night’ blend helps aid the body in the elimination of toxins thanks to the powers of dandelion, milk thistle, nettle, Oregon grape, and chamomile. Just what I needed. Designed by Toronto-based naturopath Dr. Kara Pertrunik to inspire a healing form of self-care for women, Living Apothecary provides me with an extremely satisfying way to carry out my usual ritual while supporting a female-led, Canadian, and sustainable brand as well. You better believe that I’m repurposing this jar as soon as it’s empty.” – @AnastasiaBarbuzzi

Kait Fowlie, Contributing Editor

“I have to give a shout-out to Firefly Creative Writing for their special COVID19 online programming to help us stay inspired in isolation. Check out their free, thoughtful video writing prompts / weekly 1-hour writing workshops and by-donation morning writing Zoom meetings. Writing is healing so let it out!” – @Kait_Fowlie



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